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  1. If you like will LOVE this short Video.... VERY Close shots of the Valmet RK95 rifles...... watch the night sights get flipped up....and night scope use...... several Rifle grenades are fired......with BALL Ammo...NOT BLanks Very Good action shots !! Runs about 8 minutes.....high speed required..... Who Invaded Finland ? Read the English Translation Below....Before watching the Video >>>> Here is a quick translation to english.....from Robie in Finland...... "Finnish" (fast translation) ----------------------------- "Heko edess;Tulta" (Helicopter ahead! Fire!) "KK , asemaan" (MG into this firing position!) "Jokela! Jokela, tuhoa tuo kk pes;" (Jokela! Jokela, destroy that MG nest) "KK tukee, muut sy?en eteenp;! Ampukaa!" (MG covers, others advance! Fire!) "Suojaa, vaihdan lippaan" (Cover me, I'm switching magazines) "Heit" (I'm throwing!) "Mutka oikealle" "Heit; (Right curve, I'm throwing) "Harjanteen tasalle, Asemaan!" (To the ridge, Get in position!) "KK pes!" (MG nest!) "Tuhotkaa rakennuksessa oleva KK pes! Antakaa merkki kun voimme iikkeelle" (Destroy the MG nest in the building! Give us a sign when we can advance) "Kukkonen ja Kytimitte ryhmvartiomiehin; Vartiopaikkanne on tuon kumpareen ; Vartiopaikalle siirrytte mets;oikeaa reunaa pitkin. Vastaatte siit;ttei vihollinen " (Kukkonen and Kytu are squad guards. Your guard post is on top of that hill. You move to the guard post along the forest line to the right. You are responsible for keeping the enemy from surprising us...) "Mikn patruunatilanne?" -Kaksi lipasta -Yksi lipas "Selvasatkaa" "Tuliasemanne ;tulialueen vasen raja , oikea raja kivi. Nime;maaston; vasemmalla 200. Keskell 150. Oikealla lato 300" (What's the ammo situation? - two mags -one mag OK, even out This is your firing position, the field of fire left is that pine, right that stone. I'll designate the field; left ->pine 200m. Middle-> road 150m. Right-> barn 300m) "Vihollisia. Ilmoita ainakin ryhm, verran vihollista suon takana..." (Enemy. Report at least a squad of enemy behind the swamp..." "Jos liikutte peseen alueella erkittyj; eittej;tupakointi on ehdottomasti kielletty ja mink;laisia valoja ei saa ; "...Ryhm;verran vihollista tulossa suon takaa!" "Selv;tuleeko Harju? - tulee kohta.. "Selv;Heikkinen asemaan! Tie Huomio!" (If you move in the area of our nest use marked routes, smoking is strictly forbidden and no lights may be used.) (...A squad of enemy advancing behind the swamp!) (OK, is Harju coming? - yes follows soon...) (OK, Heikkinen battle positions! Road Aim!)...which is repeated along the squad line prior to Fire! (done simultaneously by the squad leader firing a shot) ----- end text "You + Gun = Fighter" ----- >>>>