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  1. Transferable Colt model 614. Ar-15 M16 Factory machine gun not a conversion Has PD markings but Has original upper and stock. No other uppers. On form 3 at local gun store. Pics are old from previous owner. I'll try to get some new ones this week. Only trade I'd be interested in is a Ingram model 6 and cash. 33k
  2. Early Colt SP1 that was converted to full auto by Earls Gunshop / Earl Banta. Gun has had minimal use, has not been run hard, and is in the SP1 configuration. $27500
  3. So we have a new 3rd hole jig that works on BOTH sides of the lower. Past ones only worked on one side which could cause problems and you would need a drill press to accurately guide the pin & it was the only complaint with that past with this type of jig . With ours you just need a standard hand drill to drill both sides. This is a brand new design that has never been made before. Hardened drill bushings for a lifetime of accurate surface. Aluminum with hardened pressed fit steel bushings and pins. Just contact us, but we will have you send us a copy of your FFL & SOT. We will only ship to the addresses on the FFL& SOT license. $50 each with $8.95 flat shipping. https://www.cryostructure.com/product/sot-micro-jigs/
  4. This Colt AR-15 M16M16 Model SP1 carbine was converted pre-1986 to select fire using a factory Colt military auto sear and corresponding lower and upper receiver machine work to make it a perfect duplicate of the M16. It was originally on an ATF Form 1 and has been in a safe for the past 35 years. Firearm has been test fired and is extremely clean and the finish is excellent. Asking price - $23,500 plus actual FedEx shipping with insurance Barrel 12", .223 cal. Removable flash hider Collapsible stock One 30 round magazine Front adjustable vertical pistol grip Rubber shoulder pad Serial number SP-175xxx has a suffix of the initials "GAT" as required by NFA for form 1 conversions. Fully Transferrable Firearm is in stock and on an ATF form 3 and ready to transfer on an e-form form 3 direct to NFA dealer. Soft tactical case included. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. We do not accept a C & R license for any firearm. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant. Stock no. N-1521
  5. We are brokering two transferable MG's currently on F4's in PA. These will be in secure storage at our shop until the F4's are approved. The first is a Ramo 1919A4 built on an Israeli .308 parts kit. The gun has seen some use but was by no means abused and will ship as shown with the Israeli pintle mount and a shop fabricated tripod. $23,500 plus actual shipping. Second up is a Colt SP1 with factory letter dating it to 1977. The conversion was properly done and the gun has a brand new DelTon carbine parts kit installed. $26,500 including insured shipping.
  6. Have a like new Converted Colt M16A2 with M60 Joe Front pushpin conversion and KNS pins 10.5" upper, on a form 4 in Ohio. email for questions or more pics Sold pending funds
  7. I have 3 PreBan Colt AR15's I would like to sell. All are excellent condition all Colt with Colt mags and manuals, sorry no boxes: Colt AR15A2 HBAR Sporter # SP237695 $SPF https://imgur.com/a/xsXzNus Colt Sporter Match HBAR #MH018672 maybe unfired $SPF https://imgur.com/a/lxBf9Or Colt AR15a2 Sporter II # SP306279 $SPF https://imgur.com/a/Synmisk Package deal all three for SPF Prices are FOB Roanoke, VA plus shipping and insurance +3% bank fee on CC. If the picture link doesn't work drop me a note to :collectorinvmts@gmail.com
  8. Ran across a M16 yesterday that the paperwork has FBW as manufacturer. I'm niot familiar with this maker. Anyone have any info on it. Guy bought the weapon in 1986! Thanks Ken
  9. Lower is a SGW converted by John Norrell. It has new Colt fire control group, M4 stock and A2 grip. The upper is a new Colt commando upper with new non Colt b/c. Its on a form 4 as lower only. I test fired it when purchased, been stored since then. Buyer pays transfer and shipping. Half down, half on transfer. $32,995.00
  10. SOLD Dpms 4 position trigger group, safe, full, semi, burst. Kit was installed in gun to test fire, then removed, like new condition. Selector was made to go over stops, so no modification to gun. $1500.00 plus shipping Cc add 4%
  11. SPF Transferable Frankford Arsenal M16 recently refinished by Gary's Bunker. On form 3 in dealer's inventory in PA. Can Efile to your dealer. Comes with PSA 11.5" upper and one magazine shown in pictures. Test videos linked below. $25,500 plus $100 for insured shipping. Payment in USPS money orders or cash. Available for inspection. Please PM any questions.
