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Found 15 results

  1. We are the only ones in the country with this lower receiver design. This auction is ONLY for the RECEIVER, not the upper. Shown pictures is a demonstration of fit with BINARY from a customer CLASS 2 Type 7 with SOT shop. Forged by CERRO & Machined by Cryostructure / Black Widow Arms, this is a FULL 100% machined lower Fits M249/MK 46 - 100, 150 & 200 round feed bags (NO MAGAZINE FEED) Black Cerakote, FDE Tan, OD green or Raw aluminum Super hard 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum Alloy SP1 Modern FIRE CONTROL POCKET (fits most RDIAS - Registered Drop-In Auto Sears) FREE CERAKOTE ANY COLOR YOU WANT, JUST ASK and Mention "STURMGEWEHR" PDQ Ambi Bolt Catch compatible for operations on both side of the receiver 100% Purpose built for the belt fed uppers on the market The goal of this lower was to reduce the size of distance between the receiver and the 100,150,200 round M249/MK46 “NUTSACK”. With a tighter rifle build by pulling up the ammo pouch tighter up to the barrel and allows a much better way of with the prone position with a bipod. Made from 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum with CERRO forging. Slab side cuts make it a thin as possible profile and with an ambidextrous bolt release for perfect use with the MCR® DUAL-FEED™ UPPER M-LOK® COMPACT (MCR-556-DFRMS) or ARES SHRIKE belt-fed uppers. Can't ship where dis-allowed, please e-mail if you believe you might have issues. $200.00 with $8.95 Shipping: https://www.cryostructure.com/product/bfar-mod1-dias-compatible-purpose-built-ar-15-belt-fed-100-lower-receiver/ RETURNS: 30 Days from receipt, 100% refund for any reason with FREE RETURN SHIPPING, we have a lifetime warranty on everything we sell for replacements
  2. Offered for sale is an aluminum body transferable RDIAS with a Norrell suppressed 9mm Colt. The RDIAS was manufactured by FBW&S of CT. The sear is on its own form as a “Machine Gun Sear” (it is not married to the host). The suppressor (Norrell) is on its own form as a 9mm Supressor. The firearm/suppressor combination works well together or the RDIAS can be moved to a separate host. This host is the Colt 9mm system utilizing Colt SMG magazines or modified Uzi magazines. The RDIAS and suppressor are each registered on individual BATF Form 3 in the state of Florida. Additional photos are available to serious buyers.
  3. I'm giving up my SOT and have several machine guns available. Email me at brian@freestateservices.com M3A1 (Keeper) $14K (new) MG34 (Keeper) $15K BAR (Keeper) $16K FN FAL (Keeper) $15K HK UMP40SD $6000 (Rare HK imported can) HK MP5 (2) $ Missing parts - No letter Post Sample MP5 Clone $3K No letter Post Sample MP40 (Keeper) $12K MPK (Keeper) $7K MPKL (Keeper) $7K Stemple w/can $8500 (Transferable) Stemple $8000 (Transferable) Mac 10 .45 w/can $12K (Transferable) NEW Steyr Aug $28K (Transferable) NEW H&K 51 $38K (Transferable) M16 - SENDRA $23K (Transferable) AK47 Under Folder $24K (Transferable) RDIAS Sear $1K Postie I also have some pistols with suppressor and more coming. Most are in my inventory on Form e's. I will e*File. Any questions, let me know.
  4. I have an excellent condition all steel RDIAS manufactured by FBW& Sons...on a form 3 in Bowling Green Ky ready to e-file...available for inspection by appointment..$38k..acceptable forms of payment are cash in person, cashiers check, personal check, and USPS money orders (but that would be 38 of them, so let’s avoid that one if possible)...funds must clear prior to e-file...thanks for looking and have a happy new year!
  5. I have for sale a pristine all steel RDIAS manufactured by FBW&Sons...it’s on a Form 3 ready for E-file with my dealer, and available for inspection in Bowling Green Ky by appointment...asking $40k + shipping...if the buyer so desires I also have multiple beltfed uppers (5.56 & 9mm) unfired in new condition with lots of accessories that I will be listing separately, that I would be happy to combine into a “package deal”...acceptable forms of payment are cash in person, certified check, personal check (funds must clear prior to efile)...thanks for looking and have a happy holiday season!
