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WTS: Post May Samples, NO DEMO LETTER for Class 2's


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All the following guns are POST MAY Samples that will transfer to a Class II with no demo letter needed.
Class III dealers will need the proper LE demo letter.  Prices do NOT include shipping and insurance.  I will
ship using the method specified by the buyer.

With the exception of the Port Said and the FN30, all these guns have been used for the Outdoor Channel show
Gun Stories w/Joe Mantegna.  Many great shots of the guns in action and many high-speed Phantom camera shots.


SPF IMI Mini UZI Closed bolt, original factory gun $3300

SPF IMI Galil SAR,  original factory gun $3300

SPF HK MP5A2 3 magazines, original German mfg, w Gemtech MK9K three lug can $3800

SPF HK MP5SDA2, original German mfg $3800

SPF Sterling L2A3 $2700

SPF Sterling L34, original factory suppressed  $4400

Bushmaster XM16E2S, original factory    $3300

SPF Colt M16A2 9mm SMG, original factory $3300

SPF Thompson M1A1, WWII mfg $2700

SPF Port Said (Swedish K), original factory $1200

SPF HK UMP 45, Original German w Gemtech UMP QD suppressor $4000

SPF FN P90,factory original w Ring sight, Defiance Machine Aimpoint rail and Gemtech QD Suppressor     $3500

SPF RSAF Enfield BREN Mk III, Original factory w/MkIII barrel $4500

1919A4, Tripod, T&E, wood transport case, new sideplate properly salt hardened rear section $4500

Vickers Mk1 Tripod, T&E, water can, hose, transport case, reman on Aussie parts kit $6500

1918A2 BAR, reweld $4500

SPF FN30, tripod, T&E, .308 ground gun on Israeli parts kit $2500

STEn,  new tube gun $1000

SPF Thompson 1921, Beautiful showpiece built on Richardson receiver and original Colt parts.  PK's '21 recoil system.  $4000  There are patent date magazines, a repro FBI hard case and 'L' drums with a display stand available to go with it.

  I've also plenty of spare parts, barrels, belts, loaders, tools etc so if you need something with the gun, just ask.


Cory Trapp

Gunsite Academy, Inc.


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