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  2. Pre May sample- IMI Uzi SMG 9mm

    For sale is a Pre May dealer sample Factory IMI UZI SMG $9800.00 + Shipping This gun has never been shot and comes with one magazine. Its in immaculate condition ONLY FFL/SOT HOLDERS CAN BUY- PRE MAY DEALER SAMPLE!
  3. This is a Bren Mk 1m British .303 cal. registered as a Pre-Sample and imported into the U.S. by Interamerican. Serial number M-6813. The Mk 1m was the later variant of the Bren Mk 1 that eventually evolved into the Mk 2. The firearm is marked Mk 1m but registered with NFA as a Mk 2. The firearm is also marked Inglis of Canada 1941. Inglis introduced the first Mk 2 in 1941. This firearm has a number of accessories with it listed below. This firearm is in excellent condition (see pics) and has been test fired. Buyer pays shipping of $350 for the the several boxes to be shipped. Includes: 5 barrel assemblies (total) in both Mk 1 and Mk 2 variants. 1 barrel assembly (part of the 5) that is a BLANK firing barrel. 23 thirty round box magazines total. That includes a field magazine box with 12 magazines that appear in new condition plus another 11 magazines in used condition A 100-round detachable drum. Drum does not include the drum adapter assembly for mounting it to the receiver but we see that adapter assembly on the Internet for less than $100. Brass catcher (original WWII). The Bren brass catcher was used mostly in conjunction with the 100 round drum. $19,500.00 Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant. Stock no. N-1227
  4. WTS: HK 51 PPRR

    WTS: The HK 51 is in .308 converted by Fleming Firearms. This is a registered receiver with push pin attachment of lower receiver to upper receiver front and rear. This configuration most closely reflects the factory machine gun function. This can accommodate any desired HK lower style. SEF lower is shown. The gun has paddle mag release, threaded barrel with thread protector and A-2 rifle stock. The gun is in excellent condition on a form 4 in Florida. NFA references available. Asking $28,000, certified or personal check in full to start paperwork. PM any questions.
  5. For Sale: $25,795 Transferrable AK47 7.62x39 Egyptian Maadi converted by Hard Times Armory. This item currently resides with my dealer on a form 3 and can be E-filed to your dealer. Payments accepted are wire transfer or cashier’s check only. Ships USPS Registered mail. Buyer pays shipping costs. Seller can be contacted for additional pictures or questions via email flinchforward@protonmail.comSeller/Dealer (TGGinc.), can be verified by contacting via email theglockguy@hotmail.comThis item is located in Post Falls, ID. In person inspection can be set up throug dealer (TGGinc.)
  6. Chartered Industries Ultimax 100 Mk-II demilled parts kit, complete with all parts. Receiver only was torch cut in 3 areas per ATF regs. Price: SOLD. No FFL or LE Letter required for parts. Interested parties please email Thank you. Geoffrey Herring
  7. Gonna let go of the HK sear.... attached to a very nice HK 51 host, 35k. Extra goodies can be thrown in.
  8. Transferable FACTORY Colt M16a1 commando machine gun in excellent condition. Currently sitting in my inventory (Mutiny Machine) in Texas. Comes with a form 4 from 1993 showing the weapon being sold by Johnathan Arthur Ciener, whom is well known in the machine gun world. Full Payment Required up Front to Begin Transfer. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Proof of life pictures and or references available upon request.
  9. Transferable STEEL Wilson Arms RDIAS (registered drop in auto sear). Legally convert your semi auto AR-15 to shoot full auto!! Sitting in my inventory (Mutiny Machine) in Texas. DIAS Full Payment Required up Front to Begin Transfer. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Proof of life pictures and or references available upon request.
  10. SOLD MP5 9mm SBR host in like new condition, with FLEMING HK auto sear, both fully transferable in my inventory and ready to E-form 3 to your dealer. SOLD
  11. Heckler & Koch Hk G3 SG1 with the appropriate “SG1” marking on the receiver, not the G3FS marking. The G3SG1 marking is especially rare and desirable vs the usual G3FS marking. This is a complete package, authentic G3 SG1 7.62 x 51 rifle in very, very nice condition. There is minimal wear on this rifle. Aside from one scuff mark on the receiver, the rifle is in excellent condition and has been fired very little. The high definition photos speak for themselves!! The date code on this HK G3 is IE (1984) so it is among the newer Pre-May Dealer Sample HK G3’s and it is currently on a Form 3. Included in this package is the following: RARE SG1 Marked HK G3 SG1 bearing an IE Date Code! Original H&K Green Storage Box 3 Magazines Original Tool Kit ZEISS Diavari 1.5-6x Scope sitting on a Schubrichtung scope mount Sight Tool Miscellaneous Parts, including extra rubber eyepiece for scope, Lens Cleaning Kit, Muzzle Cap, etc. All NFA rules apply. Shipping is $125.00. Please keep in mind that with the case, this is a very heavy package to mail. I am happy to add insurance at Buyer’s expense. The final winning bid reflects a cash price. Please add 3% for credit card purchases. This rifle is for sale elsewhere so I reserve the right to withdraw the ad at any time. Price: $13,900.00 or Best Reasonable Offer
  12. Up for sale is a nice original MG34. Imported post-68. Of course, it's ready to be form 3'd over to the buyer as soon as the form comes back. Gun is in good shape and runs properly. Thoroughly cleaned and inspected right before listing. Asking $11,000 OBO (SPF) Form 3 to your FFL as soon as the funds clear. Buyer pays shipping/insurance
  13. Sterling MK5 Machine Gun Sterling MK5 just received from Don's Guns in Ft. Meyers FL. This Sterling MK5 was built on a virgin Wilson Tube (HF-XXX). Test fired only. This firearm is available for inspection. This is as perfect as it gets! Lots of pictures available. This is a 2 stamp gun on Form 4's in Michigan. Form 4 to out of state dealers are taking around 2 months. 100% Funds to start paperwork. $18,999 + Shipping and Insurance Open to TRADES for Belt Fed or Water Cooled aaron_sadler1(nospam) Two, Three, one - Two, Three , Three - Two, Seven, Zero, Seven
  14. Nice transferable colt 614 this is a FACTORY MG made by COLT not a conversion such as an sp1... Now comes as pictured in modern configuration (less the eotch and the suppressor mount) also comes with all original parts as well! Specs for modern parts setup: Geissele SSF trigger group KNS Pins LMT sopmod stock KAC free float rail Daniel Defense Chrome Lined barrel KAC buffer magpul grip M16 bolt On form 4 in NC and ready for transfer Willing to use an SOT dealer as a middle man if the buyer prefers $22,000 OBO call or text 704- 999 - 3287
  15. Up for sale is a nice German MG34 parts kit includes everything shown in photos, anti-aircraft spider sight, wood stock, bipod, trigger pack, barrel, barrel jacket, top cover, bolt group, and all the small parts. (no receiver) doT 1945 (Waffenwerke Bruenn, Bruenn plant, Czechoslovakia) $2500 delivered lower 48
  16. $1500 FOR BOTH. GERMAN MFG. EXCELLENT CONDITION. I can take credit cards. Message me with your contact info. for payment instructions. Not for sale in restricted jurisdictions. Thanks!
  17. Unfired Beretta AR70 Machine Gun. It was converted by Fleming. On form 3 in Indiana. Will come with a bunch of magazines. $27k OBO Elijah @ (502) 909-6653 Also available now is a transferable FNC and M2 Carbine. Transferable Group Industries BAR, all original Colt Model 01, Valmet M82 are incoming.
  18. HK53 A2 Pre may dealer samples

