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Found 12 results

  1. Good condition open bolt Mini Uzi parts kit. This has all the matching torched cut receiver sections minus rear section. I removed most of the slag without taking away material and gave everything a cleaning. The rear section that is with the kit is one that I made from a full size Uzi repair section. The rear slot and leftover gussets were welded up. The right side ear has the sight spring leaf hole milled out already along with 2 rear sight bases (1 surplus one not pictured) The rear sight base would still need the holes drilled out to size which is marked on it. Left side hole needs opened up with a 7/32 bit and right side needs drilled with a #26. No tapping is needed for Type B rear sights. The hinged back plate is tightly fitted to the stock. See pics for the front trunnion. The rear portion is already out but the front portion needs some persuasion to get out. You could either reweld the original trunnion or put a new one in, regardless it has to come out. This kit does not come with a barrel but a Mini UZI barrel can be had by cutting down a full size Uzi barrel 1.750 inches and rechambering, this is what I've done on my Mini build. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'm brand new here but you can check my feedback on GunBroker as M16A1_GUY and eBay as momo_1076 $1450 shipped https://photos.app.goo.gl/qtdwVgNX4qKv2C5f7
  2. For consideration is a very nice condition Action Arms Mini UZI host with a transferable SWD bolt that is currently on a F3. The previous owner had a daughter who loved this gun...hence the purple para chord on the wire stock. We have left it in the original configuration from the customer. Firearm is currently owned and in the control of Mockingbird Precision. Lloyd 713.955.5493 salesREMOVE@mockingbirdprecision.com
  3. Have the following for sale. Two original Action Arms UZI padded soft cases in exceptional condition. Both Sold to Murdock! 1. One standard size AA case - Will hold a full-size UZI with a 16" barrel in the gun, plus accessories like magazines, a loading tool and a sight adjustment tool. Price is $275.00 2. One SWAT size AA case - Has a barrel sleeve in the case so a semi automatic UZI could be carried with the barrel out of the gun, or it could be used for an UZI SMG or Mini UZI. Price is $300.00 Shipping $25.00 to lower 48. Payments by check or money order and Zelle.
  4. For sale: Pre-May Dealer Sample IMI Mini Uzi, comes with the original serial numbered box, manual and 2 mags. Runs great, fast and smooth, stock locks up tight, gun has no issues, can text video if necessary. Transfers on Form 3 SOT to SOT. Price - $12,500 plus actual shipping or on your tag. Please PM with any questions or request for additional pics/video. Thanks, JC
  5. Vector Arms / Group Industries Mini-Uzi 9mm sub-machine gun is fully transferable. Asking $15,995.00 Collapsible stock, ratchet cover, ARS select fire selector. Receiver is the registered component. This will be transferred to class dealer on an ATF e-form 3. Excellent condition. Firearm may never have been fired. Buyer pays $175 for FED-EX priority shipping and insurance. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant. Stock No. N-1158
  6. Please email me directly using ivan@ivanshapiro.com or call me 9207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern Here are the Pre86s Thompson 9,000 with 1 mag Mini UZI 9,000 ....SOLD HK33 9,000 comes with mag pouch & 2 mags MG34 9,000 comes with extra belts & starter tabs. Also parts kit available to buyer Here are transferables FN FNC folder 14,000 Sear is from S&H (Higgins in Owasso OK) 3 rd burst, full, safe semi FN FNC 12,000 Sear from Higgins MK Arms 760 4,000 Comes with 1 mag.....SOLD Ruger AC556 11,000 NEW IN BOX. Complete as it came from Ruger These guns are here and owned by me. Hardly any usage as I have lots of guns If interested please email me, I have pictures. ivan@ivanshapiro.com Or call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern I have been a RECOMMENDED DEALER on Tom Bowers subguns.com since 2001 I do eforms
