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Cheap project machine guns, Stemple tube $6,500+


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Have a couple of odd balls for you here. Two Stemple tube guns that went through a fire. I got them from the widow, was planning on having BRP guns rebuild them, they saw the guns in person and confirmed they could repair them. I just don’t want to put the time in for them, so if you are handy and want to give it a shot both tubes are fine, just need to clean up the tubes and install new parts. Can provide references for many $10k plus deals, the gun can be viewed in person outside of York Pa at a brick and mortar shop that’s been in business for 30+ years. This sear is on my books, and I efile so fast F3 transfers for out of state buyers. 

Payment by check, MO, wire, cash, gold, silver. Always taking trades, and buying NFA weapons. Also looking for military bring backs, optics, lasers, uppers and full rifles. Fly out and take a look at it if you’d like. Also looking for mini gun parts, M60, 249 and 240 parts. Other machine guns, post samples, pre samples, have something you want to trade? Feel free to send it my way.

Had to add, willing to take payments on this, need a couple of months? Just let me know what you were thinking. Always open to trades as well.  

Price $6,500 for the toasty one

$7,500 for the not so toasty one

$13k for the pair  

Any questions please email me, can send more photos if needed. Just remove NOSPAM





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