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WTS: Ruger AC556K folder - $9750 - Form 4 - TX


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I'm selling a Ruger AC556K folder.  I got it recently and just don't have any need for it.  The gun is a little rough, but nothing that can't be cleaned up and made like new.  Comes with a .22 kit and 3 brand new Ruger 30 round magazines.  It is on a form 4 in San Antonio, TX.  $9750 shipped.  I have a FFL/SOT, but this is a personal gun.


Mit Matelske

Rugu LLC

IMG_3932 (Large).JPG

IMG_3937 (Large).JPG

IMG_3935 (Large).JPG

IMG_3936 (Large).JPG

IMG_3933 (Large).JPG

IMG_3940 (Large).JPG

IMG_3939 (Large).JPG

IMG_3938 (Large).JPG

IMG_3941 (Large).JPG

IMG_3942 (Large).JPG

IMG_3943 (Large).JPG

IMG_3944 (Large).JPG

IMG_3945 (Large).JPG

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