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  1. M10A1 , new in the box, unfired, all accessories just as from the factory. Rear end re-welded / upgraded appropriately. Currently set up in .45 acp. Can be set up in 9mm as well. Form 3. in MS. The buyer pays the stamp and pays actual shipping costs of your choice when the time comes. Requires all funds up start to begin transfer. I accept most any method of payment. Not interested in any trades at this time. I'm happy to provide numerous personal references from the MG world and of course one is welcome to drop by to inspect it. Selling it only b/c I'm using funds for yet another MG. Shoot me a private message (or email me <my sturm handle> @gmail.com) if you are interested in buying it. The first " I'll take it " gets it. Upon specific request I can bring the gun to OFAST this weekend (Jun 22, 2018 )for inspection. Houston Hardin
  2. Looking to trade a Mint M11a1 large mag well Mac (Set up in 9mm) with a few uppers including a Side charger upper, few different stocks, Nib CFW-A Bolt (All tuned) a few mags and some misc. stuff for a Registered UZI Bolt. No host just a good FA Registered Bolt. Serious inquires only. I can provide pics of my gun. Thank you in advance.
  3. I have a spare new in box M11-A1 in .380 and I am looking for a M11/9 to complete my MAC collection. currently sitting on a form 4 in Florida and have a ton of NIB extras including Lage upper and parts. please PM to discuss. UPDATE: this thread can be closed; already have at least 2 deals lined up. thank you to everyone that reached out thanks, - JC
  4. Hello, I've got an Atlanta SWAT team trade-in that was used as an entry gun, which is fully transferrable, and the can that was issued with it. The can has the original Nomex cover in mint condition. The gun was refinished at some point; the story was that it got scratched up sliding around in the trunk of a cruiser for many years. It looks pretty good now. The suppressor looked more or less new when I bought it all. I removed the wiped end cap, and it now has new wipes and the wipes can be replaced easily now. No other modifications done, although I did purchase a Lage MK2 upper, Lage folding stock, Lage extended safety, which I never installed and am willing to sell separately to the buyer. If for some reason you don't want the suppressor, I can't knock more than $50 off as these, for whatever reason, are deemed obsolete and not in demand; I have found that with 147 grain rounds, the can makes a very pleasant and soft sound. I own many other 9mm guns, subguns and cans and this can performs very well... It comes with 1 reproduction magazine; I have 8 other reproduction and 7 original Cobray marked MP9 magazines available for purchase separately. I'm asking $7,000 - you pay the tax transfers and shipping, but am willing to negotiate if you have some data showing a comparable gun sale at a lower price. 100% upfront to start the paperwork; if you are out of state, I will transfer it to your dealer on a form 4, and then they can transfer it to you in the same way. All also consider an M11/9 as a trade +/- money, whole or in part, depending on the condition and accessories, if any. This item is cross posted. Please email me at jeffshaner@hotmail.com with inquiries.
  5. Hello, I have an M10/45 for sale. This was a new vintage Powder Springs, Ingram marked frame that I acquired in trade some time ago. I haven't even oiled up the frame so you will see smudges, but be assured it is new. I purchased all new components and completed the assembly. Fire control group Lage extended safety Lage folding stock Lage slow fire upper Lage grip Lage magazine catch that works with modified and unmodified Grease Gun magazines Two piece receiver pin I test fired it with 6 rounds of ball ammunition, applied some copper anti-seize (you can see some of it in the pictures), and put it away. It is all completely new otherwise. It comes with 1 new unmodified Grease Gun magazine; I have 10 others available for purchase separately that are still in the factory wrap. I'm asking $7,000 - you pay the tax transfers and shipping, but am willing to negotiate if you have some data showing a comparable gun sale at a lower price. 100% upfront to start the paperwork; if you are out of state, I will transfer it to your dealer on a form 4, and then they can transfer it to you in the same way. All also consider an M11/9 as a trade +/- money, whole or in part, depending on the condition and accessories, if any. This item is cross posted. Please email me at jeffshaner@hotmail.com with inquiries.
