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M16 9mm, M16 5.56mm, 10/22, Beretta M9 mags for sale

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Magazines for sale  




I have the following magazines for sale. All prices are final. Condition is listed, either new or used.




10/22 Hot Lips/Butler creek 25 round magazines. 2 in stock. Price is $25 each. Condition is new in wrapper


Beretta M9 15 round checkmate magazines. Used. 2 in stock  $25 each.


Beretta M9 15 round factory M9 magazines. New condition $45 each


Glock 17 LE restricted markings from AW ban era! New condition. Collectable $30 each


Magpul 30rd Gen 2 magazines, 17 in stock, $15 each


Colt 32rd 9mm M16 magazines  4 in stock. Used in excellent condition $50 each






Interested parties should contact Tom at (253)632-5643, machineguntom4@yahoo.com or Chris at (253)561-5550


We accept credit cards!  Washington residents will need to pay 10% sales tax.


Edited by Tom Liemohn Kent Washingto
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