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  1. StormWerkz picatinny stock adapters for the Para FAL receivers. Q/D sling sockets on either side. Easy install. PN: SA-FNPARA-02 $85 PARA STOCK ADAPTER
  2. The StormWerkz scope mount for the FN FNC and AK-5 utilizes the military standard Picatinny rail.Both weaver and Picatinny rings and adapters fit this mount. The StormWerkz FNC scope mount has the longest rail available, allowing use of many scopes which could not be used previously due to scope tube length or eye relief. The mount body is completely CNC machined from USA origin aluminum and anodized matte black. Factory iron sights work with the mount installed. $80 Visit our website www.stormwerkz.com for this and other StormWerkz products Thanks for the forums Buddy! StormWerkz FNC Scope Mount Also here is a video by one of our customers showing the installation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIlaKYUwYSc
  3. ***Sold with payment received!*** Throwing some guns on the chopping block. Posting individual threads for ease of marking sold and tracking. All prices exclude shipping. Too many variables (destination, insurance requests, speed requests, etc). Payment via Zelle, check, or money order. Items MUST be shipped to a FFL and only where legal to own. Feedback on Gunbroker, HKPro, AK Files, and others under SRGWML. Absolutely feel free to PM for links to profiles or message me on other platforms/sites! I have attached resized photos to this listing. Pasting the Imgur and Google Photos (full size images) links below just in case: https://imgur.com/a/kVGxqFw https://photos.app.goo.gl/4Gyk5A4g4o74bXrz5 Now for the gun! The "80's is calling" list: FN FAL "Made in Belgium" Further marked "Steyr Secaucus NJ Gun South Inc Bham Al" Condition: Mint/Like New Serial: 2** Extras: Bipod and one magazine Images: Click here for album, message for more or full size photos Price: $4,750
  4. FN FNC Machinegun with folding/para stock with S&H sear installed. Original Factory 3-round burst kit included and ready to drop in. Gun is already marked for 4 positions (Safe - Semi - Burst - Auto). FNCs are excellent 5.56 machineguns, with a super reliable AK-style piston system, and excellent for extreme weather conditions. $20,995. Buyer covers shipping. Gun is on a Form 3 in Colorado, and is ready for eFile and fast shipment. Contact me if you have questions, or would like to arrange purchase. bill@autoarms.com
  5. Prices listed are per box/ can/ crate/ bandoleer/ round. Shipping is combined when possible. The following are available: SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball 250rd Belt - Headstamped "IK 30-06", I believe this is Igman. Bright and shiny, non-corrosive. $260.00 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball linked 250rd Belt X 3, Korean 2 are PS 81 headstamped, 1 is KA. - $225 shipped 30-06 Ball linked 250rd Belt X 2, British K headstamped (Kynoch) - $230 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball Greek HXP in Enbloc Clips 192rd can X 12 - $260.00 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball Greek HXP Loose in 202rd can X 9, mixed headstamp, mostly 70's it looks like. - $270.00 shipped. 30-06 AP loose and in enbloc clips, various headstamps, ~400rds available (AYR,LC,DM,SL,...) $20/Enbloc, $2.00rd/loose + shipping SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball CMP boxes, 240rd can X 1, $300.00 shipped SOLD-30-06 M25 Tracer in 20rd boxes X 11, HXP 1971, $30.00/box + shipping SOLD-30-06 Tracer 200rds Loose, LOT 1 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $215.00 SOLD-30-06 Tracer 200rds Loose, LOT 2 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $215.00 SOLD-30-06 Tracer 150rds Loose, LOT 3 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $165.00 30-06 Ball Korean, 440rds Loose in can X 1 - KA Headstamped, mostly 70's, $400.00 shipped 30-06 Ball Korean, 250rds Loose in can X 4 - KA Headstamped, mostly 70's, $230.00 shipped SOLD-5.56 M196 Tracer 720rd Can, Winchester Military Surplus, A few available $640.00 shipped SOLD-5.56 M196 Tracer 840rd Can X 2, Twin Cities Arsenal, packed in 20rd boxes, checked 1 can, 1968 headstamp. $730.00 shipped 5.56 SAW Cans linked w/strarter, 800rd Can X 1, 4 and 1 ball/tracer (M855/M856) $700.00 + shipping 5.56 M193 Ball Centurion, Boxed Loose X 2, $400.00 Shipped 5.56 M855 LC on stripper clips, 420rd can X 1, $275.00 shipped 30 Carbine LC in 50rd boxes X 75 - late 60's early 70's. $45.00/box + shipping 7.62X51 Winchester 147gr FMJ, 20rd boxes X 20, $20.00/box + shipping 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 300rds in cartons to the can X 1, Australian origin, $280.00 shipped SOLD-7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 750rd Crate X 2, packed in 5rd stripper clips in bandoleers, British Aerospace Defense (Radway Green) $685.00 + shipping 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 125rd Bandoleers X 3, on 5rd clips, Radway Green, $140/each shipped. 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 4rd links, 160rd can X 1, Radway Green, $175.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, German, 200rd sealed battle pack X 1. $220.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 M1A2 Ball, South African, 140rd sealed battle pack X 1. $155.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, Loose in 500rd Can X 2 - German DAG $450.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, 10rd plastic packs, 420rds in a can X 1, made in India $325.00 shipped SOLD-7.62X51 Ball, 250rds linked X 1, Portuguese. $230.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 Ball, 250rds linked X 1, Pakistani $200.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, Turkish MKE in 20rd boxes X 100 - $20.00/box + shipping 45 ACP Ball, Winchester 230gr 100rd boxes X 5, $50.00/ + shipping Local pick-up between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC can be arranged. Shipping will be calculated on heavy/bulky items based on destination. More ammo to be listed ...