  6. I'll probably regret selling this, but up for consideration is my SWD ( Cobray ) Mac M11-a1 chambered in .380 - LARGE MAGWELL Matching SWD (cobray) .380 Suppressor Each on a Form 4 in Oklahoma. This gun has been fired, but not abused. Low round count from me (less than 500). Accessories include: 1x FTF Industries: M-11 380 SMG Threaded Barrel (Improved Chamber) (installed in side-cocking upper) 1x Masterpiece Arms: 9mm Full Size Side Cocking Upper (trimmed to fit .380 lower) LAGE: Hardened Seer (not installed yet) LAGE: Improved Extractor (not installed yet) LAGE: internal safety slide (not installed yet) LAGE: 2-Piece Molded Grip with Thumb Activated Magazine Release (Large Magwell) INSTALLED 2x Original Magazines (i forgot to take pictures) 1x Shockwave 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/9 and SWD M-11A1 .380 ACP (From LAGE) 1 SET: Barrel Wrenches NOTES: Barrel is installed in side-cocking upper but has not been pinned yet. Sidecocking upper has a small gap at the rear of the bolt because of the larger ejection port for 9mm. Previously owned by "ROY" in Oklahoma (many of you know him from deals on STG). **** FULL LIST OF HIGH QUALITY IMAGES CLICK HERE **** $7,000 for all obo. **** FULL LIST OF HIGH QUALITY IMAGES CLICK HERE ****
  7. The B&T USA / Brugger and Thomet KH9 was made in Switzerland and designed by Karl Brugger as Karl's Hobby 9mm which is a modernized Italian Sites Spectre M4 double/single action submachinegun with several design improvements. The KH9 has the option of feeding from either standard B&T magazines interchangeable with all of their firearms or includes a Finnish Soumi KP31/M31 magazine adapter to use coffin magazines. The recoil-springs operate on twin guides as opposed to the Spectre which is free floated and prone to binding. Receiver is a monolithic SCAR-type with quadrail and taken from the B&T GHM9. Barrel has an HK three-lug adapter. Controls are completely ambidextrous with magazine release and decocker on both sides. Charging handle was inspired by the Ingram M10 or IMI/IWI UZI, Pistol grip was based on the SIG SG550/STGW90, and the rear trunnion uses standard B&T MP9/TP9 stock/brace assemblies. Package includes hardcase, Soumi coffin magazine adapter, front/rear flip-up sights, two 30 round magazines, cleaning kit, manual, and hard-case. Photo is representative of another of my B&T KH9 examples. The firearm you will be receiving has not been fondled or touched. Made in Switzerland, this is 1 of 400 imported. Once gone, these will not be seen again. $2000 shipped.
  8. The new CF-W "A" bolt is finally here! This direct drop in replacement bolt for the large magwell SWD M-11A1 allows the use of cheaper, easier to find, and harder hitting, 9mm ammo in their small frame gun with only a barrel swap. This heavy tungsten alloy bolt drops the ROF 40% as compared to .380acp ammo, and clocks an average ROF of just under 1,000 rounds per minutes. Price for a complete, ready to run CF-W "A" bolt is $750.00 plus 4.99 shipping via insured USPS Priotiry Mail. Please call 702-763-1269 Monday - Saturday between 9:00AM - 6:00PM Pacific time to order. All major credit cards cheerfully accepted with a 3.5% up-charge. Heavy tungsten alloy bolt for the M-11/9 are also available. Chops the ROF by over half! http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3729-wts-cf-w-heavy-tungsten-bolts-and-parts-for-the-swd-m-119/#comment-23152
  9. StormWerkz is now manufacturing scope mounts for the M11/9 Cobray pistols. Perfect for mounting red dot optics, works great with the StormWerkz M11/9 stock/brace adapter. No Permanent Alteration to Firearm! $70 For more information and to order please visit our website at www.stormwerkz.com Thanks for the boards Buddy!! Cobray Scope Mount
  10. StormWerkz is now manufacturing stock/brace adapters for the M11/9 Cobray pistols. -Any stock such as Manticore, ACE, Tromix, etc. may be bolted to the adapter with or without a hinge. -Ar-15 type hinges also bolt on allowing Ar-15 type stocks and pistol braces to be used. No Permanent Alteration to Firearm! $70 For more information and to order please visit our website at www.stormwerkz.com Thanks for the boards Buddy!! Cobray Brace Adapter
  11. WTS; Alamo V-MAX Mk2 adapters for the Lage MAX-11 MK2 And mAX-11k uppers
  12. Up for sale is (12) Rpb M10/9 smg mags. All are slightly used and the two in red tape might need tweaked! $480 shipped will not split.
