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WTS: 3 Consecutive S/N HK MP5-A3 Pre May Keepers Picto!

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We have in stock, 3 excellent condition H&K MP5A3 dealer sample guns available. These are Consecutive serial number guns, “IE” date code (1984) and have 3 lug barrel, 4 Position Navy Pictogram lower, Wide Handguard and one 30 rnd curved mag, Runs great. Looks great and no outer wear marks other than the selector switch. Available to SOT holders, no law letter required and you can keep it if you give up your license! On a F3 and in stock. We also use eForms for fastest approval times. $46,000 for all 3 MP5s.

Buyer to add $95.00 Priority shipping. We are a Class III dealer in Portland, OR since 2005. www.investmentguns.com

Available to SOT holders ONLY, these are NOT a civilian transferable weapons.

MP5 Three con 01.jpg

MP5 Three con 02.jpg

MP5 Three con 03.jpg

MP5 Three con 04.jpg

MP5 Three con 05.jpg

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