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Transferable Browning M2HB 50BMG


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This is a fully transferable Browning M2HB 50 caliber machine gun.

This gun comes as pictured with Tripod , T&E and pintle.

Also includes box of links and extra Sterlite Barrel.

This gun is a rewatt manufacture is listed as Browning.

This gun is on a form 3 in Florida.

Gun has been fired as we fired about 200rds thru it without a malfunction.

Buyer responsible for shipping

Price is 35000.00 or best reasonable offer








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Do not know who the Original Mfg was.

Paperwork reads Browning . Only thing on the Right Side plate is the serial number!

I bought the gun as a rewatt. I do not have a history on it.

Paperwork has model as M2HB.

The gun runs great.

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FOIA request, usually settles any issues with the original date it was registered in the NFRTR.

We have a  WWII Savage contract M2HB that has listed the manufacturer, as Browning. It is in the NFRTR as such. Pre 68 registration.

Information from a FOIA request.

If you have the time, that is the best way to state for sure the status of the MG in your ad.

Another option, if you have a good relationship with the BATFE personnel that handle your compliance inspections. You may ask them to check on the original NFRTR registration date.


Since your weapon does not have any other markings on the side plates, other than a SN.

Could be an IRS registration.

I cannot detect any SN on the side plate in your photos.

Does the SN begin with IRS?


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So if you take the gun apart and take pictures you should notice the side plate has been welded on or if you have it XRayed.

There are a few of these guns running around. They took GI guns and cut them up into cutaways. A few popped up about 5 years ago for cheap and were sold quickly. Someone else on here just off loaded one that was the same as this one.  That’s why there is no MFG info on the gun because that’s part of the info that was cut off. Hence the IRS number 

The guns are still C&R and all but they are considered rewelds in the eyes of the community. 

Whatever you determine it’s worth it to get the gun properly gone through. Because what’s missing on the gun is very odd and dealing with guns that has a good chance of killing someone is never fun.

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