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  1. WTB: MP5 Sear

    I have a customer who is looking for a registered MP5 sear. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  2. 2 Heckler and Koch SP5's for sale with consecutive S/N's. They have CB date codes meaning they were made in 2021. The boxes have 4/21 shipment dates printed on them. We just received these this week. Don't miss out. SP5's will continue to go up in value especially if you have mint condition consecutive guns. These also have the correct MP5 diopter rear sights installed on them from the factory. All items are included with each each gun such as the soft case, shipping box, 2-30 rd mags, manual, sling, and sight tool. $8,200 OBO I'd consider an FN M249 PARA post sample in trade (love letter in hand).
  3. I'm looking to buy a post sample FN M249 PARA for LE demo. I have a love letter ready to go. I can also offer 2 BNIB SP5's with consecutive sn's in trade. Can add cash as needed.
  4. Really Mint Conditioned MP5 with Surefire Handguard and Mount for Red Dot Pics will show very low round cound-well taken care of. $16,500 message me with your e mail for pics I am current on my SOT so it will transfer tax free on Form3
  5. Up for sale is 2 TRANSFERABLE Machine Guns on from 4s in Arizona. 1st. H&K MP5/HK94 in INCREDIBLE condition W/ Flemming Auto Sear. Comes as shown with Knights Armament Rail, KAC Front Grip, Retractible A3 Stock, and top rail. This is a 2 NFA items package deal (2 Stamps). Seriously love this gun and its in truly incredible condition. Sear has never been in a different host. - $39k. 2nd. Sandra M16 in a M4A1 configuration. Upper is a factory 14.5 COLT M4A1 upper. Comes as shown with LMT sopped stock, Matech Rear sight, Tangodown Front Grip, Surefire RC2 Flashhider & of course a truly awesome professional paint job. This gun runs flawless and is a truly awesome gun you could train with and put your life on. - PENDING SALE Please call me at 602-481-8503 with questions. Thanks, Nick.
  6. WTS: Original German MP5 Bolt Head Assembly I have one original German MP5 bolt head assembly available for sale. These are used parts with an unknown round count but all are in very nice condition. This lot includes the bolt, extractor, cocking piece, rollers, firing pin, and firing pin spring. Excellent for a build or just to have around as a spare. Price: $400 OBO Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Paypal plus the fee, venmo, or Zelle Contact: Email - PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  7. WTS Heckler Koch HK MP5 SD 9mm Pre May Sample THIS IS A PRE MAY SAMPLE, SO IT CANNOT BE OWNED OR TRANSFERRED TO A CIVILIAN! $22,900.00 HK MP5 SD 9mm (factory) Pre May Sample for sale. This is a very low mileage factory built MP5 with HK factory matching serial numbered suppressor. It has been shot, but very little. The bolt gap measures .016, Date Code ID, with HK INC ARL VA marking. There is a very small finish wear mark on the front of suppressor, but the rest of rifle is clean. THIS CANNOT BE OWNED OR TRANSFERRED TO A CIVILIAN! THIS CAN ONLY BE OWNED AND TRANSFERRED TO A FFL/SOT. Since this is a “Pre May Sample” it does not require a Law Letter to transfer to a FFL/SOT. It is my understanding it can also be kept by the FFL/SOT once they surrender their FFL/SOT license. Contact: Ron Brown ENR Precision Rifles SOT/FFL Southlake, TX