    These HK53s are like brand new out the box beautiful shape. Professionally refinished by RDTS in Arizona. Every part down to the trigger shoe has been inspected and or replaced with Factory original German HK parts. You cant get any cleaner than this. Each gun comes with 1 German hk mag, one pro mag and sling. I have several available two of them actually are a consecutive pair if interested. $13,995 + Shipping THIS ITEM REQUIRES A VALID FFL/SOT TO SHIP. IF YOU DO NOT POSSESS A FFL/SOT YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM. Since this is a pre-1986 ban sample, we do not require a law letter.
  19. Contact KYLE at 210-213-1710 to purchase or with any specific questions I am brokering a batch of Post-86 dealer sample machine guns, transferable silencers, and parts / accessories for another local dealer. ALL items are ready for immediate transfer. The Post-86 dealer sample machine guns WILL require a demo letter and will transfer to your SOT on a Form 5 from an LE agency. All silencers are with an SOT on a Form 3 and will transfer directly to your SOT on a Form 3. Prices are all negotiable and price breaks are available for the purchase of multiple machine guns or machine gun(s) with silencer(s). Machine Guns: Price varies depending on condition / wear and configuration (stock, trigger pack, etc.). Conditions vary from GOOD to VERY GOOD to LIKE NEW. Buyers have the option of a 3-position "Navy" trigger pack or a 4-position pack. Stocks available are the A2, A3, or "F" style stocks. Choose from a standard widearm foregrip or a modern dog-leg style SureFire foregrip. YOU pick the condition of the receiver and the configuration and we can negotiate price. Cerakoting options are available. All machine guns will include ONE (1) factory H&K 30rd magazine. Heckler & Koch, "MP5N", 9mm - $2250 to $2750 Heckler & Koch, "MP5/40-A3", 40S&W - $1800 to $2000 Silencers: Knight's Armament (KAC) "Navy", 9mm - $500 to $900, condition ranges from POOR to GOOD to EXCELLENT. These are DIRECT-THREAD 1/2x32 9mm silencers built specifically for the MP5N series. A very small number of these have baffle strikes and price will be significantly lower on those. Fully transferable to individuals. Gemtech Raptor-40, 40S&W - $500 to $700, condition ranges from GOOD to VERY GOOD. These are TRI-LUG style attachment silencers and will attach to EITHER the MP5 series in 9mm or the MP5/40 series. Fully transferable to individuals. Parts & Accessories: We have HUNDREDS of factory H&K parts available as either a package deal or as individual small parts. We are offering them for 30% OFF of what you would find them listed at HK Parts for. This list is too extensive to list here so please EMAIL or PM me directly for a list of parts - MP5/40 spare mags and mag couplers are also available.
  20. .223 machine gun semi auto, 3-shot burst, full auto Includes four 30 round plastic mags. Gun and mags in excellent condition Buyer responsible for shipping, insurance, tax stamps Transferable on Form 4
  21. I AM SET UP FOR DEALER TO DEALER - E-FORM TRANSFERS APPROVED QUICKLY FN FNC Paratrooper with S&H Arms Auto Sear and 3rd burst installed by Curtis at S&H Arms. Four position Safe-Semi-3rd Burst- Full Auto Machine Gun. It has the 16” barrel (Howco Import), factory magazine, in pistol grip clean kit, sling and manual. The price is $16,500.00. It is on a Form 3 in stock ready to transfer. Digital pictures are posted below. Chinese AK47 folding stock, spike bayonet in 7.62X39. Built by Qualified Mfg. Broken Arrow, OK. This is a beautiful example of an early Polytech import professional converted. The bolt rail is cut correctly, all three positions for selection are marked, rivets are excellent, blue metal finish and wood are flawless. On a Form 3 in stock for $32,750.00. Digital pictures are posted below. IMI full size 9mm UZI Registered Receiver by Central Indiana Arms that comes with ratcheting top cover, an extra 3 lug barrel, bayonet, wood fixed and metal folding butt stock. Many extra mags included and the price is $14,500.00 on a Form 3 in stock. Digital pictures of gun and extras are posted below. FN FNC Paratrooper with S&H Arms Auto Sear and 3rd burst installed by Curtis himself at S&H Arms. Four position Safe-Semi-3rd Burst-Full Auto Machine Gun. It has the 18” barrel, factory magazine and manual. The price is $16,500.00 and it is on a Form 3 in stock ready to transfer. Digital pictures are posted below. Colt M16A1 Carbine, 99%+ in .223 cal. All original unfired with 14 ½” barrel and original collapsible butt stock. This was a one owner weapon without the original carton. I have a copy of Colt’s original transfer to him. The price is $29,995.00 on a Form 3 in stock. Digital pictures are posted below HkMP5-A3 a 99% Short Barreled Rifle with an Hk collapsible stock. It was built by Terry Dyer. It has the combat paddle mag release, marked HK MP5, full auto welded bolt carrier and an original Hk three lug 9mm barrel. It is a sear ready weapon. The price is $7,995.00 on a Form 3 in stock. Digital pictures are posted below. HkMP5N-A3 a 99% Terry Dyer built Short Barreled Rifle. Hk Collapsable stock, combat paddle mag release, marked Hk MP5N, full auto welded bolt carrier and a new RIM Country three lug barrel threaded muzzle is 1/2 X 28. This to is a sear ready weapon. The price is $7,995.00 on a Form 3 in stock. Digital pictures are posted below. The price plus actual shipping, handling and insurance to your FFL/SOT makes it your weapon. Missouri buyer subject to pay local sales tax. E-mail at or call Chris at (314) 878-1943. I have been posting MG’s on this board for over eighteen years, every buyer has been satisfied and received exactly what they paid for. References are available. E-FORM TRANSFERS ARE APPROVED IN DAYS. (when they go back to work) Click on the FLICKR link below for photos of my MG’s:
  22. Sw76 transferable

