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Found 11 results

  1. Dropping my SOT, so I'm selling the following MGs as No-Letter Post Samples. I plan to ship the guns via UPS Overnight, and accessories via UPS Ground. The Form 3(s) will be submitted as soon as the last form 2 clears. Pics are at the very bottom Price Item Details $20,000.00 M60 M60 Post Sample w/E3 Furniture M60E1 (Vietnam Style) Furniture 5,000x M13 7.62 Links $13,500.00 MG42 1944 MG42 Post Sample (Reweld) with WaffenAmpt Eagle Stamps 8mm Mauser Barrel & 2x Steyr .308 Barrels (Check Headspace of .308 Barrels before using) 1x MG42 WWII Bolt & 2x Upgraded MG3 Bolts, 3 Recoil Springs MG3 Conversion Kit (Feed Tray Cover, Feed Tray, Booster Cone) Blank Firing Adapter 10x 50rd Belts with starter tabs Leather Sling SOLD MK46 (SAW) U.S. Machine Gun Armory Factory Mk46 SAVIT Stock and Bipod QTY 2x M249 Barrels (Short & Long) 2,000x M27 Links SPF UMP40 Gideon Omega UMP-40 Registered Post Sample HK UMP40 Bolt HK UMP 40 Lower 5x UMP 40 30rd Mags C-More Sights 4 MOA Red Dot Sight $13,500.00 PKM Yugo M84/PKM on US-Made Receiver (Title 1) (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired) Post Sample PKM Operating Rod SPF M16A4 Aero Precision Post Sample X15 Receiver (M16 Style) Aero Precision USGI 20" Barrel 10x USGI M4/M16 30rd Magazines $6,750.00 KRISS Vector Kriss USA Vector 45ACP SBR Kriss USA Post Sample Drop-In SMG Upper (Semi/Burst/Full Auto) MLOK Rail & 3-Lug Silencer Mount Kriss USA Iron Sights (Folding) 2x Kriss Title 1 Uppers (Tan & Black) 10x 45ACP 30rd Mags (OEM Glock with Kriss Baseplates) SOLD PPSH-41 Russian PPSH-41 7.62 Tok Post Sample 10x 35rd PPSH-41 Magazines 450 Rounds PPU 7.62x25 Tokerev Ammunition Sling SOLD STEN MK2 STEN MkII Post Sample (needs $15 disconnector to run semi, otherwise F/A only) Ported Barrel and Integral Suppressor Original Barrel & Heatshield Magazine Loader 13x 20 Round Magazines (For STEN MkII) SOLD M11/9 Post Sample Cobray M11/9 Conversion YHM R9 Silencer with Low-Profile 3-Lug mount Lage Max-11Sk Upper w/ Vertical Foregrip 3-Lug Adapter & Holosun HS407 Red Dot MCX Folding Stock & Stock Adapter 5x 32rd Shockwave "Z-Mag" Magazine (For M11/9) SOLD Scorpion CZ Scorpion Semi Pistol Post Sample 3-Position Selector-Lower CZ Folding Stock, Magpul VFG Sig Romeo MSR Red Dot 3-Lug Adapter & Angstadt Arms 3-Lug Blast Diverter 10x CZ Brand 30 Round Magazines SOLD UZI McKay Ind Uzi Post Sample 9mm SMG GSL Tech "Jericho" Uzi Silencer Gold Cerakote 5x IWI Uzi Pro 32rd Magazines SOLD G18 Glock 17 Gen 3 w/ Auto Sear Backplate KPOS "Scout" Chassis w/Magpul VFG 10x Black Glock OEM 33rd Magazines (For G18) SOLD M240B M240B with Post Sample RSP Full Stock 3 Position Gas Key Barrel M13 Ammo Linker 5,000x M13 7.62 Links SOLD P90 FN PS90 with 10.4" CMMG Barrel Post Sample Trigger Pack (Factory FN) Factory Full Auto Selector GSL Tech P90 Silencer with QD Flashhider Holosun HS407 Red Dot 10x 50rd Factory FN Magazines (For P90) SOLD HK51 PTR HK51 clone (8" Barrel 7.62 NATO) Title 1 Receiver with Post Sample G3 Trigger Pack Surefire Pro-Comp Muzzle Brake Midwest Industries MLOK Handguard with QD Sling mount Samson Steel Vertical Foregrip Mlok Handstop Custom Bolt Carrier/Bolt to shoot Blue AM32 German Training Ammo 500 Rounds Blue AM32 German Training Ammunition 2x20rd G3 Mags SOLD AK103 PSA Ak-103 Post Sample Cleaning Rod AK-74 Stlye (x39 sized) Muzzle Brake 10x KCI Steel 30rd AK Magazines SOLD G36K TommyBuilt Tactical G36K 12.5" Barrel Post Sample MG 10x Magpul Pmags 30rd (For G36K) SOLD F2000 FN F2000 Factory MG Full Auto Trigger Pack Only SOLD M1919 M1919 with Post Sample RSP (Israeli .308 Kit) 2,000 Links Spade Grips with Wood Handles Original M1919 Pistol-Grip M1919A6 Bipod and Buttstock M1919 Ammo Linker SOLD NAK-9X Century Draco Nak9x (9mm AK) Post Sample Magpul Stock, Handguard, QD Sling cup Verical Foregrip, Angstadt 3-Lug Mount 3-Lug Flash Hider (HK Style) 10x FDE Glock OEM 9mm 33 Round Magazines (For NAK9X) SOLD RPD (1) DSArms RPD Semi Receiver with Russian Parts Kit (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired) Post Sample Op-Rod for RPD 2x 100rd Belt/Drum Sets SOLD RPD (2) DSArms RPD Semi Receiver with Russian Parts Kit (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired) Post Sample Op-Rod for RPD 2x 100rd Belt/Drum Sets
