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Any thoughts on this? Large gun bust in CA.

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Kind of a strange story, it states "Fernandez was booked on suspicion of being a felon in possession of firearms"  to me, you are either a Felon or Not?

They mention he was believed to be a collector and this was not for other intended purposes, kind of looks that way from the types of rifles. But again, is he a Felon?

The other person that has not returned home and the fact they returned and found more guns (91) that were Hidden, OK that looks suspect! 

I counted about 15 Black rifles, that is a pretty low percentage, what's weird is more than 20 uppers, but all look to be legal length.

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WELL I HAVE LOTS OF THOUGHTS ON THIS!  on BOTH sides of the "FENCE". I have NO sympathy for anyone that still resides in ANY of the states on the west coast. BOTTOM line? ANYONE with a lick of sense that values personal freedom would have bailed 20 yrs ago.   take a HARD look at the pile and I see a guy that likes to shoot , with no focus on category he just bought GUNS.  all the extra uppers only confirms the versatility of the AR PLATFORM presented to someone that LIKES TO SHOOT!  HMMM, are there any more individuals like that out there?  OF COURSE, only about 5 MILLION?  the statement "suspected of being a felon" is a normal line needed for protection against lawsuits when the fact has not been confirmed when the news was reported. I would bet that he upset a "normal satisfied resident" and they reported he had too many guns. at least it looks like they did not use a skip loader to load the pickup like I HAVE seen in the past. myself, I don't give a lot of thought to "THOSE FOLKS OVER THERE". they are geographically challenged and the entire mess will fall off some day. I quit racing because it was required for us to go to KALIFA to chase points and when that didn't work they made participation in a KALIFA event mandatory to qualify for other events.i don't spend one penny for ANYTHING that comes from that state, wont sell ANYTHING in that state and pretty much ignore ANYTHING from that state.  well now that did it my thoughts are a tangled up about ANYTHING! cheers  mike

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