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PRE 86 DS Steyr Aug 2 barrels, 4 mags

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This pre86 dealer sample is a truly lovely gun, and it is NOT a police trade.  In Beautiful condition.  In case you are unfamiliar with these guns you need to know how ergonomically perfect they are. Firstly the balance. The weight is pretty well balanced because the rounds are back by your shoulder.  And what’s more: no switch to go between auto and semi.  Merely a two-stage trigger group.  And interchangeable barrels.  Comes with two barrels: shorty (great for entry) and HB with bipod.  In stock and ready for transfer only to FFL/SOT.  As with most of my guns this has been a safe queen for years in my climate controlled vault. I did shoot this one a few times, but I really don’t have the time to “play”.  We do eforms, so paperwork time is short. Price $12,500 with both barrels and two mags.

I’m Listed on SUBGUNS RECOMMENDED DEALERS LIST for 17years    
Call me (207) 476-0000 daily 9AM-9PM Eastern or email ivan@machinegundealer.com





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