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HK94 Unconverted on Form 1

Roger Horton

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I believe since it is on a form 1 my listed trust is the one supposed to convert it.  I can travel across state line with the original long barrel, but my understanding is I need ATF approve to come back across state lines.  Think it is less complicated to sell to a Class III dealer  and then buy one already converted.  Other option is to have it delisted as class three...just takes time and I throw away the $200 tax stamp.

Good question..thanks...rnh

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I thought you could ship any title 1 or 2 gun to a gunsmith anywhere in the USA for repairs, or allowed alterations. Your SBR stamp is your permission slip to shorten the barrel. I don't see how  shipping your long gun SBR host across a state line matters in your case. Send it to TPM Outfitters or TSC Machine to get the work done and have it engraved.

My apologies if I am mistaken. Good luck. 


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Agreed with Piney,

I've UPS'd NFA MG's across state lines with a Repair Workorder and Copy of Form 4 with the Gunsmith's info in the TO: line. (Just make sure to buy enough insurance)

Here the scoop right from the Cow's mouth (IT IS SUGGESTED BY ATF, NOT MANDATED TO HAVE AN APPROVED Form 5);


May a licensed gunsmith receive an NFA firearm for purposes of repair?


Yes, a licensed gunsmith may receive a National Firearms Act firearm for the sole purpose of repair and subsequent return to its owner. It is suggested that the owner obtain permission from ATF for the transfer by submitting an ATF Form 5, Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm, to the NFA Branch and receive approval prior to the delivery. The gunsmith should do the same prior to returning the firearm.

Last Reviewed September 11, 2015

If you need to hear it for yourself just call the receiving NFA Gunsmith as he's done this before and has to put your gun on his books(His FFL).

Good Luck


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