  9. Up for sale is a BNIB PTR 9C. Comes with a SBR kit and and clipped and pinned lower so you can put your sear pack in and go!! Right out of the box this is ready for full auto with your registered sear or pack. Also included is two bniw mags and all Whats in the pic below. This is priced to move. This all retails for over $2k. $1500 with $50 for shipping. Specs below. This is truly one of the best MP5 clones on the market. It’s beautifully built!! Only took out to “test” fit the lower. Other than that it’s non handled. Thank you. The 9C model features an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard and nitride treated 8.86”, 3-lug barrel. Both a push button and paddle style magazine release are standard. The 4.5” precision-welded top rail enables use of your favorite optic or the traditional iron sights (included). The polymer end cap with swivel adapter provides a sling attachment point. The gun ships in a heavy duty range case with: single point bungee sling, two 30-round magazines and rear sight adjustment tool. Specifications OAL: 17.6" Barrel: 8.86" Weight: 5.05 lbs Operating Systems: Roller-delayed blowback Caliber: 9 X 19 Action: SEMI-AUTOMATIC (NFA-REGISTERED, FULL AUTO SEAR PACK READY) Twist: 1/10 Trigger Pull: 9 lbs Magazine: 30 round
  10. You get everything pictured $3300 OBO delivered USPS Priority comes with $50 insurance Buyer responsible for added insurance. Zelle preferred will do PP FNF Only no comments Personal ck or Certified Ck or USPS Money Order.
  11. I have closed my HK build operations and have only a few different trigger packs available: PLEASE NOTE: ALL NFA rules apply when using these. Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all. Note also type of grip frame included in listing. I cannot accept low ball offers as I am now listing at what it cost me to acquire these. Anything less than those amounts would only come in a volume purchase or reasonable offer. I am in no rush to sell as I can't replace these. Here is what I have left I can clear it all out for $1600 or pricing as follows: Trigger packs: 1 x 9mm 3 position ESL ambi navy pack, currently set up in an HK MP5K grip frame $550 NEW 1 x HK .40 S&W factory correct 3 position trigger pack (set up in a ergo SEF clipped and pinned grip frame) $350 Lightly used 1 x HK G3 / 91 3 position ESL ambi back set up in clipped and pinned navy grip frame double tang $450 NEW 1 X HK G3 / 91 factory new SEF pack in factory navy g4rip frame $130 Lightly used SOLD 1 x HK 93/33 3 position trigger pack with spare .308 ejector lever not in a grip frame $120 used SOLD 1 x HK 3 position ambi trigger pack in .308, set up with a 4 position grip frame, but with safe and semi selector switch only, trigger pack is full operable 4 position if you have the correct switch selector lever $550 NEW 1 x HK 3 position SEF trigger pack .308 $120 lightly used 1 x HK semi (SF) trigger pack with factory correct HK 53 ejector lever (not in grip frame) $180 unused ejector lever, used trigger box 1 x HK sear ready SEF trigger pack for registered sears set up in .40 SW $350 remanufactured all german except the relocated safety sear for use with registered sear. SOLD HK grip frames: Factory steel SP89 (pre 1989 in black) in new condition ( was a take off from a customer MP5K PDW build) $150 Frames appear new / almost unused Factory steel HK93 (pre 1988 in black) in new condition (was a take off from a customer HK 33k build) $150 Frame appears new / almost unused
  12. Up for sale is a Mp5/ptr or clone equivalent MLok Handguard. Brand new never mounted. Comes with everything needed to mint to your MP5, PTR or clone! $100 shipped. PayPal F&F preferred. Thank you.
  13. WTS: MP5/10 sear host

    WTS: MP5/10 Sear Host (SOLD) Unfired, FA ready, 10mm pistol built by Ralph Smith Jr. from a handpicked HK MP5/40 parts kit. All date coded German parts with the exception of the flat. Factory magwell grafted onto an LSC flat and magwell markings maintained. Threaded 3 lug 40 S&W barrel w/ chamber ream, 4 position ambi trigger group (converted to semi), factory FA BCG, proper semi shelf, Surefire 628 LED w/ momentary & constant on/off (brand new pressure pad, LED bulb & batteries), 1 German LE Restricted mag, 2 NIW German mags, 1 40 mag clamp, HK range bag (holds 2 guns), MP5 armorers manual, HK desk logo included. Additional information and photos available upon request. **If you prefer the firearm without the Surefire 628, I’m happy to swap it out with a standard German handguard. **Choose black or tan HK range bag $5600 w/ Surefire LED 628 + shipping $5400 w/ standard handguard + shipping **credit cards accepted with 3.6% fee
  14. WTS: MP5 sear host

