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Found 20 results

  1. PTR-91 Squad Carbine new in the case. See attached pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Just cleaning stuff that is just taking up space. Your FFL will need to accept shipments from individuals $1275 Shipped Kerry
  2. ptr parts lot.
  3. Up for sale is a BNIB PTR 9C. Comes with a SBR kit and and clipped and pinned lower so you can put your sear pack in and go!! Right out of the box this is ready for full auto with your registered sear or pack. Also included is two bniw mags and all Whats in the pic below. This is priced to move. This all retails for over $2k. $1500 with $50 for shipping. Specs below. This is truly one of the best MP5 clones on the market. It’s beautifully built!! Only took out to “test” fit the lower. Other than that it’s non handled. Thank you. The 9C model features an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard and nitride treated 8.86”, 3-lug barrel. Both a push button and paddle style magazine release are standard. The 4.5” precision-welded top rail enables use of your favorite optic or the traditional iron sights (included). The polymer end cap with swivel adapter provides a sling attachment point. The gun ships in a heavy duty range case with: single point bungee sling, two 30-round magazines and rear sight adjustment tool. Specifications OAL: 17.6" Barrel: 8.86" Weight: 5.05 lbs Operating Systems: Roller-delayed blowback Caliber: 9 X 19 Action: SEMI-AUTOMATIC (NFA-REGISTERED, FULL AUTO SEAR PACK READY) Twist: 1/10 Trigger Pull: 9 lbs Magazine: 30 round
  4. Looking for an MP5 pattern host. All configurations considered with preference to SBR or pistols. Clone acceptable and preferred as long as it's built w/FA bolt etc to run reliably in full auto. This will be a shooter. Prefer 3-lug barrel, paddle mag release and a German full-auto bolt carrier. Will consider all centerfire calibers. I have pistol/suppressor combinations as well as rifles to trade, or purchase outright. PIC for attention
  5. PTR 32 7.62 x 39 ,runs 100% maybe 500 rounds with box 1 mag maybe 2 if I can find the other magpul mag I have for it. Gen II 1000.00 shipped to FFL
  6. $925/shipped to lower 48. Has a paddle mag release installed and spare HK lower (original Century one is a very weird shape). Century build, original carry handle (not shown), 40rd mag and 3x ProMags. These are built on Malaysian H&K 33/93 kits using US made receivers and small parts for 922r compliance. more pics in album: x-posted
  7. ___________ Sig Sauer Moved to another board ___________ PTR Model 101. GI w/ rail. Metal lower. Less than 300rds fired. SPF SOLD Optic not included. Optional: I've got spare G3 wood if you'd like that in addition.....$135 for stock and handguard and $65 for a walnut grip from RTG that I finished and clearcoated and buffed to matte to match. ___________ Sigarms / SIG / SAN 551-2 SP SWAT SPF SOLD Optional four position lower. This was a ban-era LA Fish and Game rifle w/ 14.3" barrel that Mike Otte from Michael's Machines did a barrel extension on to bring it to 16" (threads in to factory barrel with a tab welded to make it legal...can be cut off if you submit Form 1 for an SBR). Since these pics, I've had the extension cerakoted to match by HiCaliber Manufacturing (Carey is a maestro). Pics of barrel ext. below. Optic rail was stripped and had to be removed (not included but readily available from B&T and SAN). \
  8. $1250/shipped Best I can tell, this was a kit build post '89 and pre '94 based on features and s/n. Interport brought in kits from FMP in Portugal which were made on H&K tooling (pre-ban complete Portuguese 91's were brought in by PARS). x-posted on FALfiles, AKFiles and local trader forum.