  6. Cleaning out my spare duplicates of M240 parts and have the following available: 1) FN M240 LH side plate and rails ..... Bought from Apex several years back, Excellent condition ......$2,000 2) NEW Unused M240 RH top cover and RH feed tray.....Excellent Condition ......$1000 Sold 3) NEW M240 Bottom receiver frame/trigger mount ...... New and freshly parked ...... $1800 4) M240 Extended Charging Handle ....... $250 Sold 5) M240 Recoil Rod/Op Rod Assm ..... $150 Sold 6) New Style Bipod Legs (brand new) ...... $100 7) M240 Select fire trigger group (semi/Full) ....... $1200 8) M240 top cover with rail, complete with all parts ....... $1000 9) M240/Mag58 - 80% chrome lined RH side plate ....... $2,000 Snag it before the Democrats do!! All NFA rules apply! Shipping via USPS priority and will provide a shipping quote for what items you may be interested in prior to purchase. USPS MO, Personal check, certified check are acceptable payment forms. This is from my personal collection and just looking to make room for other projects. I'm a no BS kind of fella so please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.
  7. Here's a fantastic FN mag 58 parts kit in 7.62x51 ready for a post sample or semi auto build! All NFA rules apply. Includes considerable extras as I consolidated all spare mag 58 parts to include with this. This I believe was a Rhodesian kit I purchased several years back and never got around to completing. This was de-milled correctly and slowly and the trunnion is not cut like some of the newer imported kits. This kit includes both sets of top cover parts to run DM1 belts or M13 links. Incudes new charging handle rail as well as demilled original, both a synthetic and wood stock, M240L long barrel (willing to swap with a M240B barrel if buyer wishes), extra flash hider, mag 58 gas assm, spare barrel handles/bipod parts/stock parts, and original demil rivets/spools from when I purchased it years ago. Includes all components you need for a complete kit. Additionally I had the grip frame/top cover/stock end plate cerakoted and parkerized the LH sideplate as well as the lower receiver frame. The LH sideplate and lower receiver frame did have a couple spots of very light pitting prior to blasting and parking them. This was common in the rhodesian kits and does not affect fit/function etc. Needs a new home with someone who will use it and I have photos for those who may be interested. Snag it before the Democrats do!! $7500 or best offer and $150 shipping to the lower 48. USPS MO, Personal check, certified check are acceptable payment forms. This is from my personal collection and just looking to make room for other projects. I'm a no BS kind of fella so please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. Available to the kit purchaser are the following. If whomever purchases the kit is not interested I will separate them and sell individually. Please do not message/email me asking me to separate them as if this is still listed the kit has not sold. - < 80% chrome lined RH sideplate blank ....... $2,000 - OOW complete rivet/spool kit ...... $500
  8. 1 black used 1 new in box FDE scar 17 mags 110.00 shipped.
  9. Want to sell SBR FN 90 semi auto rifle, On form 5 with (2) magazines Can accept paypal or certified check by mail. on form 4 NO SCOPE ON THIS FIREARM WITH THIS SALE All NFA Rules apply
  10. I am an NFA Dealer and interested in nearly any machine gun on the market. Cash in hand, ready to spend. Long standing business, plenty of references, recent entry to the NFA Market. Many Trade Items Available: Gold/Silver American Eagles, Bullion, Rare Coins, WW2 Firearms, Jewelry & Diamonds and Other Rare Items: OSS Issued Kodak Eastman Matchbox Camera (WW2 Spy Camera) for example. This is a competitive market and I aim to compete, don't sell without getting an offer. I'll make you happy :-) Business Hours: 10AM-7PM Mon-Sat Private Message, Text or Call Cell: 740-312-418FIVE. Office: 740-500-443EIGHT
