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  1. WTS: 1945 STG44 - Matching - Amnesty Registered Full disclosure, I am listing this on behalf of a close friend, I am not the owner. This is an extremely clean example of a late war production MP44. This particular rifle was produced by Steyer in 1945 as evidenced by the SJW stamp on the underside of the receiver. It exhibits a conservative 90% + two tone phosphate / blued factory finish and is in excellent condition throughout. The bore is in great shape and the barrel is original. All visible serial numbers match making this an ideal addition to any advanced collection. The sale will include the rifle, sling, and a single original magazine. This rifle was amnesty registered by the current owner who brought it home from Germany. I am happy to answer any questions by phone or email, contact me as outlined below. More photos are available upon request Price: $42,000.00 OBO
  2. This is an outstanding example of an extremely rare, all original and unaltered WWII Nazi STG44 (SturmGewehr 44) assault rifle with all matching numbers that is complete with original matching patina Stg44 and waffenmarked magazine. Ownership of this rifle will be the second since 1968 ATF amnesty filing. This machine gun has never been used as a gun store rental. Owner just recently test fired it with current production Kurz ammo (see video). History: The STG44 select fire rifle was a continuation of the MP44 series of weapons which was designed for mass production using several stamped sheet and welded steel parts. This series of assault rifle was developed to give the German soldier more fire power by using the shorter/lighter 7.92X33 mm Kurz cartridge in a 30-round magazine with select fire capability. The 7.92X33mm cartridge provides far more power and greater range than the standard 9 mm SMG round as used in the MP40 series of SMGs. The MP44/STG44 series of rifles is considered to be the father of the modern assault rifle concept/design and was the basis of the later Russian AK series of weapons. This specific example is a very late production model, manufactured in January-March 1945. The left side of the receiver is marked "1862/45" (45 indicating the year of manufacture) with the upper portion stamped with the prominent "STG 44" markings. The underside of the receiver and ejector rod are stamped with the clear "fxo" which was the wartime manufacturers code for the "Haenel" factory, the original rifle developer and manufacturer of the largest the MP/Stg series rifle population. Also visible are the Waffenamt proof, the factory firing proof and the Waffenamt (Weapons Office) proofmark, assigned to the Haenel factory. The bolt is also stamped "fxo" (Haenel factory) on the bright bolt carrier along with matching serial number. The finish on this rifle is a combination of late war green-gray phosphate finish mixed with the late war blue parts. The stock is laminated Beech and contains an operator’s manual and take down tool in the butt trap. This excellent assault rifle is complete with the original magazine and a spare, 30 round gray-phosphate magazine, that is marked on the sides: "tbv" and "Stg44" on the reverse side. Video of operation: Additional detail photos:
  3. German MP44 Sight Post $110.00

    I have for sale as shown in pics a German WW2 MP44 Sight Post, Late War Model, (Single Pin). $110.00 Shipped SOLD I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM TO ME WITH YOUR NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. Thank you for looking, Aryck
  4. Stg44 for sale $37k

    Offering for sale, a numbers matching late war STg44. Gun was manufactured by JP Saur, which was the rarest manufacturer during ww2. As was common for late war guns, this gun has a mix-match of blued, lacquered, and phosphate finish parts representing the desperate nature of German arms manufacturering at wars end. The gun itself is fully operational and has a very nice barrel indicating very little wartime use. Paperwork lists “German mfg ww2” as the manufacturer. Attached is a link to a gun sold by RIA in 2013 that has all the same markings and is ~300 guns earlier based on serial number. Gun is on a form 3 and we e-file. More pictures upon request, thanks for looking, Mike
  5. sold just finished the ReWaT on this MP43. Chamber was welded closed and cross drilled through the chamber while the barrel was removed. There was no damage to the receiver at all. I simply replaced the barrel with a very nice original and replaced the barrel pin. In my possession, happy to send any specific photos of proof marks or anything else. On a Form 3 and I can efile. Feeds and fires great in Full and Semi auto. Both grips are cracked and repaired, gun is all original parts. 1 original magazine, original barrel, gas block and front sight included. $26,000 OBO
  6. MP-43 Stg44 Mystery Part

    Finishing up my post sample MP43 build and I'm missing the "tappet" (Since I don't know what to call it) in the bolt carrier/piston that hits the firing pin when hit by the hammer. None of the schematics I have found even show it. I'm certain I can make it but looking for some guidance. Thanks! -Jack
  7. Hello everyone new to the forum, I am looking for a functioning mp44 bolt , barrel would be wonderful as well . Please email me thanks B
  8. WTS MP44

    Nice working MP44 on Form 3, $28,000. email: phone text: 318-617-7982 photos => 44
  9. WTS: 8mm Kurtz

    WTS: I have 3,495 rounds of East German 8mm Kurtz ammo for sale. Comes in 15 round boxes. Prefer face to face near Newark, Ohio or buyer(s) can pick up on Saturday March 12 at Ohio Gun Collectors show in Wilmington, Ohio or on Friday, April 8 at Knob Creek, Kentucky. $0.65 per round for 510 rounds or less (34 boxes) or $0.62 per round if purchasing more than 34 boxes.