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  1. SOLD New, old stock Maxim style .22 silencer made by YHM to look like the old originals when Hiram sold them mail order and in hardware stores. Comes in original box with jamb nut and manual. Will eForm 3 to your dealer. $325 shipped and insured from my FFL to your FFL. No sales tax unless going to a Tennessee resident. I accept Zelle, your personal check (mailed or electronic) or postal money order.
  2. WANT TO SELL FOR 07s ONLY!!!! Suppressor/Silencer parts. We are closing out our suppressor manufacturing business and want to find a new home for the remainder of our parts. Listed here is information about the two types we have the most of. First, LCW Predator Suppressor .22LR STILL AVAILABLE Made from T6 aluminum. RAW. Thread: ½ x 28 Dimensions: 6'' long, 1'' diameter. Weight: 3.4 oz. Can be disassembled for cleaning. We have enough parts for approximately 570 of these with extra spacers and washers for repairs in case of strikes or wear outs. Parts included are threaded tube, end caps, spacers, washers. Very simple design. I am asking $40 each for a total of $22,800. I am willing to sell them in smaller batches of 100 for $50 each. These are ready to be assembled, marked, and registered. There is a small number of tubes that do require that they be shortened about 1/1000 before a tight fit is achieved. One complete registered suppressor can be included as a sample so you know how to assemble. We do have about 50 or so of these complete and registered as well for $150 each. We retailed these at $250 as an inexpensive alternative to the higher priced "fancy" silencers dominating the market today. Shipping will be at buyers expense. Bottom Photo Second, LCW Subgun Suppressor 9mm and .45 SOLD Made from aircraft grade aluminum. Dimensions: 12” long, 1.75” diameter. Weight: 20oz. For use on rifles and subguns. Can be disassembled for cleaning. Black Anodizing. Approximately 1/3 of the end caps and baffles are sized for .45. The rest are for 9mm. Holes could easily be milled out for larger calibers. This awesome design includes adapters we call "Interconnectors" that allow you to change the threading to accommodate many different weapons. Interconnectors available in Uzi (26 x 1), M-11 9mm (3/4 x 10), M-11 380 (5/8 x 11), Mac 10 in 9mm (3/4 x 10) and 45 7/8 x 9), ½ x 28, ½ x 32, ½ x 36, and 11/16 x 28 for bolt action and AR type weapons in 9mm and 300 whisper. There are various quantities of each thread size. Some with as few as a dozen and others many more. Enough to build the suppressors and sell them with several adapters included. There are enough tubes, baffles, and spacers for approximately 70 complete cans with many extra interconnectors. These are ready to be assembled, marked, and registered. I asking $75 each to be sold in batches of 10 or $5,000 for all of them. One complete registered can will be included as a sample if you buy all of them. Shipping will be at buyers expense. OTHER: I also have small quantities of parts for other calibers and a very small amount of completed cans in various calibers. All of these are bare bones, simple industrial style suppressors great for just getting the job done without all the fancy stuff. Let me know if you are looking for something specific and I'll see if we have it. SOLD
  3. On offer is a B&T Impuls OLS handgun sound suppressor in 9mm. This is the lightweight version of Brugger & Thomets iconic Impuls II-A pistol can. The Impuls is the factory OEM silencer for the likes of Heckler & Koch and CZ - among others. It makes a very nice pairing with a H&K USP9SD. The suppressor comes with a Metric 13.5x1 LH piston with B&T marking it as the "Glock" model, but it will work with any 13.5x1LH barrel. The can is in my inventory on Form 3 and ready for immediate efile to your dealer. B&T Impuls - OLS Silencer M13.5x1LH - $525 shipped