  11. Looking for an M249 or MK46. I’d really prefer brand new but will consider used. I have a law letter.
  12. Up for grabs today is a rare, all numbers matching, excellent condition, Preban FN Model FNC Sporter chambered in .223 and produced by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. This is the paratrooper version with the folding metal buttstock. Please note that a FN SAW 249 grip has been installed and is included as is the original grip and tool kit. This rifle has very minimal use as seen in the photos. I was told that less than 50 rounds has made its way through the barrel and it certainly shows. Please review the photos and judge for yourself. I could not find any scratches or marks on this rifle. The bore is mirror bright and even the selector shows no wear. This is a much nicer, cleaner rifle than the FNC that recently sold for $7,500 on Gunbroker and that was a fixed stock model without all the extras. I am including a number of additional parts, magazines and other extras with this package. Included is the following: Original 30 Round Magazine Original Bayonet & Scabbard Brand New 100 Round Beta C Drum 2 (10) round Magazines 6 Brand New FN 30 Round Magazines SAW 249 grip L1A1 Sight Cover FN Cocking Handle Sling Buttcap FN Scope Mount O-ring FN Bipod Spring FN Cocking Handle Elastic Pin Headless Assembly Bipod GPMG FN Wrench FN Beach Towel FNC Manual, Lock and Assembly Guide FN FNC Pin & Marketing Literature FN Hard Case Price is $8,500.00 and includes shipping, handling and insurance. Must ship to an FFL. I accept certified checks, money orders, personal checks (held until clear) and credit cards (+ 3%). NO TRADES, please. First PM saying "I'll take it" gets it. Thank you.
  13. Brand New in Box - in the factory oil - FN SCAR 17S available for sale. Payment by Cashiers Check, USPS Money Order or Zelle. Scar 17S .308 Rifle - $3,495
  14. You get everything pictured $3300 OBO delivered USPS Priority comes with $50 insurance Buyer responsible for added insurance. Zelle preferred will do PP FNF Only no comments Personal ck or Certified Ck or USPS Money Order.
  15. For sale NIB FN SCAR 16s FDE. 2017 production with mag and paperwork. Factory box unfired. Beautiful example at a great price. $3,400. FOB Roanoke VA. Price is plus shipping and insurance. Credit card fee 3.5% pass through. Questions please drop me a email at collectorinvmts@gmail.com. Cross posted. THanks Ken
  16. Zenith Z5K SPF $2300, SPF .................................................................... Zenith Z43R (93/33 2 pin lower) $2600.00 . SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  17. FN P90 Parts Kits, Good Condition, 1 Magazine, $1,600 Shipped
  18. SOLD PENDING FUNDS Original box, Geissele trigger, PWS SRX rail, Kinetic Charging handle one mag. $3100.00 shipped.
  19. M249 Para SAW Minimi FN Asking $ 40,995 M249 Paratrooper model 5.56mm. This ultimate M249 is only 30.5" long and with a quick change 13.7" barrel. FN Minimi SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) made by Fabrique Nationale in Herstal Belgium. This is an original factory firearm in excellent condition that is a Pre-86 sample. Imported by Guns South Inc Birmingham, AL. This firearm is a keeper for a NFA dealer or manufacturer if they drop their FFL. Buyer pays $ 300 FedEx Priority shipping and insurance. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant. Stock No. N-1221
  20. For mint as new FN FAL Mod. 50.00 Belgium made pre ban. Gun South import from the mid 80's. Asking $4,250 OBO plus shipping and insurance. FFL required. Prefer USPS MO but can do Paypal F&F if necessary. https://s1279.photobucket.com/user/unkej/library/?sort=3&page=1
  21. FN/ PSA chrome lined 20" gov profile barrel on a flat top upper, desert tan magpul rifle length handguards. PSA 20" CHF 1:7 A2 RIFLE LENGTH 5.56 NATO PREMIUM AR-15 UPPER ASSEMBLY - NO BCG/CH $275 PayPal f2f Thanks
  22. For sale is a barely used FN M249S . I don't think it was even shot but is technically used as it came from an estate sale. These are very difficult to come by currently. The Price is $9500.00 + Shipping
  23. BNIB unfired, $9100 shipped to your FFL. Comes with 200 brand new links. Asking $9100 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority. Wire payment preferred, USPS M/O, Bank Check, (must clear before I ship). FFL must receive from a private party or buyer will pay FFL transfer fees.
  24. For sale - Belgian manufacture FN Minimi squad automatic weapon like we used in Desert Storm, for $11,000 - OBO This was imported from Israel by Ohio Ordnance and sold to me in unused condition by them in the early 2000's, with 2 new straight handle FN mfg. barrels, plus 3 U.S. M249 spare barrels and other accessories included. I have fired a few thousand rounds out of it, but am no longer a class III dealer. This fun shooting, military, law enforcement machine gun is in very good condition, fully functional and comes with 3 interchangeable spare U.S. type M249 folding handle barrels, 4- 30 round magazines and numerous 5.56x45mm U.S. links and plastic ammo boxes, original to the gun. Links and spare barrels will NOT be sold separately. This FN Minimi is a POST 86 DEALER SAMPLE machine gun that requires a buyer to possess a current class 3 dealer's license with a law enforcement agency demonstration letter, or class II manufacturer's license. This FN Minimi Squad Automatic Weapon as pictured is available for viewing and purchase by appointment at HAMILTON & SONS FIREARMS in Cottonwood, Arizona, to whom it is registered. For information, please call IDAN GREENBERG at 602-327-2863, or Dan Hamilton at 923-300-4561. THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  25. Excellent condition FN SCAR 17S in FDE for $2650 shipped to your FFL. Rifle comes with Timney Trigger, soft case and 20rd magazine. CC and PP G&S add 3%.
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