  2. REMAINING ITEMS BEING MOVED TO GB THIS WEEKEND - THANKS FFLs WITH CLASS 01 SOT OR CLASS 02 SOT ONLY NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE AS INDIVIDUAL ITEMS! BANK CASHIERS CHECK, WIRE TRANSFER, CREDIT CARDS (+4%) Benjamin Specialties LLC is closing its 07 FFL and 02 SOT. Therefore, I am offering the following eleven post-May dealer sample machineguns for sale to Manufacturer and Importer FFL/SOT’s without the need for a law enforcement demonstration letter! These firearms are not transferrable to non-licensees under any circumstances. We are only selling these post-May guns to FFLs with either a 01 Importer SOT or a 02 Manufacturer SOT with NO LE letter required. I understand that 03 SOTs and others can legally purchase these items with a LE letter, but I want to avoid the LE letter complications, especially in consideration of NFA Division’s stricter scrutiny and seemingly more frequent disapprovals of many of those letters. CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE END OF EACH DESCRIPTION TO VIEW A BRIEF VIDEO AND PHOTOS (turn on the sound). Factory Original Machineguns: MOVED TO GB Swiss Sig SG 552-2P Commando 5.56mm, SigArms Inc. LE Import, S-1-3-20, comes with one 20rd magazine and a factory special order serial number matched 553 gas piston/recoil system conversion kit. (Save your hard-to-find 552 piston, spring and recoil guide rod!). Grey finish, black furniture. Runs great! 552 Commando $SPF $9900 Swiss Sig SG 551-2P SWAT 5.56mm, SigArms Inc. LE import, 14.3” barrel, S-1-3-20, comes with one 30rd magazine. Grey finish, black furniture. SG551 SWAT $7,500 German Heckler & Koch MP5/40 in 10mm, factory gun, KF date code. The only non-factory part is the new 10mm barrel (3-lug, threaded) from RCM. Sorry, the old .40 barrel is not included. German “Crown N” marked bolt and “HI” locking piece. The gun has not been remarked to 10mm. Comes with scarce HK 0-1-2-F pictograph ambi burst trigger group, two mags and Aimpoint Pro RDS. Runs great! Fantastic condition. Bolt gap measures 0.50mm or 0.012”. (Note: NFRTR incorrectly lists this as a 9mm.) MP5/40 10MM $SPF $7,500 Chilean FAMAE SG 543-1, AD&S import, 5.56mm, shorty barrel, fixed stock, S-1-3-F, NEW and UNFIRED! Comes with original outer box with serial number (no foam insert) and two US black polymer mags. Also works with Swiss 55X magazines. Not test fired by us – because its NEW! FAMAE 543-1 $SPF $9,900 Israeli IMI Micro Galil MAR Model 699 factory machinegun, 5.56mm, Botach Tactical Import; R-A-S selector, folding stock, left-side charging handle, one surplus 35rd steel magazine. Flawless function. MICRO GALIL $MOVED TO GB $4000 Turkish MKE MP5, 9mm, SEF trigger group, fixed stock, Surefire 628 handguard, one 30rd magazine. Well-used, but runs fine. Recently replaced extractor and extractor spring. NFRTR lists manufacturer only as “Imported NFA Firearm”. MKE MP5 Converted Machineguns: SPF $15,000 Belgian Fabrique Nationale (FN) M249S Semi-Auto Rifle 5.56mm with NFA registered drop-in machinegun trigger group and modified bolt carrier assembly (full auto only, open bolt). Comes with original semi-auto closed bolt parts and trigger group if you want to convert the rifle back to semi-auto since the receiver was not modified. Both 20” and shorty para barrel assemblies included. Eotech 552 RDS, CD semi