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WTS HK Host Gun Belt-Fed MK46 M249 $7850 (1 left)

K Nielson

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  • WTS MK46 Semi-Auto Belt-Fed

I currently have about a dozen of newly manufactured belt-fed rifles, model MGA MK46, ready for sale and more in production now.  So delivery times will range from immediate to a few weeks at most.

Unlike the FN semi-auto, our Patent-Protects SAWs are more modern, have been in production for many years, and are built as HK Host guns.  Hence, registered sears and registered packs will work with these guns (where allowed by law, of course, and utilizing our non-NFA full auto operating groups).

All models of MGA belt-fed semi-auto rifles are actually based on our military line and, thus, use ALL standard M249-style parts such as top covers, quick change barrels, etc.

These Semi-Auto belt-fed rifles combine the military-style M249/Mk46 receiver with an H&K trigger pack. The internals are redesigned from open-bolt, full-auto, to operate as a closed-bolt, semi-auto using a H&K hammer and H&K pack. ATF approval was received May 2009 and we have been producing these PATENT PROTECTED rifles since January 2010.  

All of our rifles are multi-caliber capable; we currently offer caliber conversion kits for: 300 Blackout, 260 Remington, 7.62x51mm, and 6.8mm SPC. 

Since our rifles use H&K trigger packs, they can be used as an H&K Host Gun with a Registered Sear or Registered Trigger pack (where allowed by law.) Operating groups and trigger housings for full-auto use are non-NFA items and are available on our website.


This gun is shipped with our newest PATENT-PENDING semi-auto operating group (called: G3.SA Mk4) which uses standard Heckler & Koch® G3-style trigger packs. The new operating group also uses standard Heckler & Koch® hammers, not the old fashioned (and less reliable) custom-made long hammers.

These gun are available NOW.  Base Price is $7850

call (801) 839-4683


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sold most of them
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