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WTS: Pre May samples, SBR, and SBS.

Elite Iron

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4 Guns for Sale


Suppressor and Bipod Solutions of a Higher Caliber


Please email questions to info@eliteiron.com

Thanks for looking,




Guns are also listed on our website and have additional pictures.



Pre May IMI UZI         $7000

IMI PreMay (1).JPG



Overall Very good + condition. Aftermarket threaded barrel.

Original box with sling, manual, cleaning rod, and 1 magazine.

Class 3 sales sample. No LE letter required.


FN G1 Pre May               $7000



FN G-1, 7.62mm

NATO, PRE-MAY Sales Sample.

In VG+ condition. Bore and Chamber in excellent condition.

Wood stock has slight marring.


Manufactured by: FN Liege Belgium

IMP: Inter American IMP/EXP Co

Class 3 sales sample. No LE letter required.


IAC Model 1887 SBS       $300



IAC Model 1887 Short Barrel Shotgun
15.5" Barrel 32.5" Overall Length.
Condition: Like New with Original Box.
Work done by ELITE IRON

This NFA item will need to be shipped to Class 3 dealer in your state.


Vector Arms PTR-91 SBR      $1400



J.L.D. Ent. Model PTR-91 converted by Vector Arms.

.308 Cal. “Sear” Ready. Barrel length 9″, overall length 31.5″.

Condition: Excellent, 1 light scratch mark on trigger housing. 1 magazine included.

This NFA item will need to be shipped to Class 3 dealer in your state.

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