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SOLD $7K - Powder Springs M10/45 - All Lage - New


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Hello,  I have an M10/45 for sale.  This was a new vintage Powder Springs, Ingram marked frame that I acquired in trade some time ago. I haven't even oiled up the frame so you will see smudges, but be assured it is new. I purchased all new components and completed the assembly.

  • Fire control group
  • Lage extended safety
  • Lage folding stock
  • Lage slow fire upper
  • Lage grip
  • Lage magazine catch that works with modified and unmodified Grease Gun magazines
  • Two piece receiver pin

I test fired it with 6 rounds of ball ammunition, applied some copper anti-seize (you can see some of it in the pictures), and put it away. It is all completely new otherwise.

It comes with 1 new unmodified Grease Gun magazine; I have 10 others available for purchase separately that are still in the factory wrap.

I'm asking $7,000 - you pay the tax transfers and shipping, but am willing to negotiate if you have some data showing a comparable gun sale at a lower price. 100% upfront to start the paperwork; if you are out of state, I will transfer it to your dealer on a form 4, and then they can transfer it to you in the same way. All also consider an M11/9 as a trade +/- money, whole or in part, depending on the condition and accessories, if any. This item is cross posted. 

Please email me at jeffshaner@hotmail.com with inquiries.







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The Form 4 describes it as a 'receiver only', which is how I received it from the previous owner.  I believe this is one of the frames that was pulled from production when Gordon Ingram had the falling out with MAC management.  When that happened, all the INGRAM marked frames were pulled from the production line and never completed.  They were later sold at auction when MAC folded.  I purchased all of the LAGE parts and completed the build myself just a few months ago.  There never was any other original parts.

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Hey man, I have seen your cash + SAP Mac-10/45 for trade on other forums. I guess I applaude you for trying but even for entry level MG’s, you will NEVER make a deal with ANYONE. You are going to have to fork up more than $3500 bones plus a semi auto pistol. I don’t mean to be rude, but you are wasting your time. MG’s are investments and having two of them (MAC-10/45 & an M16) they are only going up in value and someone would have to offer something very interesting or rare to even consider a trade of some sort. Not sure if funding is an issue but there is no cutting corners in this market unless you happen to find someone who is in a very very generous mood...

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Hi, I'm looking for a shooter more than a NIB collector. I might be interested. Can you see the pics you posted above? I cannot and opened up the security on this webpage in my settings. I would like to see what you are selling as a first step please. Perhaps you can repost? or, if that does not work send to my email? Thank you!

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