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Transferable Machine Guns for sale


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This is what I have for sale some are inbound.

Pre 86 Dealer samples (Keepers)

MG-34 Shoots great I have video.I have 2 mated ( Head Spaced extra barrels also belts) that go with : $11,500.00

Madson M1946 LMG setup in 30-06 Nice with Tripod: $ 8900.00


Transferable  to indiviidual's NFA

C&R STG 44 Nice 01/45 Gun matching (forced stock): $31,995.00

C&R MG-42 Transferable Nice with Tripod: $55,000.00

Texas Mac 9MMVery Nice 2 clips:  $7,000.00

 UZI  Model B  Like New: $13,500.00

FNC Sear Gun Safe/ Auto/ Semi and Burst Folder. This is a mint FNC. It Shoots better then a M-16: $16,500.00

Vickers Wilson side plate 303 or 762X 54, nice gun $16,500.00

BM-59 Like new 6 clips 19,990.00  SOLD!



Incoming: 50/50

C&R 1919A4 Sako over stamp. Form 3 says maker is Browning. MANY EXTRAS Great Shape: $22,000.00

Reising Ser: 7XX very low 3 digit number. One nicest  I've seen Comes with a loaded ( 4 Clips 2 ammo boxes manual ) Lab case, everything is there.: $9,000.00

C&R Savage Thompson  WWII C&R good shape fires great: $24,500.00

C&R 08 Maxim none matching, nice shape comes with a sled mount ( needs repaint) : $17,500.00

I have pictures for must of the Machine Guns. All are on Form 3 All will transfer Eform 2 to 3 days. I have been in the Class III Business for 18 years ( In the hobby since 1978 ) . Call me at 602-763-8867 or:

 Email me at toneitup@aol.com

BM 59.jpg








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