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Building up an AM180 reciever


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IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT RECEIVER YOU BOUGHT.  the main variation's are in the feed tray and how its fitted . the first  UTAH GUNS used a tray that went on 2 roll pins and its the worst type. not only because of the pins but the tray itself had many faults in the lip design. the second tray had a square ended recess, was secured by the top cover (only seen 1 example)  the best one has a curved cut in the recess at the front, square in the back and is held down by the top cover. I believe you can have yours "reworked" to this configuration the bolts should all work along with springs guide etc.  I had 3 diff models and all the grips would fit , but I may have done some "minor" alterations for that. its been a LONG TIME. the barrels were also secured by a couple diff methods. the large round screw type being the latest and best. all the furniture should swap ok.  DID YOU KNOW that the very early guns, had no number on the receiver ? the serial no. was on the BARRELS ? I believe I still have a couple sets of bolts etc, and would like to sell them if so, but have no idea the value. I will sell them for less than market today along with some original steel drums / winders and  pouches for the drums. HOPE THAT RAMBLE HELPED A BIT?  of course VAL can answer all your needs and you should talk to him at some point. be prepared to send him some pics.  CHEERS and ENJOY! MIKE

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