rifle manual also included. Only repair needed was the replacement of a broken firing pin – now fixed! Runs great and very reliable! Cleaned and lubed. M249S SAW CONVERSION $MOVED TO GB $7,000 FN PS90 Machinegun 5.7x28mm, converted from a standard black semi-auto civilian gun to select-fire with 10.4” aftermarket replacement barrel, full auto hammer group and A-1-S selector. The receiver is the registered machinegun and is laser marked by Benjamin Specialties LLC. Comes with two 50rd magazines and Aimpoint H-1 RDS. Flawless function and great condition. One of my favorites to shoot, but the ammo is a bit pricey as you know. Original 16” barrel and semi-auto parts are not included. PS90 CONVERSION $6500 Swiss Sig 510-4 (AMT) 7.62mm NATO. We acquired this as a semi auto rifle built on a Swiss Sig receiver with matching military spec parts. We modified (and registered/laser marked) the receiver to accept a factory STG57-type select-fire trigger group. This will come with the semi trigger group also (not shown in video), but because the receiver has been modified, it cannot be restored to a legal semi only civilian rifle. Note that the finish is well worn on the STG57 trigger housing, but you can swap the parts between trigger housings to match for cosmetic reasons if desired. Comes with the integral bipod and THREE VERY RARE factory 20rd magazines! Reliable with NATO-spec ammo and surprisingly soft-shooting. SIG AMT/510 CONVERSION $3,000 Sterling Mk4/L2A3 9mm machinegun, built by Shade Tree Shooters Gunsmithing. Nice crinkle finish, folding stock, open bolt, excellent condition and works perfectly. Comes with at least three 34(?)rd magazines – more mags and spare parts if I can find them. STERLING 9MM SPF $2,000 AZ Expert Arms LLC (manufacturer) FAL 7.62mm FN FAL-type select-fire machinegun. We call this a “frankenFAL” since its built with parts from all over the world. Imbel receiver, Israeli handguards, etc. Runs fine on semi, but it has frequent Fail to Extract/Eject malfunctions on full auto. We have not had the opportunity to diagnose the problem, so please be prepared to fix it as needed. One 20rd mag, more if you need some. Really cool and unique FAL!!! AZ FRANKEN-FAL BANK CASHIERS CHECK, WIRE TRANSFER, CREDIT CARDS (+4%) FFL’S with 02 SOT Manufacturer or 01 SOT Importers Only! NO LE LETTER REQUIRED. Price includes shipping/delivery to lower 48. Paperwork will be e-filed with our OOB letter after payment clears our bank and we have your FFL/SOT. No returns and no refunds due to the firearms’ NFA status. All items are in-stock at our secure storage facility, on our books, and available for in-person inspection by appointment. References available. See our A+ feedback with over 500 reviews on Gunbroker (user: BenjaminSpecialtiesLLC). Benjamin Ferdinand Benjamin Specialties LLC 07 FFL / 02 SOT Libertyville, IL Cell: Two two 4 – 2 2 one – niner six niner zero. Email: benREMOVE@benjaminspecialties.com OPENING LATE FALL 2022 – BENJAMIN TACTICAL INC.. NEW OWNERS. NEW BUSINESS MODEL. SAME OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  3. Dept will pay for NIB and provide letter if needed. Would prefer a NO LETTER gun. Will trade: 1.) NIB FN 2000, less than 200 rnds through it, one demo -OR- 2.) IWI TAVOR -OR- CTAR, both unfired, NIB -OR- 3.) Glock 18C - will trade one of two NIB guns, consecutive serial numbers, both unfired. Thanks! Tom
  4. I have the following post sample machine guns for sale, no letter transfer to 7/SOTs, transfers will be efiled. 2- DIAS aluminum body, type one trip, both are new. $400ea 4 - DIAS steel body, no trip, spring, or pin included (body only), it will accept a type one trip $375ea 1- HK notched HK trigger pack, 3 position, trigger pack only, no selector or SEF trigger housing included $400 PM for pictures or with any questions.
