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Found 3 results

  1. The extended magazine release we offer on our website is the most popular upgrade available for your HK 45C, USP, USPC, P2000, or P2000SK pistol. This mag release will provide more than double the contact surface area to aid in faster, more reliable mag releases without changing the position of your grip. Be sure to check it out! NOTE: Will NOT fit the HK45 full size, P30, P30L, VP9 or Mark 23 Pistols Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 _____________ Extended Magazine Release For HK Pistols || $19.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Extended-Magazine-Release-For-HK-Pistols-198p1669.htm _____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  2. Be sure to check out the new HK P2000SK 9mm +2 Mag Extension, Finger Rest we offer on our website! This mag extension provides a pinky rest that is super well balanced, ergonomic and rock solid. The +2 mag extension also adds a nice feature of 2 additional rounds to the mag capacity in the magazine. Easy to install & made 100% in the USA from billeted hard anodized aluminum. Be sure to check it out! Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 _____________ P2000SK Finger Extension - Pinky Rest +2 Round || $24.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=18009&idcategory=204 _____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK pistol parts & accessories.
  3. Check out the Streamlight Tactical Lights & Light/Laser combos we offer for various HK pistols, including the HK VP9, VP40, HK P30, P30L, HK P2000, P2000SK, etc. With the ambidextrous momentary/steady on-off switch, the bright white LED light, and the ultra lightweight & compact design, you can't go wrong with these accessories. We also offer two conversion kits--one for the full size USP models and another for the USPC models. Be sure to look through the list below. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 __________ [Streamlight Conversion Kits] Streamlight H&K USP Conversion Kit — Full Size || $19.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-H-K-USP-Conversion-Kit-Full-Size-199p16923.htm Streamlight H&K USP Conversion Kit — Compact || $19.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-H-K-USP-Conversion-Kit-Compact-198p16922.htm _____ [TLR-1 & TLR-2 Lights/Lasers] Streamlight TLR-1 HP Long Range Tactical Light HK || $179.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-1-HP-Long-Range-Tactical-Light-HK-203p16925.htm Streamlight TLR-2G Tactical Light, Green Laser || $299.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-2G-Tactical-Light-Green-Laser-203p16717.htm _____ [TLR-3 Lights] Streamlight TLR-3 Fits Most HK, Glock, Etc || $139.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-3-Fits-Most-HK-Glock-Etc-203p16919.htm Streamlight TLR-3 For All HK USP - Full Size || $149.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-3-For-All-HK-USP-Full-Size-199p16921.htm _____ [TLR-4 Lights/Lasers] Streamlight TLR-4 Tactical Light/Laser || $149.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-4-Tactical-Light-Laser-203p8538.htm Streamlight TLR-4 For All HK USP- Full Size Pistol || $199.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-4-For-All-HK-USP-Full-Size-Pistol-199p16916.htm Streamlight TLR-4 For All HK USP- Compact Pistols || $199.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-4-For-All-HK-USP-Compact-Pistols-198p16915.htm Streamlight TLR-4 Green Laser For USP Full Size || $289.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-4-Green-Laser-For-USP-Full-Size-199p16918.htm Streamlight TLR-4 Green Laser HK- USP Compact || $289.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-4-Green-Laser-HK-USP-Compact-198p16917.htm Streamlight TLR-4 For HK Pistols || $299.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/Streamlight-TLR-4-For-HK-Pistols-203p16914.htm __________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
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