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WTS M2HB .50 Cal. Stellite Lined Barrels for High heat and long life , New in wrap. SALE REDUCED 600.00 and new in wrap M2HB Barrel extensions SALE 200.0

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I have a few New in wrap M2HB Stellite .50Cal. barrels for High heat and long life. Like what is in M60 barrels,

750.00 ea. SALE REDUCED TO 600.00 plus actual shipping.

New in wrap M2HB Barrel extension 200.00

Here's your chance to get some new USGI Spare parts, not old Israeli refinished junk.

Front Cartridge Guide complete new 65.00

Front barrel support new in wrap 150.00

Barrel bearing new 50.00

Top cover Actuator arm new 45.00

Sear bar  new, 45.00

Complete side cocking plate assembly 2, new 300.00

M2HB 50. Cal.  Cleaning kit complete in carrier with brushes for chamber and bore 45.00

Also have a couple of M2HB Flash hider units complete  60.00 ea.

M2HB Very scarce in New condition Dual arm Rail scope mount with 3 QD lock downs for solid accuaracy at long range. This allows scope and red dot quick firing sight at the same time. or a Thermal sight, Night vision, 165.00,

M2HB Barrel carry handle 35.00 .

M2HB Buffer new 100.00

Set of 8 Barrel support shims all sizes 75.00

M2HB Tripod T&E in new condition in  new type Quick release push pin 140.00, and M3 Pintle 85.00

Breech block assembly new complete 75.00

Recoil spring assembly new  complete 45.00


All plus Priority mail flat rate shipping,

PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT... GPrue8@aol.com text or call to hold Item, 828-773-1938


Also have M249 and M240 items , M203 Barrels, M2HB Parts, available, just inquire your wants.

240 te resized.jpg

a m2hb ext. resized.jpg

a m2hb small parts resized.jpg

m2 hb rail mount.jpg

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