  4. On offer, I have the discontinued factory SBR version of the B&T SPR300 Pro. These guns are incredibly quiet integrally suppressed sub-MOA .300 black out bolt actions. These rifles are no longer being offered as two stamp kits and will only be sold as pistols going forward. This was never a high volume item to start with, so it's anyone's guess how many are floating around out there - certainly not a ton. This may be the last opportunity to grab a brand new-in-box Factory SBR version of the kit. The kit comes with the rifle, matching serialized suppressor, B&T Bipod, Stock Adaptor, Scope Rings, Paperwork and Discreet Soft Case. This is a two stamp kit. Both the SBR and the suppressor are currently in my inventory on Form 3 - available for immediate Efile. Factory SBR SPR 300 Pro Kit - SOLD
  5. I have a couple B&T RBS Compact 5.56mm "Flow-Through" Rifle Suppressors available. These suppressors mount to any GI Spec A2 Bird Cage muzzle device and are brand new in my inventory on Form 3. B&T RBS Compact 5.56mm - $920 Shipped
  6. never fired. Colt m16 A1 original upper, second upper fitted with twist on Unfired GEMTECH “Quick Mount” NEW Beta-C 100rd Drum Magazine with OD Pouch, Loader & Graphite. buyer PAYS ALL TRANFER FEES ON FORM 4 $34,000. Call Tony 443-201-3088
  7. We have a brand new in box B&T 3-Lug SMG RQD Suppressor for sale. This is a version of B&T's industry standard QD submachine gun silencer for the Heckler & Koch tri-lug / 3-lug. The RQD design has a slightly larger diameter tube to offer increased volume while being shorter than it's predecessor in overall length. The unit also sports a brand new QD ratchet mounting interface. These silencers are compatible with all H&K 3-lug guns including the H&K SP5 / MP5 and B&T's own APC9 line up. The can in currently in my inventory on Form 3 and ready for immediate Efile to your SOT. Model: SD-122849-US Length: 8.2 inches Diameter: 1.4 inches Weight: 12.7 ounces Brügger & Thomet 3-Lug RQD Suppressor - SOLD
  8. We have a real treat here for the serious NFA collector: a real B&T VP9 Complete Operational Kit available for sale. These are part of a very small production of the Original VP9 design and I'm told they will never be made again for the US market. The kit includes the VP9 pistol along with two silencers - one wipe suppressor and one metal baffle suppressor. It also comes with a fitted briefcase and some other small accessories seen. The kit cannot ship with extra wipes or ammo due to US laws - wipes can be ordered and replaced by any 07 FFL. Please do not confuse this with the Station Six. This is NOT a Station Six. Though the Station Six was based on the VP9, several features were deleted from it. The VP9 has a ported barrel to slow supersonic ammo to subsonic velocities like an MP5SD - the Station Six does not. The VP9 also has a removable grip for easier concealment of the weapon and use of it in the form factor of a pipe. I have to imagine something this unique and limited will only grow in value. We've been incredibly fortunate to source a couple of these very rare kits and don't expect to be able to get any more. The kits are currently incoming on Form 3 and will arrive shortly. The kits are IN-STOCK ready for immediate efile. Payment by business or Cashiers Check - Layaway available. Real B&T VP9 Kit - $4995
  9. Have some factory SBR’s and cans I’d like to move. 2-Black CMMG Banshee’s in 9x19, takes Glock mags. $1450 each shipped to FFL on F3 2-Midnight Bronze CMMG Banshee’s in 9x19, takes Glock mags. $1450 each shipped to FFL on F3. 1-Daniel Defense Integerally suppressed upper receiver in .300blk. $1650 shipped on F3. 4-Omega 9k-$650 shipped to your dealer on F3. 2-Energetic Arms VOX S-$675 shipped to your dealer on F3 2-Energetic Arms Luxe in 6.5-$875 shipped to your FFL on F3 2-Energetic Arms Luxe in .30 cal-$875 shipped to your FFL on F3. My cell is 806-544-9260 if you have any questions. Thanks guys!
