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  1. RARE M249 and M240 Select fire trigger groups, Selector for SAFE, SEMI and Full auto, New condition, 850.00 ea. Alos have exc. M249 Para 275.00 used exc. or new 350.00 and Standard Barrels 325.00,and M240 barrels, short Barrels, new in wrap 575.00 and long , B type heavy and Lima Lightweight type available 525.00, M249/ M249S M192 Very scarce Ligthweight Titanium tripod exc. condition (Ultimate man cave display!)975.00 NEW TYPE Improved Bipod Upgrade M249 Round leg not stamped, 125.00 new KAC Rail M249 Issue Front handguard upgrade, new in package 1 with panel covers and Vertical grip 165.00 New M249 Gas tube in wrap, High wera items, 200.00 Collapsible new type M249 with Tall and short cheek rests stocks 300.00, and early Rare original(NO Plastic Buffer housing like FN is selling now , all metal non braking)twist Ranger type stocks, 325.00 100 rnd SAW Nutsacks, in wrap 40.00 ea. with starter tab. Alpine Military concepts 828-773-1938 Greg EMAIL DIRECT OR CALL ONLY PLEASE
  2. I have a couple if the New in wrap M240L Barrels, short commando type with Vortex flash hiders,and titanium carry handles and Gas block , special ONLY 575.00 only 4 left! Costs over 1200.00 from Midwest Gun Parts!! New type L Lightweight Adjustable leg bipod, 1 only new in wrap 425.00 costs over 750.00 from Midwest Gun Parts!! New Front rail handguard that attaches to the gas tube. 150.00 Other parts available for the M240 and M249 Such as the newest M249 lightweight stock with tall and short cheek rests for comfortable optics viewing, special 300.00 Will take MG34 Parts and accessories on trades or Buy for cash Looking for M60 Side feed bracket for D model, and M60E3 Rear sight. MP40 magazines and Beretta PM12S or MP38A/42/44 Italian mags. Call or Text 828-773-1938 DIRECT email only Greg at Alpine Military Concepts
  3. I have 2 of the new type short M240L "LIMA" or MAG-58 barrels with the AAC Vortex flash hider 750.00 new condition, unfired Also have the M240 M192 Lightweight titanium tripod 1030.00 shipped email direct call 828-773-1938
  4. I have the following original FN M240 or Mag-58 parts, New M240b Infantry Standard Heavy barrel complete with sights and carry handle in wrap 750.00 New in Wrap M240L Short Heavy CQB Barrel with factory FN 4 prong flash hider, complete with sights and carry handle 775.00 M240L Standard length Rare Lightweight Barrel complete with carry handle and sight, exc. condition 650.00 M240B Buttstock, Hydraulic buffered, exc. condition compelete 150.00 M240 Combination tool, for removing extractor, cleaning the gas system, etc. New in the wrap 50.00 m240B 75 rnd camo assault Drum, new, 75.00 M240B Infantry tripod pintle 75.00 M240B Tripod Pintle complete with 240/249 adpater 125.00 M240 Recoil group complete 65.00 M240 Bolt , new condition 200.00 M240B Op-Rod complete 225.00 M240B Rail top cover stripped, exc. refinished super sale 200.00 M240/M249 Tripod 525.00 M240B Side 100 rnd M60 bandloleer adapter 40.00 M240B Barrel top heat shield, new 75.00 M240B Trigger group sear and spring new 55.00 Many small parts available paypal or M.O. OK Email is best 828-773-1938