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Found 11 results

  1. I have closed my HK build operations and have only a few different trigger packs available: PLEASE NOTE: ALL NFA rules apply when using these. Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all. Note also type of grip frame included in listing. I cannot accept low ball offers as I am now listing at what it cost me to acquire these. Anything less than those amounts would only come in a volume purchase or reasonable offer. I am in no rush to sell as I can't replace these. Here is what I have left I can clear it all out for $1600 or pricing as follows: Trigger packs: 1 x 9mm 3 position ESL ambi navy pack, currently set up in an HK MP5K grip frame $550 NEW 1 x HK .40 S&W factory correct 3 position trigger pack (set up in a ergo SEF clipped and pinned grip frame) $350 Lightly used 1 x HK G3 / 91 3 position ESL ambi back set up in clipped and pinned navy grip frame double tang $450 NEW 1 X HK G3 / 91 factory new SEF pack in factory navy g4rip frame $130 Lightly used SOLD 1 x HK 93/33 3 position trigger pack with spare .308 ejector lever not in a grip frame $120 used SOLD 1 x HK 3 position ambi trigger pack in .308, set up with a 4 position grip frame, but with safe and semi selector switch only, trigger pack is full operable 4 position if you have the correct switch selector lever $550 NEW 1 x HK 3 position SEF trigger pack .308 $120 lightly used 1 x HK semi (SF) trigger pack with factory correct HK 53 ejector lever (not in grip frame) $180 unused ejector lever, used trigger box 1 x HK sear ready SEF trigger pack for registered sears set up in .40 SW $350 remanufactured all german except the relocated safety sear for use with registered sear. SOLD HK grip frames: Factory steel SP89 (pre 1989 in black) in new condition ( was a take off from a customer MP5K PDW build) $150 Frames appear new / almost unused Factory steel HK93 (pre 1988 in black) in new condition (was a take off from a customer HK 33k build) $150 Frame appears new / almost unused
  2. WTS( two) 30 round G3 Hk91 30 rounds magazines in excellent condition $140.00 shipped for both, via priority mail. USPS money order or Zelle is required for payment if you want it to ship quickly. I will take a personal check, but I will hold off shipping for 10 business days to be sure the check clears. I purchased these magazines new in about 1990 and I shot them 2 or 3 times in my full auto G3 and they functioned perfectly. Since then they have been stored in a climate controlled room. I purchased these new from Ralph at RDTS (Red Dog Target supply). I believe that RDTS made them from two 20 round magazines. I will not ship to any state where it is not legal. I will also not take the mags apart to make it a repair kit. I will not ship to the following states for sure California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York State, Ohio, Washington D.C., or any other part of the US where this item is not legal. By purchasing this item you are certifying it is legal to own in your city or county. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thanks
  3. Did any of the 1966 HK 41s come with metal forearms? I know that some of the 1962 G3’s did. Also roughly how much could I expect to pay for one of the metal ones? any input is appreciated.
  4. 10 Round Magazine Steel - HK G3, 91 & PTR - Red Floor Plate - $49.95 Heckler Koch / HKParts 10 Round Magazine Steel - HK G3, 91 & PTR - Blue Floor Plate - $49.95 Heckler Koch / HKParts In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS https://www.hkparts.net/ (801) 987-3494
  5. UZI PARTS: I have the following items available for sale. All prices include shipping. All parts are like new surplus parts and brand new parts that i used to build a functioning gun i fired maybe a dozen times. Either NOS Israeli or NOS German and various new parts from the usual vendors. Also listed is spares i acquired of various things. The magazines are a mix of NOS and lightly used. Be sure to see the receiver I have for sale HERE 1 16 inch semi auto barrel from US Barrel Shrouds HERE $100.00 1 Israeli barrel nut: $15.00 1 striker assembly with chrome plated firing pin: $75.00 1 semi 9mm full lip bolt as shown HERE $300.00 comes with recoil spring. 1 recoil buffer: $15.00 2 folding metal stocks: $25.00 each. 2 ratcheting and 4 non ratcheting top covers: Your choice $12.75 each or all 6 for $60.00 2 DES lower grip assemblies complete less sear: $65.00 each or save $10 and get both for $120.00 1 gorgeous quick detach wood stock. Absolutely perfect! $45.00 1 Title II Arms faux suppressor AS SHOWN HERE (replaces barrel nut and hides a goofy looking 16 in barrel well): $65.00 14 - 32 round magazines: ALL $160.00 1 US made semi auto sear: $25.00 5 mod A rear sight nuts: ALL $10.00 2 barrel nut catches with spring: $6.00 ea or both for $10.00 1 set used grip panels good: $13.00 1 accessory set that includes a tan canvas 6 mag pouch, mod A front sight tool, muzzle cover, 2 slings and cleaning rod. As shown here except comes with 2 slings: $25.00 or $20 when bought with another item. ALL PRICES INCLUDE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING I accept paypal discreet (send money to friends and family) or add 3% to be invoiced. DM me for payment info and photo requests of any item. I also have for sale 1 like new (factory test firing only) complete bolt assembly for HK 91, HK G3, PTR 91 and any other compatible clone. Comes with standard locking piece, firing pin and firing pin spring as shown. This Item is A Complete Bolt Head Using A Combination Of New HK German & US Made Parts. Bolt Head Counts as 1 US made compliance part for the 922R compliance. HK 91 HK G3 PTR-91 SAR3/8 Other HK .308 Clones or Custom builds. MORE INFO HERE $100.00 SHIPPED CONUS I accept PayPal and POSTAL money orders only. DM me for payment info. Reply to listing for any other questions.