  5. NO LETTER REQUIRED! Full auto 1919 with Tripod, T&E and Pintle!, bag of links! This 1919 is in excellent condition. Was a safe queen the entire time we had it. Super fun to shoot! Shoots .308 $8000.00 + shiping The transfer of these firearms does not require a Law Enforcement Demonstration Request Letter for transfer as per Sec. 479.105(f). MUST BE 07/02 FFL TO BID!!
  6. No letter Scar 17! I am closing my 07 FFL and this is available for purchase Comes with Gun and 1 magazine $12,500 + shipping FFL MANUFACTURES ONLY 07/08 -02 With reference to Title 27, Part 479, Section 479.105(f), I am transferring the associated firearms via eForm 3 to be in compliance with the aforementioned Section. The transfer of these firearms does not require a Law Enforcement Demonstration Request Letter for transfer as per Sec. 479.105(f).
  7. No letter M240B! New condition only test fired Molded pelican case Two barrels Pintle and T&E Extra Heat shield $25,000 + shipping Must be 07/02 FFL to be considered.
  8. Rock Island M60 For Sale. Will post photos of the weapon tonight. SN 108XX. Weapon is part of an estate being liquidated. No sample letter required if going to a licensed Manufacturer. Shipping will be by Fedex and responsibility of the buyer. Terms 50/50. Price of M60 is $11,995.00 Having Mike Klos check the weapon out prior to shipping. This is a very nice, clean postie! Thanks
  9. Factory new KRISS Vector SMG chambered in .45. Dealer will not be renewing his license therefore no law letter required for manufacturers. $7,020 shipped.
  10. All the following guns are POST MAY Samples that will transfer to a Class II with no demo letter needed. Class III dealers will need the proper LE demo letter. Prices do NOT include shipping and insurance. I will ship using the method specified by the buyer. With the exception of the Port Said and the FN30, all these guns have been used for the Outdoor Channel show Gun Stories w/Joe Mantegna. Many great shots of the guns in action and many high-speed Phantom camera shots. http://outdoorchannel.com/gunstories SPF IMI Mini UZI Closed bolt, original factory gun $3300 SPF IMI Galil SAR, original factory gun $3300 SPF HK MP5A2 3 magazines, original German mfg, w Gemtech MK9K three lug can $3800 SPF HK MP5SDA2, original German mfg $3800 SPF Sterling L2A3 $2700 SPF Sterling L34, original factory suppressed $4400 Bushmaster XM16E2S, original factory $3300 SPF Colt M16A2 9mm SMG, original factory $3300 SPF Thompson M1A1, WWII mfg $2700 SPF Port Said (Swedish K), original factory $1200 SPF HK UMP 45, Original German w Gemtech UMP QD suppressor $4000 SPF FN P90,factory original w Ring sight, Defiance Machine Aimpoint rail and Gemtech QD Suppressor $3500 SPF RSAF Enfield BREN Mk III, Original factory w/MkIII barrel $4500 1919A4, Tripod, T&E, wood transport case, new sideplate properly salt hardened rear section $4500 Vickers Mk1 Tripod, T&E, water can, hose, transport case, reman on Aussie parts kit $6500 1918A2 BAR, reweld $4500 SPF FN30, tripod, T&E, .308 ground gun on Israeli parts kit $2500 STEn, new tube gun $1000 SPF Thompson 1921, Beautiful showpiece built on Richardson receiver and original Colt parts. PK's '21 recoil system. $4000 There are patent date magazines, a repro FBI hard case and 'L' drums with a display stand available to go with it. I've also plenty of spare parts, barrels, belts, loaders, tools etc so if you need something with the gun, just ask. Cory Trapp Gunsite Academy, Inc. CoryT@<remove>gunsite.com
