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  1. Thompson Auto Ordnance FBI Hard Case This is what appears to be an early Auto Ordnance Thompson (FBI type designed) hard case with 5 hasps including center locking hasp with key. This is the early short case for the full auto Thompson. Case is 26" x 10" x 5". Will securely hold and protect the Thompson sub-machine gun, a C-drum (100 rounds), a L-drum (50 rounds) and several stick magazines plus some straps of various design for cleaning rod, etc. in the lid of the case. Constructed of selected hardwoods with a black leather-look covering, it is fully lined with a fine velour-type material. Black exterior with blue velvet interior. Excellent condition: $140 plus $25 UPS shipping. Items in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC.
  2. Bridgeport M1A1 Thompson, very good condition, original wood and finish. - $21,995 Auto Ordnance US Property Marked Savage "S" marked parts Non-matching upper/lower Includes: 3 - 30 round mags with pouch 5 - 20 round mags with pouch Brand new extra barrel Full Album
  3. Hello! I have the following 5 x 20-round Auto Ordnance Thompson Magazines 5 x 20-round Seymour Thompson Magazines 2 x 5-magazine pouches Asking $275 shipped Thanks!
  4. Auto Ordnance 1928 AC

    Very Nice Mid War Version of the 1928A1. Actually Auto Ordnance took 1928a1 for commercial sale and Stamped "C" over the 1 so it reads Model 1928AC This is a very clean example with looks to have most of its original finish, not reparkerized. And since these were sold to police departments or commercial sales, they did not see much use.Shipping Included. Ships With a period correct drum and 30 round magazine. Fully Transferable .Lower is a AO in the same Serial Range with a "X" suffix properly added to the serial number .The Frame also has the "x" added to the number as Mentioned in the Literature. They are not GI or US Purchased Thompsons used by the US Military during the WarI. In almost every case as in this one a AO Prefixed Receiver was Mated to a AO Prefixed Frame.Documented Sales of the 1928a1 ended in October of 1942 and this variation begsn in 1943 and continued until 1946 under Maguire Industries. Most were sold to Law Enforcement Agencies.This variation is Mentioned in Frank Iannamico's book American Thunder as the Third Variation with Smooth Barrel, L sight. This is a "must have": for the Thompson Collector as it is its own Variant. This is on a Form3 And will be E filed for Immediate Transfer $22,500
  5. Auto Ordnance Thompson 1928. Excelent condition comes as pictured with case, 2 50rd Drum mags, 3 stick mags, and extra fore-end. $17,000 In stock ready for transfer. This gun has been in a private collection since 1988. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees. Please contact me with any questions. Justin Bupp 706-546-6111 115 Mill Center Blvd Athens, GA 30606
  6. Stemple Thompson .45 ACP

    Stemple Thompson in excellent, like new condition. Likely this gun has less than one mag through it. Bought from original owner. Made with original M1928 parts kit not like the later ones with new made parts. Has the look and feel of original Auto Ordnance Thompson for a fraction of the price. Guaranteed to work flawlessly. 3 day inspection. Comes with one Thompson 30 rnd mag. On Gunbroker so this gun may go at any moment. Don't delay it's a great price for an excellent investment. $11,200 OBO. Shipping FedEx 2cd day $150. MS residents 7% sales tax. On form 3 can eform for fast dealer to dealer approval. References available upon request. IMG_1899 by IMG_1900 by IMG_1898 by IMG_1897 by IMG_1896 by IMG_1895 by Davy KeithIMG_1894 by
  7. This is an Auto Ordnance M1A1 that has the original box, manual, warranty card, and catalog! It shoots extremely well and is in perfect condition. This Thompson gun is papered C&R and was made in 1986. There were only 600 M1 made in West Hurley NY. Comes with 3 magazines and original sling from WW2. Barrel length 10.5" overall 32" . Buyer is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. I will pay the first stamp. $22,000 Pictures here:
  8. I'm selling a saw cut Auto Ordnance 1928 Thompson kit with US made barrel. Two USGI stick mags and 3 aftermarket drums. Receiver is cut per BATF spec. All parts on the kit look brand new. Cuts do not go through the branding on the top of receiver and ejection port is not cut through. All markings are intact. What is a value range for the kit? Sorry for no pics, I currently have it on consignment and am getting an offer of around $1700. As this is prime for a post sample build and getting harder to find I was thinking it worth closer to $2250. Any thoughts are appreciated. If someone is truly interested I'll pull the kit and send pics. Thanks.
  9. For sale is my Auto Ordnance M-1 .45acp SBR semi auto Thompson. I am the original owner and have shot 100rds through it. It comes with the Auto Ordinance hard case with all the paper work and original barrel and frontsight, 13 30rd stick mags and 2 20rd stick mags along with an original WW2 oil bottle and wood stock and a reproduction Kerr sling. Its on a form 1 in Florida. Buyer pays all ATF fees and shipping. Asking $900.00 email me at or (813)545-3257 for pictures