  9. Sniper Trigger Group - 308 - Match - HK91, PTR - $299.95 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS https://www.hkparts.net/ (801) 987-3494
  10. Exclusive Patent Pending Invertible Cheek Piece Mount now available in limited numbers, also made to order. The ICM and ICM II allows the standard HK stock variants to be a viable option for mounted optics. Available as a customizable part by the end user to finish and mount their own cheek piece as an unfinished stainless steel component, as a finished prepped powder coated black component ready for the end users own cheek piece to mount, or as a complete black powder coated mount with black plastic cheek piece attached assembly ready to mount on your specific stock variant. Your choice. See details and pricing from $100-$140 at www.tiptontactical.org Thank you for your time. Semper Fi
  11. Hello fellow Sturmgewehr enthusiasts. My name is Gentry Lee Tipton and am a prior service two tour combat tour Marine. I started a Sole Proprietor business based upon a Patent Pending accessory for the Heckler & Koch 90 series weapon systems last year. Out of Necessity Comes Innovation I say for function of our available weapon systems. My choice for some years has been the Delayed Roller Blowback Mechanism hands down. My pursuit of weapon optimization led me to fabricate my own cheek piece mount I have been utilizing for years. Thus, my current production of this part is an advanced rendition of the original named the Invertible Cheek Piece Mount. I hope other HK advocates out there appreciate it as much as I do. Thank You. www.tiptontactical.org
  12. Take a look at the HK 91/G3/PTR & 93/33/53 rear sights we offer on our website. The sights listed below are all HK factory rear sights that are either listed by themselves, with the detent ball & detent spring included, or in a complete rear sight assembly set that comes with mounting hardware. We also offer a windage adjustment knob that is a great upgrade from the windage screw. You won't need a screw driver to adjust, just use your fingers to turn the knob to the correct adjustment and you're good to go. Fits all 90 series rear sights. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 ____________ [HK 91, G3, PTR Rear Sights] HK G3,91 & PTR Rear Sight Assembly - Surplus || $12.47 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=18092&idcategory=123 HK G3,91 & PTR Rear Sight Assembly - Excellent || $18.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=2229&idcategory=123 HK G3, 91, PTR Rear Sight - New || $29.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=361&idcategory=123 _____ [HK 93, 33, 53 Rear Sights] HK 93, HK33, & HK 53 Rear Sight Assembly Complete || $39.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=706&idcategory=167 _____ [Windage Knob] Windage Adjustment Knob || $9.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Windage-Adjustment-Knob-9p1444.htm ____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  13. Looking for a folding stock for your HK G3, 91 or PTR? We offer a great selection of US made folding stocks on our website. No need for a gunsmith, as these are easy to install, drop in stocks. A couple of the listed stocks include adjustable spacers, which enable smaller stature shooters and those with body armor to have a stock that better suits their needs. Be sure to check out the listings below! Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 ____________ HK91, G3, PTR Folding Stock || $104.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=516&idcategory=0 HK .308 Adjustable Tactical Folding Stock || $114.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=884&idcategory=0 G3, 91, PTR - Folding Stock || $147.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1950&idcategory=0 G3, 91 & PTR 91 Tactical Folding Stock Complete || $149.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1951&idcategory=0 PTR PDW Folding Stock || $228.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=14348&idcategory=0 PTR PDW Tactical Folding Stock- Adjustable || $239.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=14537&idcategory=0 ____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  14. We now offer HK G3, 91, PTR 20rd 5 pack factory sealed magazines. No longer in production and getting harder to find in new condition. These mags are the real deal, perfect for your HK or PTR firearm. Each is made from an aluminum body, chrome steel follower, steel mag spring, and floorplate. These 5 packs are a rare offering only found at HK Parts. These are no longer offered or available and are a one time deal. Once these factory 5 packs are gone there will be no more! Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 _____________ HK G3/91/PTR Factory Sealed Mag Pack - 5 Pack || $89.