  11. Giving up my SOT2. All guns are on a Form 3's in Arkansas and will transfer fast via EForms, all are NO LETTER POST or Pre SAMPLES. One Transferable. Price DOES NOT include freight and insurance. Call me at 501-590-8716 or email at andrewsarmoryllc@gmail.com if interested or if you need additional info. Pics upon request. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC, AR15X Anderson lower conversion $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC L16 lightning link. In excellent condition $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC AKX, WASER conversion AK-47. Well used still in great condition. $650. Post-May Dealer Sample, Battlefield Relics Thompson 1921. In excellent condition $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC G9, Glock select fire conversion (rear push button add on) mounted on a Glock 19 with a RONI airsoft stock. $800. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, STG58, .308 $2450. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, 1919A4 was 7.62.51 converted to .308 $3500. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, CZ 7.62 x 25mm $1500. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, Sten MKII, 9mm $900. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, model AS, DIAS, (new unused) $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, model AS, DIAS, (new unused) $250. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory LLC, model CXME, CETME conversion pack on a Century CETME $800. Post-May Dealer Sample, IMI/BOTACH Tactical Micro Galil, .223, excellent condition $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Century Arms L1A1 (semi auto, ATF required to be listed as post sample because they said it was easily converted – part of Century stock imported) $1000. Post-May Dealer Sample, Colts Manufacturing Company, M16A2, 9mm, all original Colt sub gun $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK, HK416D, well used but in excellent condition with all original HK 416D parts $5500. Post-May Dealer Sample, MWT, AK47 excellent condition but missing stock – it cracked. $650. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK MP5A2, all original. $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Ruger AC556, wood stock, stainless $1850. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK UMP45 $2500. Post-May Dealer Sample, FN Herstal Belgium, SCAR-17CQC, Black, 10.5” barrel with military ACC flash/suppressor mount. $5500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M60AA, M60 built off new kit, needs some work – bolt sticking but runs. $4500. Post-May Dealer Sample, Marcolmar Firearms UKVZ59 (UK59), excellent condition, runs flawless. Missing dust cover, accessories include loader, extra belts bipod. $5200. Post-May Dealer Sample, Mark Brown, rewelded nice Bren MKII runs great with bipod. $1895. Pre-May Dealer Sample, AIN Sudan AR-10 with one waffle mag, all original matching serial numbers Excellent condition $7000. Pre-May Dealer Sample, HK, HK53A2, .223, excellent condition $9700. Post-May Dealer Sample, HK MP7A1, Black, used but in excellent condition, with B&T USA suppressor, two 30 round mags and one 2 round mag $9950. Pre-May Dealer Sample, GER Inter American Import, MG34, some matching serial numbers, 8mm Excellent Condition $9500. Pre-May Dealer Sampler, MG34 mostly matching serial numbers, above average, excellent condition $10,000. Transferable, Erfurt Germany, 08/15 with bipod, 7.62 x 51, water cooled, excellent condition, needs new feed paw. $8500. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, MG42, 8mm $5800. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, Century NAK9 converted to full auto $600. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M2HB, 50 cal. Runs great, three barrels, excellent condition. $15,000. Post-May Dealer Sample, Andrews Armory, M240B, .308 with two barrels, spade grips, stock, extra trigger pack. Runs perfect, excellent condition. $16,750. Post-May Dealer Sample, DAW, MG15 air cooled mg, with stock, sights and bipod saddle drum and aftermarket loader (well made). Runs flawless. $3850.
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