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Hello, I am selling the C&R MP40 Amnesty registered by Country Music Legend Hank Williams Jr. (A Country Boy Can Survive, Me and My Rowdy Friends). Son of Nashville Royalty Hank Williams, Sr. (Hey Good Lookin, Your Cheatin Heart, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, etc.) Comes with a copy of original Amnesty form dated 1969. Gun is coded ayf 43 and is mismatched and reblued. Most parts match (end cap, trigger guard, folding stock, receiver tube, rear site, and firing pin). Mismatched parts are bolt (original), mag well (original), but I believe this was a period replacement, barrel (postwar), barrel nut (postwar?) I also believe the cocking handle is postwar.. The sear is in the white so my guess is postwar. As said before gun is reblued over light pitting. I took the gun out on Friday and shot 250 rounds through it (Winchester white box and PMC) the result was no jams and ran like a sewing machine. I have no idea how to post pics but I am very good at sending them from my phone. Priced at $24,750. On a Form 4 in WY. 100% Funds upfront to start paperwork. I strongly suggest coming to see the gun in person. I am a short 45 minute jet ride from Denver. You can fly in on United or fly in on your private jet.

I am also open to a partial trade for one of the following:

1) Beretta 38/42 or 38/44

2) Smith and Wesson 76

3) Sten tube gun or possibly C&R gun

4) WW2 Luger shooter grade (valued from $1000-$1500 or so)

5) Erma EMP, MP34o

Phone (307) 670-3039 Mountain Time Call or Text, email feldherrnhalle@hotmail.com  Robert


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