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Form 4 approved but not arrived. When to ship gun?


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I sold an SBR to someone out of state. Since it must go to a dealer first, the transfer is to his dealer.

The dealer sent me an email saying that it was approved at the end of March, but I still haven't received the two forms (it was for an SBR and silencer).

I don't know if the atf sends the forms together, or separately, but neither have arrived.


The dealer is insisting that I send the guns, but I don't know if that's legal since I have no proof of transfer approval.

If the forms were lost in the mail, do I need a certified copy of the forms with stamps from the BATF before I can ship?

What should I do, and is it legal for me to send them if they were indeed approved and just the mail is slow to get here?


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ALL OF THE ABOVE !!!  don't ship anything until you have an approved transfer IN HAND!   best to call the ATF and check by serial number. if advised they were approved , ASK WHEN then you will know what to do.   lately my forms have arrived at least 3 weeks after the date they were signed.  let his dealer rant , its your ride if you get it wrong. cheers mike

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I spoke with BATF and they just told me to ship it since it was approved. They said that I didn't need to have the forms in hand to send the gun. I should have just called them in the first place.

thanks for all who tried to help.

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 STRANGE ??  I would act and protect myself EXACTLY like the folks at the ATF. NO PHONE CONVERSATTION, but something in HARD COPY. I do know things are changing however. MY crook brother had an M-16 in his shop and had sold it with a new form 4 filled out on file to his customer and the transfer to his inventory was still pending. an agent found it, left it and expedited the transfer in less than a week rather than find him at fault. 

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