    Full auto transferable sw76 in 9mm. 12,500$. Form 4 call/text 5753901903 for questions or pictures
  23. Stemple 76/45

    John R Stemple transferable machine gun. Chambered in 9mm with 7.62x25 barrel included. Comes with 1 mag and caliber conversion barrel. This is on a form 4 unfortunately. 10k I can email pics, this is a first post and can’t upload them. Thanks Call/text 5753901903 for questions or pictures
  24. I’m parting with one of my Stoner 63A’s and am offering it for sale or will consider trade for an excellent condition and original, transferable Maremont M60 plus cash. Item is a Pre-86 Dealer Sample Cadillac Gage Stoner 63A in excellent condition. Configuration is XM-207 with Right Hand feed and 20” Barrel. Includes correct Right Hand 100-Round ammo box with hanger. Weapon was manufactured by Cadillac Gage Co. in Warren, MI and was exported to NWM in Holland. It was then re-imported by Ed Kline prior to May 19, 1986 and is registered with the NFA Branch as a pre-86 Dealer Sample. As such, it can only be transferred to a FFL with current Special Occupational Tax stamp, but can be permanently retained upon giving up FFL/SOT. Gun runs great and is in stock and ready to transfer on an ATF Form 3. Price is $69,995 for complete weapon and I will include 2,500 brand new and original S63 links and an extra 100-round ammo box with purchase. Interested parties, please email to: Thank you.