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Found 13 results

  1. Both M-60 Mount & Platform Extension look new. $250 + shipping. If interested, best to e-mail at : smgdave@yahoo.com Thanks, Dave
  2. Standard Stellite M60 barrel assembly was new when I got it. Taken to the range once then treated as a spare barrel that was not used again.. Part number 26978-7269028 stamped on bbl. $650 + shipping. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Dave
  3. This is a hard to find 'D' kit that was new (other than ejection bag/frame) when I got it years ago. Kit was installed on the gun twice. Once to take these pics and once installed & fired at range then removed. M60 is sold, so no need for the M60D kit now. Kit includes, Spade Grip Assembly, Dust Boot, Rear Aircraft Sight, Buffer Yoke, Sear Link Rod, Trigger Assembly, Trigger Lock Spring, Used Ejection bag, Ejection Bag Frame and Ejection Bag Mounting Bracket. No other parts. The 'D' kit shown on the 60 is just to show what it looks like attached less Ejection bag/frame. The Chute Mounting bracket was riveted to my gun at the factory and was sold with the gun. M60 pictured not included. $3500 plus shipping. If interested contact me with a PM.
  4. NIB M60D helicopter 200 round ammo can assembly for Armament subsystems M23, M24 & M41. Attaches directly to the chute mounting bracket on left side of gun (see pic). $390 + shipping. PM me if interested.
  5. Gentlemen, I have several standard M60 Parts Kits available. These include every part to assemble a stripped M60 reciever. Some parts are NOS and some are used. Parts that are used are in excellent condition. $6,000 Plus Shipping Aaron - Mohnton, pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  6. Gentlemen, I have a few M60D Magazine Bracket that just came in. These are also known as feed chute mounting brackets..... They are complete and ready to go. Excellent condition. As most of you know these are one of the hardest parts to find for the M60. They mount to the left side of the channel right below your feed tray. Feed Chute attached to them and can be quickly released and attached using the levers on the bracket. Please see the video from my youtube channel below for a better understanding on how these work Typically these rivet to the side of the gun but I do have special mounting hardware that is available at an additional cost. $375 each plus shipping Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com BELOW VIDEOS TO SHOW HOW THESE BRACKETS WORK
  7. Gentlemen, I got a nice lot of M60 Buttstocks and Handguards in. Pictures below. Condition is from immaculate to good.. price will vary depending on what your looking for. **Always open to trades for other M60 parts Handguards: $425 NEW IN THE WRAP Buttstocks: $385 NOS *For you collectors that have to have it all, I do have one very very early rare M60 stock in this lot. The sling swivel is on the bottom. Pictured below. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  8. . SOLD Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  9. Gentlemen, I have 3 M60e6 Conversion kits inbound. These kits are made by US Ordnance and include everything to completely convert your M60 into an M60e6. One of the kits is a Danish Kit, which is just about impossible to find. They are used by the Danish Military who has a contract with US Ordnance. The other two kits are regular black e6 kits. One is used and one is new which is indicated below. I will post the used kit with photos when I get it in..it will be $7,500... These kits can easily be installed. Below I have a detailed step by step video on how to install them. Below photos are the actual parts you will receive. Any questions ,please ask. Also, for more information on the M60 Machine Gun Please Visit my Youtube Channel here ---> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ZhJlh3nMldDenv4BFfAqA Aaron - Mohnton, Pa M60.MachineGun@Aol.Com KIT 1 - Danish M60e6 Conversion Kit ( Kit will have a e6 charging handle) NEW - $9,000 Shipped KIT 2 - Standard M60e6 Kit NEW - $8,500 Shipped ** BELOW PHOTOS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW YOU WHAT THE M60E6 LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED ** DANISH M60E6 STANDARD M60E6 ** HOW TO ASSEMBLE THE M60E6 **
  10. Gentlemen, I have for sale some USGI M60 Channels. These are heat treated and ready to go. Any questions please ask. OUT OF STOCK Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  11. Gentlemen, These are USGI Surplus kits. Everything is in excellent condition.. Most parts (if not all) are NOS .. I will send additional detailed photos upon request. These M60e3 kits are near impossible to find anymore.. The US Marine Corps and US Navy adopted the M60e3 in 1985. They were in service for around 10 years so the amount of parts out there is very limited. Even standard parts are drying up and they were in service for over 40 years ..Prices and Pictures below.... ** For information on the M60e3 kit and how to assemble it please visit my YouTube Channel here---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kl_C7s2V18 $7,200 Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com **BELOW PICTURES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THE M60E3 LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED **
  12. Gentlemen, I have for sale TWO M60e3 conversion kits. For those of you who are not aware, these kits will convert your standard M60 into an M60e3. These kits were produced by Saco Defense. Individual kit conditions listed below with pictures. The kits pictured is what you will actually receive. I will send close up individuals photos of each component to serious buyers. **Any questions, Please Ask Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa - M60.MachineGun@Aol.Com KIT 1 - Used and in excellent condition. What you see in the photographs is what you will receive. Topcover is complete. $3,850 ** SPF SPF ** KIT 2 - I believe everything in this kit is NOS. It comes with a New / Never in a gun Commando barrel. What you see pictured is what you will receive. $4,500 SOLD SOLD SOLD **BELOW PICTURES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THE M60E3 LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED**
  13. . Got the following M60 Machine Gun Parts for sale..always looking to trade for other M60 Parts..Pictures and prices below - Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com -NOS in wrap Standard Gas Nuts - $15 -NOS Rubber top cover Cheek Rests - SOLD OUT - NOS in wrap M60 Combo tools - $10
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