  12. WARNING!!! DO NOT WIRE ANY MONEY ON THESE GUNS WITHOUT READING MESSAGE BELOW DATED TODAY 09/23/2022. SCAMMERS HAVE TAKEN ONE OF OUR OWN FOR A LARGE SUM OF MONEY VIA FAKE WIRE INFORMATION. Hello, We are selling some great machine guns, both Pre-may Dealer Sample and Transferable Machine Guns. All will transfer via Eform Form 3. We decided to post up here prior to taking them to Gunbroker. If you need better or more pictures, just reach out.. we have plenty of high resolution pics. Some pics posted here… Others we can email to you during business hours. Pre-May Dealer Sample Machine Gun and DD: MP5SD w/Matching Serial Suppressor $30,000.00 (Long HK Suppressor) HK EGLM 40MM Grenade Launcher $15,000.00 SOLD HK69A1 40MM Grenade Launcher. $10,000.00 SOLD Transferable Machine Guns: Very Light Use Saco Maremount M60 w/E4 Kit Installed $85,000.00 AUG Pack In Host Like New $35,000.00 SOLD Fleming Micro Uzi Registerd Receiver $27,500.00 Colt M16 $35,000.00 SOLD Colt M16A1 $35,000.00 SOLD MP5K PDW Fleming Sear in HK SP89 Host $45,000.00 SOLD Registered Receiver MP5SD Double Push Pin $50,000.00 (Short B&T Suppressor) SOLD UC9 Folding Submachine Gun $20,000.00 SOLD Small Frame MAC11 .380 Lage Upper Included $10,500.00 SOLD Fleming Mini Uzi Sear Gun IMI Host $32,500.00 Steel DIAS $65,000.00 SOLD Fleming FNC 14” Registered Receiver $22,500.00 SOLD Destructive Device: 20mm Finnish Lahti w/Transit Case, Magazines, Spares, Ammo $25,000.00 You can contact us Tue-Sat 9am to 6pm CST 9185054867 or email Info@HighEndArms.Com
  13. KAC Stoner 63a in 16' carbine configuration w/ around 1000 rounds shot. 3 mags and spare buffer spring. Decant finnish. 100k obo *SOLD* Colt xm177 m16 with original Colt moderator. Also decent finnish but a few more rounds shot. Est. Around 2000 rounds shot. 35k obo All on form 4. 50/50 down and when papers pass Spare parts for sale too. Left hand feed top cover nos, 15k Commando fluted barrel nos, 10k belt box nos, $500 Bipod, $300 Bought around 10 years with my father Mr4Speed. He passed away and I'm Getting out of the hobby.
  14. Rare..Excellent Colt Model R6550 Gov't Model 20" AR15. This was as close as Colt produced to a commercial M16A2. They only made these from 1988-1990. This example is a 1988 manufacture low serial number. All original comes as shown with Colt web sling and Colt 20 round magazine. $3500 plus shipping. Cards add 4%.
  15. SOLD $39,900 OBO This is an incoming deal, Paperwork has been filed. We will transfer out via Efile 50/50 deal to purchase. Absolutely beautiful Colt M16 HBAR This rifle shows little use and has been very well cared for! Our customer has stored this rifle and has never fired it in the 10+ years of owning it.
  16. I have for sale as shown in Pic,( 27 ) Used M16/AR15 Mil Spc Mags. No cracked, broken or bent Feed Lips. No dents, or bent Mags. All Mags are Marked on Bottom Plates, Okay, Center and Brownells. $9.00 Ea, plus Postage. Will get you Actual Postage. First I'll take it Gets it with a PM to me with your Name and Shipping Address I'll accept as Payment, U S Postal Money Order or PayPal, Discreet as a Gift Friends and Family. Any Questions or Comments , PM me Will do the best i can on posting how many are left. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  17. I have for sale as shown in Pic,( 27 ) Used M16/AR15 Mil Spc Mags. No cracked, broken or bent Feed Lips. No dents, or bent Mags. All Mags are Marked on Bottom Plates, Okay, Center and Brownells. $9.00 Ea, plus Postage. Will get you Actual Postage. First I'll take it Gets it with a PM to me with your Name and Shipping Address I'll accept as Payment, U S Postal Money Order or PayPal, Discreet as a Gift Friends and Family. Any Questions or Comments , PM me Will do the best i can on posting how many are left. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  18. $39,900 plus shipping Incoming transfer, Form 4 to Form 3 paperwork filed. 50/50 payment to hold. Balance due on filing the form 3. Another beautiful Colt from the same collection, Colt AR-15 Model 639 with Colt Moderator. The Moderators serial number does not match the rifle. All original with 11.5" barrel, vinyl coated carbine stock. Has not been fired in over 10 years. This rifle has been an investment piece its entire life, shows very little wear and no damage.
