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mike todd

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MAYBE you all know but as of JAN-1- 2019 "PARTS KITS" and "PARTS to MAKE KITS" become UNLAWFUL to posses by anybody in ALL E./U. country's.   the only legitimate market open for them is THE USA and that's a real dark grey gamble at best, ALL the normal trade venues have  seen a major increase of offerings since sept and its gaining everyday. I get conflicting info concerning compliance  with our regulations and judge the value/ gain/ risk when considering a purchase of any gun part. the right part making it ok can justify the loss of several other's real  quick for me and  I have lost several shipments with the only official paper work from England and Canada. but suspect its all related to US customs seizure. I only question the shipper , and if I loose one, never use them again, just look for someone else. I have lost THOMPSON mags from RUSSIA and Poland, M-2 parts from POLAND, belts and small parts from SWEDEN, parts and mounts from GREECE, optics from CANADA and everything but books from ENGLAND.  just remember it could happen to you and tread with caution if you play.

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Hello Mike.

Are there people lined up trying to purchase what is over there, and are they even going to allow them to be sold in the 1st. place?

Do you know of anyone who has any information that can be given to us now, or do we have to wait to find out it all was scrapped? What about ammo too? 

Thanks. Jeff - HFTech



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JEFF, the only thing that is going to change is what the collectors over there will try to keep back for themselves. items not often seen or higher priced may show up and get cheaper as the deadline gets near. the smart ones will use USA contacts to hold goods after the deadline in Europe. it is just possible a few hard to get items will now be available only time will tell what happens with the price.  the UNION has been putting all the pressure they can on govt agencies now it will move a step below them. all I am saying is don't jump too fast on these adds. they don't have many other choices to market

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