  6. **UPDATE ON DEC 15, 2020. SALE PENDING FUNDS** RDIAS for sale. Please note the following: 1. HIGH-LEVEL Excellent condition Steel Norrell RDAIS for sale with 3 spare trips (and all 4 trips made by M60 Joe). Asking price is $42K or best offer. 2. HISTORY Purchased this Steel RDIAS from Frank at MidWest Tactical back in the 2011/2012 timeframe. After it was transferred to my FFL, my FFL shipped it to M60 Joe to have all 4 trips made. FYI, I looked long and hard for a RDIAS back then and passed on a number of them because they looked fairly worn out and beaten. It has been a while, but I think there were about 5 RDIAS that the pricing was agreeable to me, but M60 Joe told me to wait for a better one when I emailed him the super detailed/close-up pics. M60 Joe did point out to newbie me that the replaceable parts like the trip and the spring didn't really matter at all. And that the key was the holes in which the trip would sit on (as the trip itself would take the beating), and I had to make sure that particular area was in great shape. The counter argument being anything metal he could fix it, but you guys know better so I ain't gonna preach to the choir... Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. 3. USE OVER THE YEARS It was mostly used in my HK416 uppers (mated to MR556 lowers). Full Auto trips to the gun range were definitely a blast back then, and I have lots of pics and videos I am more than happy to share with serious buyers. The thing still runs flawlessly, but kids/family and other hobbies means less time on Full Auto Fridays. And definitely less justification for me to own 2 RDIAS moving forward. My username is Drooler on HKPro for pics and vids I posted over the years so hopefully less vs. more concerns I am a scammer. 4. POTENTIAL FLAWS TO POINT OUT Unlike my other RDIAS (which I am keeping) that has the registration number professionally stamped into the RDIAS itself, the registration on this RDIAS looks like a kid used a knife to carve the registration number onto the RDIAS. Back then, my biggest fear is that the registration number would get worn out, in which case I end up with a super duper expensive paper weight. 5. POTENTIAL DISAPPOINTMENTS AND SCAMMERS Over the years, there were 2 sales that did not go through at the last moment for whatever reason including one buyer unable to make the payment despite an agreement on the price (agreed upon price of ~$20K??). On the flip side, I do understand that a potential buyer wants to make sure I am not a scammer and I totally respect that. So assuming a buyer likes the RDIAS I have and wants to buy it after doing lots and lots of due diligence, there are 2 possible solutions: Hope the above makes sense. Please post here or PM me if any questions.
  7. I have for sale a steel SWD DIAS I've had since 2005, it has a A2 hardened tool steel trip manufactured by M60JOE which shows little/no wear. It comes with a extra trip that is new. It is now under my inventory and ready to go on a eform 3. Ill take bank transfer or cashiers check, cash in UTAH. email at removed for more pics and my number to call.
  8. Transferable STEEL Wilson Arms RDIAS (registered drop in auto sear). Legally convert your semi auto AR-15 to shoot full auto!! Sitting in my inventory (Mutiny Machine) in Texas. DIAS Full Payment Required up Front to Begin Transfer. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Proof of life pictures and or references available upon request.
  9. Fully transferable John Norrell all steel Drop in Auto Sear (DIAS). SOLD SPF
  10. I have some AR15 RDIAS (drop in auto sear) replacement paddles/trips for sale. There are two different styles. The Type 2 is made out of 4140, and there are Type 1's made out of 4140 and some made out of O1. The Type 1 and 2 trips made from 4140 are $49.25 shipped, and the Type 1 trips made from O1 are $59.25 shipped. If buying multiples, I will offer a discount. Both types have a retaining hole for 1/8" retaining pins. Each trip comes with a new spring. I accept PayPal F&F, or Pay Pal goods and services if you pay an extra 3.5% to cover the fee, or USPS MO. Shipping is first class, and you will receive a tracking number. Payment must be made or mailed 48 hours after claim. I have buyer/seller feedback on several different forums and on GB (username Monk3ydo). Type 1 (4140 steel) Type 2 (4140 steel) Type 1 (O1 steel)
  11. Was going to sell this last year and pulled it from the marketplace before I moved. Back up now and available as of 12/17! Whitman & Sons RDIAS on Form 4 in KY. 500 rounds on new trip and spring made by M60Joe. No time to shoot it and should move it on to someone who can appreciate it. Al body, hardened steel trip. $31,500 (Sold Pending Funds) Feel free to come and test fire before buying. Ships (or will meet you if you are in KY) as soon as forms clear. More pictures, copies of form, and references available to serious buyers.
  12. Please leave a voice message or text contact info. The steel RDIAS was made by RPB Atlanta GA. It has been unfired in my personal collection for 14 years in the safe . It will transfer on a form 3, Host Colt Sporter II is free. Text FOUR 34 825-1406 if you have any questions. I will send you my email address. You rarely see these come on the market because they make a machine gun that will last for many generations to come. Thanks for looking. Only $29 k
  13. I have an aluminum Broadhead Armory RDIAS on a form 4 in Utah that I am looking to sell to fund another project. I will also include the POF lower with all the F/A internals (Gieselle trigger and KNS antiwalk pins). Asking $30,000 Willing to take partial trade for Desert Tech rifles, lightning link, or other autos up to half the value of the RDIAS. I'll get some pictures up in a few. Please let me know if you need more information or have specific requests. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi, I would like to sell an excellent condition JCB steel RDIAS as a package with a like-new LWRC M6 SBR (with 10" ICA5 upper, ambi charging handle, Geissele SSF trigger, Battle Arms Development ambi selector and enhanced pin set) and like-new AAC M4-2000 suppressor. On Form 4's in Nevada. Three stamps total. $SPF. Only looking to sell as a package, not individually. Thanks,
  15. Looking for a good quality/good condition RDIAS. Cash in Hand Will travel No RR/LL
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