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=18037&idcategory= _____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  15. We offer a various selection of bayonets on our website for the HK G3/91/PTR, HK 93/33, HK 416 & 417, HK G36/E, HK M27, AR15, & the M4/M16. These are great additions to have and even the used bayonets are in great shape. Be sure to check them out, and don't forget a bayonet adapter. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 __________ [Bayonets] Spanish CETME Bayonet & Scabbard, C308 - USED || $39.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Spanish-CETME-Bayonet-Scabbard-C308-8p17355.htm M4, M16 Bayonet USGI - USED || $44.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/M4-M16-Bayonet-USGI-2p17000.htm German G3 Bayonet Surplus - USED || $89.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/German-G3-Bayonet-Surplus-Used-8p16015.htm Bayonet HK 416, 417 & HK G36 Models - Green || $219.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Bayonet-HK-416-417-HK-G36-Models-Green-13p17688.htm Bayonet HK 416, 417 & HK G36 Models - Black || $219.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Bayonet-HK-416-417-HK-G36-Models-Black-13p1761.htm [Bayonet Adapter] HK German Bayonet Adapter With Hardware - USED || $49.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-German-Bayonet-Adapter-With-Hardware-Used-8p17125.htm HK German Bayonet Adapter With Hardware - NEW || $79.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-German-Bayonet-Adapter-With-Hardware-New-8p21.htm __________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  16. Don't miss out on the PWS FSC Muzzle Brakes we offer on our website. These will fit many HK firearms, including the HK G3/91 & 93/33 & MR762, HK 416/MR556 & M16, AR-15, & all PTR models/clones with 5/8 X 24 threaded barrels. These PWS compensators achieve easier and faster followup shots than other muzzle brake devices. Adds an aggressive look to your rifle but TAMES the recoil like no other! Be sure to check out the list below. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 __________ PWS FSC556 For HK416, MR556 & AR15/M16 || $97.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/PWS-FSC556-For-HK416-MR556-AR15-M16-2p1647.htm PWS FSC HK Threaded Barrel Compensator || $98.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/PWS-FSC-HK-Threaded-Barrel-Compensator-8p837.htm PWS FSC Threaded Compensator - PTR .578 X 24 || $99.95 http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/PWS-FSC-Threaded-Compensator-PTR-578-X-24-8p17777.htm __________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories available on our website.
  17. I have for sale a surplus jungle green handguard and buttstock for HK 91, G3 and clones. Includes slimline forearm/ handguard, buttstock center section with springclip buttpad, used leather sling, NEW buffer and complete recoil assembly with NEW spring. $40.00 plus shipping conus. Includes everything pictured. In good shape with 1 small nick where the pad mates with the buttstock. It's NOS German surplus. I accept postal MO, Paypal & CC. Add 3% for Paypal and CC. See examples here: http://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/HK51-GREEN-BUTTSTOCK-ASSEMBLY-NEW-COMPLETE-25p1924.htm http://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/G3-TROPICAL-GREEN-SLIM-HANDGUARD-FMP-25p2068.htm http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-91-G3-PTR-Fixed-Stock-Jungle-Green-Surplus-9p16270.htm http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/G3-91-PTR-Slimline-Forearm-Jungle-Green-p16266.htm
  18. I have for sale 1 new HK aftermarket trigger housing that will accept all SEF style trigger packs. This will also fit all HK 94, HK 93 and HK 91 type HK rifles or pistols & clones. This is made by PTR-91 and made to exact HK specs and comes clipped and ready for the semi auto shelf. Counts as 1 922r compliance item. $50.00 shipping included. I accept postal MO, Paypal and CC. Add 3% for Paypal and CC. Specs can be found here: http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Safe-Semi-S-F-Grip-Frame-Housing-U-S-110p840.htm
  19. I have for sale an new (came with new rifle. Was used for test firing by PTR only) semi-auto bolt carrier for HK 91 and clones. Made to exact H&K specs and the same material. PTR uses HK factory blue prints for manufacturing and quality control. Manufactured at the PTR facility in the United States. This part counts as 1 US compliant 922r piece. When I got my rifle, I immediately replaced the factory carrier with a surplus Rheinmetall FA carrier so I have not used it. There is nothing wrong with the PTR carrier but Rheinmetall is the best of the best so I went with that option. $85 shipped conus. HKParts.com sells this same carrier for $119.95 plus shipping. Get mine for $35 LESS and FREE SHIPPING! I accept postal MO, Paypal and CC. Add 3% for Paypal and CC. For more info go to: http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/G3-91-Semi-Auto-Bolt-Carrier-US-113p1461.htm
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