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Various NFA 4Sale (Reduced) - $625 to $42,500 (M16A1 Carbine, Tommy Gun, K gun w/ Briefcase)

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Everything is on a Form 3 in FL.  /  Shipping is $20, insurance extra  /  If you see something you like send me an email for pictures to: class2fl@aol.com.



HK MP5K Package: MP5K correctly converted from SP89 by RDTS, Qualified Sear, HK Briefcase, HK Shoulder Rig - $42,500

FACTORY Colt M16A1 Carbine Package: (M16A1 Carbine, plus 6933 upper, plus Colt period correct 3x20 scope) - $27,500

1975 A/O WH Thompson 1928 (Reliability mods by Jim Klodzinski of Gunmachines and LOTS of parts)  - $22,000 

NIB Colt 6933 - $1,075

NIB Keltec KSG Tactical - $800

NIB Keltec SU16D9 - $650

NIB Keltec SU16D12 - $625


Post Sample MP5/40A3 - $4,000 (letter required)

Post Sample Mac 10 - $1,400 (letter required)


LOOKING FOR: Urbach Krink in 7.62


No sales in FL


GM / WPB, FL (class2fl@aol.com) - lots of references



KSGTac copy 2.jpg


Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 8.03.03 AM.png

Edited by GM / West Palm Beach - FL
added info / lower prices
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