  10. I have a B&T Station Six 9mm Suppressed Pistol Kit, which is basically an adaptation of the WW2 Welrod design - much like the B&T VP9. The gun comes with a wipe suppressor that is serialized to the gun. This item is new in the factory packaging and has only been taken out for photographs. This kit is in my inventory on Form 3 ready to Efile to your SOT. B&T Station Six - SOLD
  11. I have a couple of the Q 9mm Erector Silencers brand new in the box. These units are in stock in my inventory on Form 3 and ready for immediate Efile to your local SOT. Payment by discreet Venmo, Zelle, Business / Cashiers Check or USPS Money Order. NIB Q Erector9 9mm Centerfire Suppressor - $925 SALE $625 Shipped
  12. We are just moving out some inventory and want to make room for more so here are few various suppressor sitting on Form 3s ready to eFile to your FFL/SOT. MAKE MODEL Caliber Price AAC TI-RANT 9 9mm 450.00 SUREFIRE SOCOMM300 30 cal 1079.00 DEAD AIR MASK 22 HD 0.22LR 399.00 DEADAIR/BPI WOLFMAN 9mm 799.00 OSS HX-QD 556 556 799.00
  13. I have one low round count Used LMT SBR with Surefire FA212 Suppressor, KAC rail and EXTRAS!!! Pelican Case $2999.95 plus $80 Shipping to your FFL/SOT I also have a low round USED COLT M4 SBR, SUREFIRE FA212 SUPPRESSOR, PELICAN CASE, and EXTRAS!!! $2899.95 plus $80 Shipping to your FFL/SOT all 4 items are on Form 3's ready to eFile to your FFL/SOT
  14. I have two extra Dead Air 9mm Odessa Suppressors available for sale. The units are in my inventory on form 3 and are brand new units left over from a larger order. I'm happy to sell one on it's own or both together. If you buy the pair, they are consecutive serial numbers. These units each come with a 1/2x28 Piston included and an option to buy the Metric LH piston at dealer cost. Dead Air Modular Odessa 9mm Suppressor - SOLD 13.5x1LH Piston
  15. I have a few Tornado Defense - now known as "Torrent Suppressors" - rimfire suppressors. These are all on Form 3 in my inventory and ready to Eform. From what I can tell from the literature, these are 17-4 stainless baffles in an aluminum tube. The suppressors are rated for full auto .22LR and bolt action .22 mag / 17 HMR. These units are brand new with box and paperwork. Payment by discreet Venmo, PayPal F&F or Certified Check. Tornado Defense F22 Rimfire Suppressor - $150
  16. I have a real Swiss import B&T / Brügger & Thomet Rotex III 7.62 rifle suppressor available for sale. The Rotex III has a quick detach system that mounts to standard A2 flash hider. This was a demo unit and has some cosmetic wear and scratches - as seen in the photos - but is in good used condition. It has a factory FDE finish. You certainly don't find these suppressors floating around everyday. Because this unit is an imported NFA item, it may only transfer to another dealer / SOT. That said, you may keep the suppressor in inventory after you give up your SOT. Payment by discreet Venmo, Certified Check or USPS Money Order Used Swiss Brügger & Thomet Rotex III 7.62 Suppressor - $750
  17. For your consideration is an exceedingly rare Swiss B&T Suppressor. On offer is the 5.56mm B&T M4QDT rifle suppressor. The model mounts to any A2 flash hider. The unit is brand new in the original box - never fired. From my correspondence with Karl, I was told only 16 units were ever produced. It's my belief, there were only six units ever imported into the country, but I can't state that as a certainty. Overall an extremely rare piece and a wonderfully unique piece, for the dealer who is a B&T nut. As this is a Swiss made import, it may only transfer to FFL / SOT holders. Payment is by USPS Money Order, Cashiers Check or discreet PayPal Friend & Family / Venmo Swiss Brügger & Thomet M4QDT Titanium 5.56 Rifle Suppressor - $1,750 Shipped
