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Post Sample MP5A3, MP5SD3, & Colt Commando - CHEAP

Sienna Armory

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Cleaning out the last of a Sheriff's office stock of SWAT guns and these need to go.

These will transfer out on a Form 5 and previous guns have only been taking 7-10 days for approval.

NFA has been contacting CLEO's lately and verifying demo letters and you can expect they will contact your Chief or Sheriff - please let your CLEO know to expect a call.

  • H&K MP5A3 - $1550 shipped - 1x 30rd mag, tactical bag, Navy trigger pack, A3 stock, very good to excellent condition (multiple available)
  • H&K MP5SD3 - $2750 shipped - 1x 30rd mag, soft case, Navy trigger pack, A3 stock, very good condition, rubber handguard and silencer have heavy wear.
  • Colt M4 Commando - $750 shipped - 1x 20rd mag, 11.5" barrel, detachable carry handle, all factory Colt (multiple available)

A DEMO LETTER IS REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE, guns are lettered as "MP5A3", "MP5SD3", and "M4"

CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424

I will make package deal on multiple guns and I will chop guns.







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