  19. SOLD $33,900 plus shipping On Form 3, will E-File. Beautiful Colt M16A1 Carbine all original 14.5" Barrel Serial number 92XXXXX Small blem on buttstock and receiver both on right side, shown in photos. Our customer owned this for 10 years and never fired it. It shows very little use!
  20. Hello, I am selling this beautiful H&R M16A1 reweld receiver. This is a Stemple reweld from the 80's. Based off the serial number, it's very probable this originally would have served in Vietnam before it was demilled and welded. The receiver has honest wear and is an excellent candidate for a Vietnam A1 build. The GM and Colt rewelds are seldom up for sale, and even scarcer are these H&R's. I am selling this receiver built as a mod. 723 with a very rare Colt 723 upper and buttstock, see photos below, mag not included). ***This receiver is on an individual Form 4 and manufacture is listed as H&R*** $30,000 $27,500 $25,000 + buyer covers shipping and transfer fees. Half payment required upon purchase, half after paperwork is filed or rifle reaches broker. Item in Texas. We can transfer to a dealer broker if you wish, I am flexible. I am also open to partial trades for Russian AKM kits, Russian SVD's, Iraqi marked kits and other Middle East type of AK kits. Please message me for additional info. Serious inquiries only. Full length video we made on this very receiver:
  21. I must be blind but can't see how to delete this post...Decided not to sell. Thank you to all those who showed interest. Great shape Factory original Colt M16A1. Includes gun as configured in pics. If you would like the extras in pics ((2) additional Colt uppers (9mm and 5.56), bayonet, and buttstock) add $2k. I believe the color difference between the upper and lower is due to cleaning / oil. I personally have never used any of the uppers. The lower was used with a different upper and I have put less than 1000 rounds through it.
  22. SPF Transferable Colt M16 9mm Converted by Wilson Arms. On form 3 in dealer's inventory. Can Efile. Runs flawless in 9mm and can run 5.56 by removing magazine block and changing upper. One Colt magazine included. Had a chance at a local machine gun shoot to test. Put three magazines thru that ran without a problem. Link to video below. $25,500.00 and $150 for Insured shipping. Partial payment can be made by check. Majority of payment in USPS money orders or cash. Available for inspection. Please PM any questions.
  23. never fired. Colt m16 A1 original upper, second upper fitted with twist on Unfired GEMTECH “Quick Mount” NEW Beta-C 100rd Drum Magazine with OD Pouch, Loader & Graphite. buyer PAYS ALL TRANFER FEES ON FORM 4 $34,000. Call Tony 443-201-3088
  24. WTS: Colt A1 Upper I have one very nice condition Colt A1 upper available for sale. The receiver is C M marked and the barrel is a very nice C MP Chrome Bore marked example. Condition is very good with only light handling marks. There is an area on the left side of the receiver where former property markings were removed. The bore is bright and shiny and appears nearly new. Refer to the photos for further details. Price: $1200.00 Payment: Paypal gift / friends & family, Venmo, USPS Money Order, Check Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM) Cross Posted
  25. Looking to buy a transferable M16. Something on the lower end like a Frankford Arsenal, Olympic or PAWS. Would like to trade a new McMillan TAC-50C and cash or an all cash deal for the right price. Located in PA. Don't care if it is form 3 or 4 or out of state. Familiar with NFA process. Have a dealer that will handle paperwork and funds available. The Mcmillan is listed in the Collectors Market Board with pictures. Message me with what you have. Please don't comment on ad.
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