    WTS: MP5 Sear Host Unfired, FA ready 9mm semi pistol built by Ralph Smith Jr. from an excellent condition HK MP5 parts kit. All date coded, German parts except for flat and tri-rail. Factory magwell grafted onto an LSC flat and magwell markings maintained. Factory 3 lug barrel, SEF semi trigger group, factory action 3 FA BCG, proper semi shelf, 1 German mag, picatinny tri-rail, HK range bag (holds 2 guns), MP5 armorers manual, HK desk logo included. Additional information and photos available upon request. $3500 + shipping w/ SEF group **Ambi Navy semi group upgrade also available **credit cards accepted with 3.6% fee
  15. MP5-SD SBR

    Semi Auto sear ready host MP5-SD. Two stamps. SBR and Silencer. Originally an HK 94 converted to MP5-SD by Curtis Higgins of S&H in 1986. Engraved on right tang with S&H and left tang with Flemming. Recently divorced from Flemming sear by Form 1. Silencer by S&H. Comes with no mags. On Form 4 in KY. Price $10,000
  16. SPF RDTS MP5 build surefire forearm and SB brace $2500.00 1 KCI mag Its a pistol and has never been an SBR
  17. For sale is a very good condition Transferable HK MP5 S&H Registered Receiver Machine Gun. This gun has been lightly used and a safe queen most of its life. Several Pictures available on request. This gun is on a form 5 so it will transfer to your dealer tax free or if you live in Oklahoma it can go to you on a form 5. I am brokering the gun for a client so if you want to view the firearm a time can be set up to inspect it. If you have any questions please contact me via email at or text 580-695-8340. If you need a call please leave a text or email first and I will get back with you. This is a very nice firearm and would be an excellent addition to the right persons collection.
  18. MP5 SD Parts Kits, Good Condition, 1 Magazine, $2150.00 Shipped
  19. Hello, I am listing various items for sale. All funds must be certified and buyers must be set up with Eforms for transfers. Buyer will also pay shipping and insurance. Colt M-16A1, and Norell S&H are both sold. For the fastest response please call me at 704-425-9887. I will try to get some photos loaded as soon as possible. Ray
  20. Selling DLO box for ALL HK 90 series rifles 51, 53, 91, 93, 94, mp5 hosts and clones etc... Full auto trigger pack internals fit inside the box to make the gun full auto. The box is registered as a machine gun in all 3 calibers. $40k OBO. If interested, I have hosts that can be sold with the box (RDTS MP5SD, MP5K, MP5N).
  21. WTS: SOLD::MP5 F Sear Host

    WTS: MP5 F Sear Host Unfired pistol built by Ralph Smith Jr. from an excellent condition HK MP5 F parts kit. All date coded, German parts. The factory magwell was grafted onto an LSC flat w/magwell markings preserved. 3 lug barrel, Navy trigger group, FA BCG, proper semi shelf, new German mag, HK range bag (holds 2 guns), MP5 armorers manual, HK desk logo included. Additional information and photos available upon request. $4350 w/ Navy SEF trigger group $4500 w/ Navy ambi trigger group **(B&T, Surefire, DT) handguards available (new) **HK A3 F stock available (new) if planning to Form 1...NFA rules apply Thanks! LBTac
  22. What to know about buying 1st MP5

    Hello, Looking to buy my first MP5. I like the MP5K SD. Are the SDs any trouble? Is a sear the best way to go? What is better double push pin or pinned and clipped? Anything to watch out for. I am a dealer, but wife says need to buy transferable. Recommendation on what would be good price. Thanks David
  23. Dakota Tactical D54 MP5 RCM US Barrel, Bolt carrier group. US LSC receiver charging handle, hammer, trigger, sear, grip housing and forearm. You can SBR add stock. $2600.00 Willing to trade + - cash TB G36E, Valmet M76 or M78
  24. If you have one - the plastic one - please let me know. Also need the plastic lever - if you have one as well great - if not I can buy from below. Thank you! Spartan
  25. WTS: MP5 sear host w/ Surefire 628

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