  18. Good Evening Folks, I have a few units of the just released Microtech R2k9 suppressor available for sale. The units are sold as a kit and include both 1/2x28 and 13.5x1 LH pistons, a fixed barrel spacer, armorers tool, disassembly rod and extension module. The contents are handsomely packaged in a very nice custom fit Nanuk (Pelican like) hard case. Microtech reports this unit getting 40 DB reduction in the K configuration, when run wet! Not many of these are in dealer hands yet; grab one while you can. Units are in inventory on Form 3. Colors available are Black, Apocalyptic Gray, and Flat Dark Earth. I may be able to special order one in OD Green upon request. Payment by discreet PayPal Friends & Family, Discreet Venmo, US Postal Money Order or Certified Check. Microtech R2K9 System - $1,450 $1,125
  19. WTB Dead Air raw cans suppressor. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  20. Up for grabs, I have an extra brand new Surefire Socom RC2 5.56mm suppressor at a great price. The can is new in the box with all it's paperwork and included accessories. This is a great price for a suppressor that has been hard to find stock on, as of late. The first "I'll take it" gets it. Payment by USPS Money Order or discreet PayPal / Venmo. Surefire Socom RC2 5.56 - SOLD
  21. Rebel DFNDR 45 and Rebel 44 suppressors, both new in the box. They are in my inventory and available for quick e-file transfer to your dealer. DFNDR 45 - $275 Rebel 44 - $475 Shipping $15 Thanks for looking and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  22. Looking to only purchase on a Form 3, a NIB Yankee Hill manufacturing Turbo Silencer. Please PM me with your price. Thank you very much. Alan dba POLLC
  23. For Sale is one Sten Mk2 Lot. This is a very special Sten MK2 Built by Tim Lafrance of LaFrance Specialties. When I bought this particular example from David Spiwak a number of years ago I was told that it was a movie prop gun for the Steambridge company. One of the barrels that comes with the Sten is threaded internally for a blank firing plug, this plug was threaded in to the barrel and had a small hole so the Sten would cycle with blanks. The plug is no longer with the barrel but you can still see where it was threaded. Included is: 1. Tim LaFrance Sten MK2, Desert rat tan paint camo, (parkerized with black paint under tan) 2. SCRC MK25 Integral suppressed sten barrel, This silencer has a ported barrel that will take a super sonic load to sub sonic, Works best with 115 or 124g ammo for subsonic results. I can and have shot this sten indoors with no hearing protection with NATO spec ammo. 3. 2 barrels, The Tan barrel is the factory Lafrance modified barrel (threading does not hurt accuracy). The black barrel came from a parts kit 4. 3 bolts, 1 Bronze bolt for use with the silencer (I've tried to hear a difference, I cant, I say its a myth) and 2 spare steel bolts. 5. 2 extra stocks, one standard stock and one shortened for body armor or smaller framed shooters (the stock on the sten is a early) IMA-USA had them listed as "British Sten Early Experimental Butt Stock" for a significantly higher price, " Peter Laidler, in The Sten Machine Carbine, pages 254-255, identifies these as very early designs because of the internal strut provided for attachment of the Enfield rifle sling" 6. MAGS!!! tons of them, 27 total....15 of those are Desert RAT mags, very interesting pieces of WW2 history. On a F4 in VA. Buyer pays actual shipping and transfer fees. Images coming shortly, having some uploading issues so enjoy watching this old exhaust pipe run like a sewing machine. EDIT... Images are here: https://imgur.com/a/4bFdHFu
  24. I have for sale as shown in pics a Silencerco Specwar 5.56mm Suppressor. Suppressor is New in Box and includes a Custom Case. $300.00 + Shipping ( Will get you actual Shipping ) Thank you for looking, Murray over in Carolina
  25. I have for sale as shown in pics a New in Box Liberty Suppressor. Model : Freedom 7.62. In Stock and Ready for Immediate Transfer. Includes Suppressor Cover and Hand Glove for Removal of Suppressor. $300.00 + Shipping ( Will get you actual Shipping to your FFL) SOLD Thank you for looking, Murray over in Carolina.
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