  6. SOLD PENDING FUNDS.. do not delete. I'm selling one of my 2 identical carriers. I use one in my G3 and this is another I got for a project that didn't happen. Since these carriers will last literally forever, I don't need 2. German Rhinemetall G3 full auto bolt carrier (also works fine for semi-auto weapons, does not make your semi fire FA). HK, FMP and other G3 manufacturers produce bolt carriers from two pieces of steel which are welded together. Rhinemetall of Germany was contracted by the German Government to build the finest HK G3 rifles. This lead Rhinemetall to use a one piece of solid billet to mill the bolt carrier as a singular part. By using this method the carrier is stronger, though more costly, more robust under all conditions and enables the improved design to take a lifetime of abuse and hard use in combat conditions. The Rhinemetall bolt carrier is the most desirable G3/91 F/A carrier. As it is the only one-piece carrier ever made. Complete with locking lever, spring and axle installed. Carrier is compatible with: HK G3 HK 91 PTR-91 SAR 3/8 HK SR9 Vector 308 Clones Century Arms C308 or other HK style builds or clones If you want THE very best bolt carrier available, this is the one. This particular carrier is dated 06/63. Robert RTG wants $179.95 plus shipping. Get mine for $160.00 shipped in CONUS. (NOW $149.95!) I accept PayPal (no fee for "friends and family type payment") and CC add 3%. DM me for payment info. Reply to listing for any questions. Here's RTG's listing for the same bolt carrier. HERE
  7. I have for sale one set of excellent original German walnut furniture. Comes with butt, forend and a brand new old stock original German leather sling. Includes everything pictured except recoil assembly. You will not find a nicer OG wood stock set anywhere... for that matter you won't find a crappy one. They were made from 1959-64 and all the surplus sets dried up long ago. Same with the NOS sling.. there are no more available anywhere. $265.00 shipped CONUS. I accept Paypal (no fee if sent "friends and family") or CC. add 3%. DM me for payment info. Reply to listing for any questions. GUN NOT INCLUDED
  8. I have for sale a surplus jungle green handguard and buttstock for HK 91, G3 and clones. Includes slimline forearm/ handguard, buttstock center section with springclip buttpad, used leather sling, NEW buffer and complete recoil assembly with NEW spring. $40.00 plus shipping conus. Includes everything pictured. In good shape with 1 small nick where the pad mates with the buttstock. It's NOS German surplus. I accept postal MO, Paypal & CC. Add 3% for Paypal and CC. See examples here: http://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/HK51-GREEN-BUTTSTOCK-ASSEMBLY-NEW-COMPLETE-25p1924.htm http://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/G3-TROPICAL-GREEN-SLIM-HANDGUARD-FMP-25p2068.htm http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-91-G3-PTR-Fixed-Stock-Jungle-Green-Surplus-9p16270.htm http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/G3-91-PTR-Slimline-Forearm-Jungle-Green-p16266.htm
  9. I have for sale 1 new HK aftermarket trigger housing that will accept all SEF style trigger packs. This will also fit all HK 94, HK 93 and HK 91 type HK rifles or pistols & clones. This is made by PTR-91 and made to exact HK specs and comes clipped and ready for the semi auto shelf. Counts as 1 922r compliance item. $50.00 shipping included. I accept postal MO, Paypal and CC. Add 3% for Paypal and CC. Specs can be found here: http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Safe-Semi-S-F-Grip-Frame-Housing-U-S-110p840.htm
  10. I have for sale an unrestored used walnut stock for the HK G3, 91 and clones. There are dings and scratches from use by the German military but no cracks. This is for the buttstock only and does not include a buttplate. It does include a backplate without the recoil rod. $20.00 + shipping Conus. I accept postal MO, Paypal & CC. Add 3% for Paypal & CC.
  11. The Lepers UTG claw mount is made from steel. It fits easily and quickly on HK rifles. The quick detach feature is why these units are highly sought after. Includes a picatinny rail, which is removable. I bought it new in 2013 and never used it. I got lucky and found a new Hendsoldt Z-24 that came with it's own claw mount. For HK 91, 93, 53 HK G3 MP5 Century and PTR clones. $45.00 plus shipping. I accept postal MO, Paypal and CC. Add 3% for Paypal or CC.
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