  13. This is a custom stock that I built for my M11. It works great and locks up perfect. Has a tiny bit of play when it's closed and folded under. Your hand does not get in the way when folded and you can shoot it folded in if desired.The adapter is duracoated black and the stock is Magnesium parkerize so it all kind of blends. Functions and works great. Just bored of it and I'm designing something new. $85 shipped!!!
  14. Up for sale are Three original small magwell M11/380 mags. They are in great condition. I have 3, all 3 shipped for $150. Will not split. Ty
  15. Up for sale is a great condition/ Great Running RPB M10/9. Comes with a Like new Usmachinegun Side Charging upper with top picattiny rail, Lage Stock with side folder, 12 Mags(Few might need tweaking?), Original wire stock, Original Upper, New CNC internals/Bolt, Original internals/Bolt and some extra parts. This is not a Double stamp gun it's an RPB! This is on a Form 4 in Florida. $7500. Can furnish a Copy of the Form 4 to serious Buyers. Thank you for looking.
  16. Up for sale is a New M11/380 side charging upper made by SAM at Practical solutions. SAM is the master at the Mac platform. (The side Charging handle is spring assit so it retracts after you charge it. Unlike the competitors ones!) Comes with complete brand new M11/380 bolt, front hand grip attachment and Forward grip. Only test fired and runs perfect. Also I'll through in 500rds of 380 ammo. All this for $450 shipped!! This is for the M11/380 Mac platforms, either small or large magwell macs. Ty
  17. I cannot recall who made this upper. It is a side charging upper for a MAC 10/45 that I had for my Powder Springs gun a few years ago. The barrel is threaded for a matching suppressor for the original MAC 10. The sights are HK sights (like on an MP5) and it has a rail for mounting optics. All the parts are included to mount the CAR stock to the gun. There are a few parts thrown in. It does not slow the rate of the gun. I liked the fast rate. Lean into it and fire 3-4 shot bursts. Before the gun lifts up you have 3-4 shots on target. The gun was unique for it's fast rate with 45ACP! LAGE makes a similar upper and along with other accessories but you will be paying over $1200. I notice it is out of stock now. I will sell this for $600 shipped and insured. My email is: 308mgmd@spamgmail.com (remove spam) and I will need an official check.
  18. SOLD PENDING FUNDS WTS sabre 556 upper for a mac10. It's been sitting in my safe for a few years, unfired. Figured I'd pass it along to somone who will use it. Email for # or pics. $2000 I'll pay shipping to the 48 states Jason Jrw50cal@comcast.net
  19. On a Form 4 in Maryland - SPF RPB/MAC M11, 380 SMG The original upper receiver has a new barrel from US Machine Gun w/ 200 rounds through it LAGE Max31a MK2 upper receiver with w/ 500 rounds through it: Included with 1 VBS still in original packaging. LAGE K-grip attached to upper included. LAGE small magazine well pistol grip. Original grip factory grip. LAGE fixed 8 7/8" buttstock C-More aluminum bodied sight - OPTIONAL for $250 6 x stick mags (2 x Cobray Marked) AND 5 Suomi Drums included. MD buyers will need to be LE or have them sent out of state. Buyer is responsible for their $200 NFA tax. We will cover the $200 tax to get it out of state if required. Contact: info@tridentrifles.com Update 1: Included some better photos of the accessories. Also threw in some extra drum mags.