  7. Full Album Here: https://imgur.com/a/5EkFzCm For sale is a Pre-Ban IMI MINI UZI 9mm Carbine that was imported by Action Arms in unfired condition. This is NOT one of the Vector Arms clones, this one was 100% made in Israel. These were only produced from 1987 to 1989, after which they were banned from import. It isn't exactly known how many made it into the US before the import ban, but the rough estimate I've seen is somewhere around 1500 total. I purchased this one off consignment from the original owner who bought it new in the late 80's. He claims to have never fired it and it appears to have been kept in storage for all this time collecting dust. I personally don't have the heart to shoot it, which is why I'd like to part ways with it. Overall it is in excellent condition with only some light handling marks and storage wear. The bore is absolutely pristine and mirror-bright. The folding stock lock-up is extremely tight with absolutely no play at all. The bolt has some very light wear from being racked a few times, but is in fantastic condition. The Magazines have some minor wear from being inserted and taken out. Barrel is stamped with number matching the receiver. Included with the Mini Uzi Carbine is: - (1) 32rd Magazine - (1) 20rd Magazine - Dummy Barrel - Sight adjustment tool - Factory sling - Original black plastic case - Original manual - Factory Action Arms Letter and order form - Action Arms 1989 brochure - Action Arms Warranty card and NRA card I will be selling the Mini Uzi for $3550 shipped OBO to CONUS only. Payment must be made by either USPS Money Order or a Certified Check only (Certified check will require a 3-day wait before shipping to allow it to clear). Not currently interested in trades unless you have an OOW 1918A3 BAR SLR or other unique Pre-Bans. It will ship via Fedex from my FFL to your FFL. Please know your state laws as I will only be shipping where legal to. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have or if you'd like some more pictures. Thanks!
  8. Looking for both open/closed mini Uzi bolts .... please pm me if you have a bolt available for sale thanks!!
  9. Excellent condition Vector Mini Uzi Carbine (9mm) as shown with folding stock. Includes Dummy barrel (installed in photos) and correct carbine length barrel. Also included is as shown the original vector box and warranty sheet. Must ship to FFL, and purchase with confidence as this is a beautiful firearm that has become increasingly harder to find. shipped to your FFL (out the door). SPF
  10. ELITE IRON Weapon and Suppressor Solutions of a Higher Caliber Please email questions to info@EliteIron.com Thanks for looking, Kathy FFL/SOT in MT 406-244-0234 Gun is also listed on our website and has additional pictures. Pre-May Sample Mini Uzi $8900 Pre-May Mini Uzi 9mm with original box, manual, sight tool and 1 magazine. Fires from open bolt. Excellent condition with low round count.
  11. Exc condition IMI Israeli Mini Uzi Semi and a rare find. Pre ban Import Ready to SBR Has had over 20 years Plus shipping and Insurance $3700
  12. I have for sale 2 new old stock German "DES" marked full size and mini UZI grip sticks that have been properly converted for semi auto only use. I started with an unused grip stick/ fire control group and machined the full auto sear to semi spec so it works as a striker release rather than bolt release. I then welded a "nub" under the sear so the selector can not be put into the full auto position. Tested for function with an UZI built on a McKay receiver (IMI spec). *Other semi auto applications besides McKay and SMG spec receivers may require you to drill the grip pin holes out to 9mm on the grip assembly. The grips I'm selling come with 8mm holes. A NOS grip stick runs aprox $80.00 or more plus shipping and a ready made semi sear is another $30.00 plus shipping. Then you have to mess with a selector stop modification to block out the full auto position. Get mine that's ready to go for much less less. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Also included with each grip assembly is one semi auto (non ratcheting) top cover and a semi auto recoil spring assembly. ALSO included for FREE is an original IMI cleaning rod. You get everything pictured for the low price of: $115.00 each shipped CONUS. USPS Priority Mail First buyer gets to choose between the one pictured on top which is a standard black (manganese phosphate) parkerized made in Germany grip or the one on the bottom which is a made in Israel for the German military and has the greyish (zinc phosphate) parked finish. To be honest, this is the only DES marked grip I have ever seen with the Israeli Star Of David on it as well. They must be uncommon. I accept PayPal, Credit Cards (no extra fee) or Postal MO. DM me for payment info. Note: Due to the way this was shipped and stored from Germany in bulk, there are a few scuffs on the grip panels but the entire assembly is unused except for testing by me after final assembly.
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