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I have the following new silencers for sale. All are on form 3’s in Washington state. We will handle transfers for in state parties that need a form 4 transfer. Suppressors are all in new in box,  unfired condition. Prices include shipping to your dealer. Washington residents will need to pay 10% sales tax.


Gemtech – Trek V1.0 5.56MM/.223  $450 1 in stock


Ruger – Silent SR – handles .22LR through 5.7x28. Very well made! Titanium tube and stainless baffles that can be disassembled for cleaning.  $450 1 in stock


Silencerco  - Sparrow – Built like a tank. Can be disassembled for cleaning, handles all rimfire calibers,  even 5.7x28! On sale! Was $540, on sale for $450 2 in stock.


Liemohn Manufacturing LLC – NEW RELEASE! Accurate reproductions of the XM177/XM607 silencers used on the iconic M16 carbines.  These look great!  $275. Add $25 for a grenade launcher adapter ring for an accurate XM177E2 replica Limited quantities in stock.


Dead Air – Wolf 9SD – 9mm suppressor that can be taken in half for compact use. Can be used on pistols or SMG’s.  $965 .   Add a 3 lug adapter for $175


Peel washers are also available for mounting suppressors, flash hiders or mounting devices $8. Avaialble in ½” or 5/8”


Barrel threading services also available for those who need modifications to their guns. Base price is $125 including return shipping.


Interested parties should contact Tom at (253)632-5643, machineguntom4@yahoo.com or Chris at (253)561-5550

We accept credit cards!

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