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Any of you out there that like to shoot 1000-4000 yards know how hard it is to get the necessary elevation to make these kind of shots even with a slope base and 120 min of elevation with a NF NXS or ATACR scope. There is a new and growing ELR shooting crowd, shooting well beyond 2500 yards. I've heard of a Finnish shooting team that shot as far as 4500yds with a .375 Chey Tac round and scored hits every round! It's on Youtube somewhere.

Ivey Shooting has developed a new base/ring set (RTM50) with an  additional 50 mil of elevation to get you where you want to go for these extreme distances.They will sell for around $800. Stephen Ivey just moved to a larger shop and will have these bases available very soon. This piece of kit is a real game changer.

Unfortunately Ivey Shooting's web page is down right now There is a great video on Youtube from ColdDeadHands reviewing the product.

I have no affiliation with Ivey shooting, or John at ColdDeadHands, I'm just throwing this out there for anyone who might have an interest.



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