  20. For Sale: NIB S.W.D. M11/Nine (9mm) and NIB S.W.D. M11-A1 (.380) Submachine Guns I have already paid the NFA transfer tax and moved these SMGs to my dealer located in Ohio (NFA Arms, Fairborn, OH). They are ready to go to out of state on a Form 3 or direct to an Ohio resident on a Form 4 to try to beat the 41F deadline. Each gun is new in box (NIB) and come as shown in the pictures with the OEM accessories in the box. $7,950 each. Buyers pays no sales tax (because I personally own them and I am not a business). Buyers are responsible for appropriate legal shipping/insurance as required and any subsequent Form 4 transfer taxes. I may be open to a 50/50 payment schedule depending on the buyers situation or any interesting trades. The M11/Nine and M11-A1 have arguable become the most versatile and still affordable (for now) subguns on the market due to the Lage Mfg. slow-fire Max-11 and Max-31 drum fed uppers, reliable Shockwave Z-Mags, and soon to be released Tungsten alloy bolts. Of course, there was also the SABRE 5.56 upper and hopefully soon a refined/lighter weight Khimera 5.56 upper. Please visit UziTalk.com to learn more about all of these if you are unfamiliar with them. Prices of M11/Nine's and M11-A1s are rising rapidly due to these add-ons...buy now and lock in your ownership today! It may seem expensive now, but there is no better bang for your SMG buck and in a few years you will likely see much higher prices. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, additional detailed pictures, views of the BATFE Forms, 'proof of life' photos, etc. Potential buyers are free to visit my dealer and inspect them in person upon request. Email works best for me: badIHATESPAM.mfr@gmail.com (remove the IHATESPAM part) but I am also more than happy to exchange phone numbers and talk in person. Now for the pictures... Here is the M11/Nine, arguably the most versatile of the MACs with uppers ranging from .22LR to 7.62x39 SABRE. It is an '86 built gun with serial number 86-00143xx. Here is the M11-A1, my personal favorite due to its small size and versatility to run the 1800+rpm buzz gun stock .380 upper or slow fire Lage Max-31K 9mm drums. It is an '85 built gun with serial number 85-38009xx and has the larger S.W.D. magwell (not the smaller PS or RPB one) which allows you to run 9mm with the new Z-mags in the Lage Max-11A1/9 upper. And yes, the Z-mags also work with .380 ammo too.
  21. "Sold Pending Funds" I’m selling my RPB M11 .380. This is what many people refer to as a “Baby Mac”. This comes with a Lage Max 31k upper so you can shoot 9mm as well as .380. RPB is stamped on one side and Ingram on the other. The proper model and caliber designation is M11, Cal 9mm AutoK. Don't let that confuse you, 9mm AutoK is .380acp. This is a small magwell gun with original finish. It comes with: Soft case that holds 3 mags and gun with original upper. 4 30 round mags for .380 1 50 round mag for .380 9mm Lage Max 31k upper 5 Suomi 71 round drums for Max 31k 5 Converted 32 round sten mags for Max 31k 1 Suomi 50 round coffin mag for Max 31k Lage K grip Lage small magwell grip Lage safety Lage full auto only competition trigger Lage stock adapter Folding stock adapter for AR buffer tube Magpul stock Troy fold down sights Plus, all the original parts. $7950 includes shipping This transfers form 4 from Kentucky. First call or text saying they want it gets it. This first Picture is from when I picked it up. It shows just how small the gun really is. The Rest of the pictures show the gun with the lage max31K upper attached
  22. WTS: thread adapter 1/2-36 (9mm) to 7/8-9 (Mac10 45). Black oxide finish. Perfect condition, never used. $35 shipped.
  23. Ingram Mac 10 with Lage 45 acp upper, folding stock, one magazine, also included is Bowers 45 acp suppressor, both currently on form 3's in WV. $6500.00
  24. I have 7 zytel magazines with a four pocket Cobray pouch that I would like to sell for $170. Thank you, Jack
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