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Costco/open carry/illegal /dirt people


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So I've been on self imposed hiatus at Costco.  Last I read Costco allegedly has banned open carry and concealed carry in their stores, plus the number of illegal mexi-cans, and the rest of the "cans" is just out of control in Manassas, VA. making Costco an unpleasant shopping experience now.

So I said screw em I'll just go to BJ's. Well BJ's is ok but Costco it ain't.

So after 6 months I figure lets see where this goes today, I'll go to Costco open carry. I strap on my S&W 4516, top off with my MAGA hat, and drive on down  illegal central/Costco in Manassas. 

Lo and behold  there's more illegal, uneducated dirt people wandering around the store than I've ever seen.  10 kids in tow, eating grapes/fruit from the bags on the shelf and anything else that's for free. I swear you could count the legal. native born Americans on one hand. Absolutely disgusting.

While in line the few obvious Native born Americans that were in line approached me and applauded my hat and gun. Said they were tired of all the illegal foreign POS destroying our country, culture and customs.

BTW, not a word from any management types in the store about my open carry adventure.I made sure I paraded right past the store manager...zip, nothing, not a word.

Illegal immigration is the biggest and most important issue facing Americans. We need these uneducated dirt people that suck hard earned tax dollars right out of our pockets out of this country IMMEDIATELY before all of our culture, traditions and moors are lost forever.

Don't believe it, well just look at Sweden, France (yea I know they deserve it), Germany. Who's next?


R. Leyshion, Jr.

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About the media coverage pertaining to immigration ... the majority of the time they leave out the word ...... " ILLEGAL "

Nothing wrong with LEGAL immigration....... the problem is ILLEGAL immigration....... the media leaves off the word ILLEGAL  

Want to sell your house QUICKLY in my neighborhood / BARRIO ?

simply PAVE YOUR ENTIRE FRONT YARD !     " GRASS ?  We don't need no stinking grass "

Look ...... and TWO vehicles have already left .




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Yep they do the same stuff here. 20 people in a house designed AND ZONED for single family use. Prince William Co used to enforce the zoning laws...no more. They pave over the grass, park 10+ cars to a house plus on the street. In addition the slimy fxcks resister their vehicles in MD instead of Va so they avoid paying personal property tax. A lot of these dirt fxcks have no license, no insurance and are repeat offenders. A lot are sex offenders...seems they like little boys and girls. Don't believe me, check out the Virginia State Police sex offenders list online. Prince William Co is a sanctuary county. The local board of supervisors does not  not give 2 sxits about the legal citizens here. The quality of life in this county is in the toilet. MS 13, trash neighborhoods, filthy living standards.  Drunk illegals kill innocent citizens all the time from drunk driving in this county, no consequences, they repeat time after time. The local builders love these worthless POS because they work so cheap. Why pay a professional carpenter $45 an hour, you can get 3 illegal POS to work for that. The quality of the work these people do is worse than a high school first year shop class. I know first hand I work for every national builder in this area. Don't be fooled by the B.S. that these are hard working people looking for a better life...yea on our dime. They are here ONLY because big home builders, local government and the lending institutions want them here. In the mean time these parasite realtors, bankers and builders, BOS members, return to their homes in Great Falls, Georgetown, Dominion Valley and the like in a gated community with private security and could give 2 sxits. Send these mf'er's back to their sxit hole countries NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everyone's ancestors here in the USA (unless your Native American) came from another country in the past. Mine came from Wales over 250 years ago. My family has worked in PA coal mines, fought in wars for this country, worked hard and CONTRIBUTED to this Great Country.

They asked for nothing, and worked for everything, spoke English and adapted to the American lifestyle.

These illegal, stinky, smelly, uneducated  POS that float up from the toilet bowl on our shores and borders, offer NOTHING to this country. Except an additional tax burden to teach their illiterate  little bastards at our citizen funded schools.

And pay higher insurance claims for the drunk illegal bastards that kill innocent American citizens that have no insurance, no drivers license.The first thing these fxcks do is head to the nearest state agency that offers free shxt for "immigrants". UHH someone forgot the first part "ILLEGAL". 

Imagine...they are illegal, then they start to demand free sxit like we owe them something!! The balls of these trash people is only matched by the stupidity of the liberal assholes that help them get assistance and legal representation to stay here. If every concerned American would stand up and DEMAND that every one of these trash fxckers and their little anchor bastards be removed form our country NOW, the tax burden on every American would go down probably 50% just from not having to build new schools to educate people who don't belong here in the first place.

AMERICA FOR AMERICANS, the rest of you illegal parasites get the fxck out of my country!!!!!!!!  

Phew...that felt good!




Welsh Warrior

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As media reported about these poor " ILLEGAL " [ intentionally left out of the news report ] immigrant children ...... " locked up in cages "  [  aka dentention facilities ]  ..... like animals .

These kids have it MUCH BETTER IN THESE FACILITIES ...... [ FREE EVERYTHING ] .... than ANY environment they escaped from .

Perhaps the news media should go SEE the CESSPOOLS  these kids came from .......

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