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  1. I am selling my PRE-86 Dealer Sample Savage / Bridgeport M1928A1 Thompson Sub Machine Gun. This M1928A1 is in overall VERY GOOD condition with matching upper / lower serial numbers. Internals are beautiful. Gun functions perfectly without any issues. It has a Cutts Compensator, finned barrel, wooden handguard instead of vertical foregrip, and Lyman adjustable rear sights. Gun is marked "Tommy Gun" on the top of the receiver and has police department markings in a few places indicating that this gun was in service with law enforcement at one time. It will include ONE (1) 20rd stick magazine. PM me here or CALL / TEXT me at 281-467-5424.
  2. Auto Ordnance Bridgeport M1 Thompson

    BEAUTIFUL M1 Auto Ordnance Bridgeport Thompson in excellent condition. Beautiful bore, great wood, and sling. This firearm has been in a private collection for years and has not gotten much use and has been well cared for. This beautiful weapon runs flawlessly and is in stock in our inventory ready for immediate transfer. $23,000.00 shipped to your dealer. GA residents must pay 7% sales tax. More pictures here - AO M1 Thompson Jake - Quiet Riot Firearms 678-614-7129
  3. Are you in the market for Thompson submachine gun manufactured by Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company in 1921 and 1922? Do you have the expertise to properly evaluate what has become a very expensive collector firearm? Would you like to have some inexpensive help inspecting that Colt’s? Finally, a book that is geared especially toward those who want to learn about the Colt’s Thompson gun from a buyer perspective: An Amateur’s Guide for the Colt’s Thompson Submachine Gun (Or How to be an Informed Buyer in a Very Expensive Market) This new reference book by Tom Davis, Jr. is the perfect guide for those new to the very expensive world of the Colt's Thompson guns. It can easily save a novice collector thousands of dollars when looking to purchase that perfect Colt's Thompson submachine gun. The book covers: (1) What to look for and avoid when shopping for a Colt's. (2) Each Auto-Ordnance model explained in pictures with detailed information. (3) How to identify an original Colt's era actuator, including the three original NAVY actuator variations. (4) The St. Louis Police Department Colt's story, including the gangster guns and Models of 1927. (5) How to safely shoot an original Colt's Thompson without devaluing it. (6) How to clean and properly refinish the Colt's wood. (7) How to identify an original Spare Part Kit Container. (8) And much more information that will greatly aid the novice and educate many current owners about General Thompson's trench broom. The book is filled with numerous color photographs and expansive captions that will teach the Thompson enthusiasts the many important features of a Colt's Thompson. While geared toward the beginner or new enthusiast, current Colt's owners and advanced collectors will find a lot of valuable and heretofore unknown and unpublished information. In addition, dealers that do not specialize in the Thompson guns will be better able to accurately describe Colt’s for sale. And correctly evaluate Thompson guns offered for trade or direct sale. This is a must book for the Thompson enthusiast's library! This new publication is available immediately on at a list price of $49.99 Use the Amazon website “Look Inside” feature to review a few pages and see if this book contains the information you need before making a very expensive purchase decision. Personalized copies can be purchased directly from the author at a Sturmgewehr special price of $40 plus $4.00 shipping in the continental United States. Contact Tom Davis, Jr. at for purchase information. Other books by Tom Davis, Jr. - Great Britain - The Tommy Gun Story
  4. C&R 1928 AC Bridgeport Thompson which will transfer to your dealer on an efiled Form 3. This gun is beautiful with a numbers matching lower and AOC stamped internals. Sale included 1 50rd new crosby drum, 1 30rd mag. The violin case is brand new kahr production. Price is $21,500.00 DELIVERED Steve
  5. Here a a Philadelphia Ordnance 80% 1928A1 receiver. It is engraved on both sides., less patent numbers. not sure if this model had the patent numbers listed. Needs finish machining and a parts kit to match. $ 500.00 plus shipping.
  6. Have here an original bolt for Tommy gun made by Savage in excellent shape. With recoil spring and extractor. $300 shipped to you. [/URL
  7. For sale is my Auto Ordnance M-1 .45acp SBR semi auto Thompson. I am the original owner and have shot 100rds through it. It comes with the Auto Ordinance hard case with all the paper work and original barrel and frontsight, 13 30rd stick mags and 2 20rd stick mags along with an original WW2 oil bottle and wood stock and a reproduction Kerr sling. Its on a form 1 in Florida. Buyer pays all ATF fees and shipping. Asking $900.00 email me at or (813)545-3257 for pictures
  8. I have an excellent condition COLT US Navy 1921/28 Overstamp Thompson which includes one 50rd drum as pictured. This is one of the best looking samples that I have ever seen. This gun is sitting on Form 4 here in Colorado. I sold it to the original buyer and he is now moving on to some different guns and it is up for sale. I am asking $48K for it and I'll pay the first $200 tax out to your SOT.