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Not exactly shooting related, but


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the information could save your guns, gear and personal belongings if they are located in a basement or flood prone garage if you live close to a source of water, small stream, lake etc.

We've been dealing with flood warnings and flooding for the last 2 months. I'm so f-ing tired of this shit, I could spit. I was up for days on end manning pumps. The water is coming within feet of the house and last week it came under the garage door and up the floor incline almost to floor level on the first floor where all of my gun stuff is located.

We had been using small skimmers, but that's really not enough capacity to handle these latest torrential downpours. I got tire od manning pumps all night and finally replaced the 

3 skimmers with one Tsurumi 1 hp 3" discharge, electric pump. These pumps are the cats ass guys!!! Fast pumping and quiet.

I core drilled a 14" hole in the lowest part of our driveway, dug out a sump hole under the slab and re poured concrete into the hole, formed a bottom to make a sump pit. We used the new pump last week during a 3" per hour downpour and this pump emptied the sump, in about 3 minutes!

Tsurumi pumps are real quality pumps made in Japan, and are absolute commercial quality. Amazon had the best delivered price. 3" may be a bit large for average homeowner use, so 2" might suite your better, less $$ too. We use them for our drilling work too, so 3" is just right to run multiple drills or a road saw, pumping from a stream.

North Star gas pumps sold by Northern Tool are very nice too, but these are for really bad flooding with thousands of gallons of water to remove. We also bought a North Star 4" trash pump, rated for 3/4" solids with a Honda 270 motor, in the event a lot of water gets into the house. It's pumping capacity is 24K gallons of water an hour!!

With all of this crazy ass weather happening all over the country, better to have a suitable trash pump ready to use, rather than an afterthought. Better to have it and not need it , rather than to need it and not have it.




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OMG..too funny! A lot of people have no clue how powerful water is. That car along with the zip lock bag would be floating away in minutes. Cars become floating pontoons until they fill up and sink unless it's tsunami force water, then they become missiles flying in the water.

I lost a brand new 2011 Chevy Impala with about 200 miles on it when it floated up and traveled up the driveway full of water! I was sick watching that event!

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