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Found 5 results

  1. StormWerkz Picatinny interface stock adapters for the Daewoo DR200/DR300 rifles. Simple to install, bolt and washer included $80 StormWerkz Daewoo Type 3 Stock Adapter
  2. StormWerkz Picatinny interface stock adapters for the Daewoo DR200/DR300 rifles. Simple to install, bolt and washer .included $80 StormWerkz Daewoo Type 3 Stock Adapter
  3. StormWerkz stock adapter for the Daewoo DR-200 and DR-300 rifle. The new adapter allows the use of any Ar-15 stock – rifle or carbine. Many shooters have requested this adapter to either replace their thumb-hole stock or to replace their existing stock adapter. The adapters bolt on the rear of the receiver after removing the original thumb-hole stock. Adapter does not include pistol grip or stock. No Permanent Alteration to Firearm! $80 Daewoo Handguard For more information and to order please visit our website at www.stormwerkz.com Thanks for the boards Buddy !!
  4. StormWerkz limited production free floating handguard for Daewoo K2's, DR200, and DR-300 rifles. No modification to rifle. This is a 922(r) compliant part when used on a DR-200/DR-300 Handguard only, rifle and other accessories not included 100% USA ! $250 plus shipping. U.S. Sales only Please visit our website at www.stormwerkz.com Thanks for the boards Buddy ! http://stormwerkz.com/handguards/daewoo-k2dr200-handguard/
  5. I have acquired the inventory of the now defunct Daewoorifleparts.com. This is likely the only cache of Daewoo parts in the county other than a few 922 R parts by various companies. I am attempting to sell this as one lot to an entity that would like to continue to sell these parts and possibly even manufacture parts in the future. I am not a dealer, just a Daewoo collector who did not want to see this stuff disappear into a dusty basement somewhere. I acquired this lot of parts with the sole purpose of finding a buyer that has the resources to sell them. The domain name could be transferred to the buyer if they wanted it. I do not have the time to sell this stuff individually. Below is a complete listing of the inventory. In parenthesis behind each line item is the estimated retail cost. There are several receivers that would have to go to an FFL. I am not an FFL but the receivers are personally owned. The whole lot of parts is quite heavy probably 100 plus pounds. i can arrange shipping at the buyers expense. Local pickup in the Phoenix AZ Area is possible as is inspection by appointment. Feel free to ask questions. Cost for the entire inventory is $11,000.00 We are open to reasonable offers. Total Value is estimated at over 25K. At this time we are not selling any individual parts. Please do not ask about individual parts. This sale if for the entire inventory at one time for one money. Daewoo Rifle Parts INVENTORY as of 7/12/17 Parts list broken down into parts specific to types, and parts common to all types. Parts marked with (*) are easily replaced by bulk purchased AR15 parts. Mostly springs. Parts in BOLD are impossible to find or high demand/high dollar value per part items. DR200/300 DR200/300 aftermarket stock, Lage mfg, plastic, 6” US made for 922r, 2 (130) DR200/300 aftermarket flash hider, CNC Warrior mfg, New, parked, US made for 922r, 1 (65) Gas piston types. Piston, New, CNC Warrior, US made for 922r or replace broken pre-89 gun, Stainless 11 (550) DR200/300 Thumbhole stocks. 9 (225) DR200/300 Thumbhole stock, green 1 with matching handguards (50) DR200/300 only, inverted safety, used, 21 (420) DR200, barrel, used, stripped, w/o extension 1 (100) DR200/300 ring, buffer, used, 6 (180) DR200/300 spring, buffer, used, 6 (60) DR300 (7.62x39mm) ONLY, extractor with spg 1 (100) DR300 only, barrel assembly w/extension, used 2 (300) DR300 ONLY, recoil spring assembly, used 1 (150) DR200/300 safety plunger retaining set screw, 11 (44) DR200/300 safety plunger (short) 10 (100) DR200/300 safety spring (short) 10 (40) DR200/300 receiver, stripped. 4 (600) (3114) PARTS FOR PRE-89 guns. Gas piston and DI types. ALL PRE-89 types, bolt, pistol grip 7* (70) ALL PRE-89 types, plunger, safety 14* (70) ALL PRE-89 types, spring, safety plunger 17* (85) ALL Pre-89 types, pistol grip, new, Korean 3 (195) ALLPre-89 type, spring, buffer, used, 4 (40) ALL Pre-89 type, ring, buffer, 5 (50) PRE-89 guns gas piston only. Gas piston type, Pre-89, screw, buttplate attaching, 1 (5) Pre-89 K2, spring, stock folding knuckle 1 (10) (525) PARTS COMMON TO ALL RIFLE TYPES ALL TYPES Front sling swivel 4 (40) ALL TYPES Front sling swivel rivet 2 (10) ALL TYPES magazine catch 15 (375) ALL TYPES magazine release button (some with retaining pin) 9 (180) ALL TYPES spring, magazine release 16 (80) ALL TYPES spring, disconnector 200* (800) ALL TYPES screw, handguard 8 (80) ALL TYPES Roll pin, ejector housing 1” 33 (120) ALL TYPES, front swivel band 6 (60) ALL TYPES, pin, extractor axle, used 3* (15) ALL TYPES, pin, firing pin retainer 9* (90) ALL TYPES, sleeve, ejector blade housing, 7 (175) ALL TYPES. Spring, ejector or front pivot pin 20* (200) ALL TYPES Spring, extractor, 25* (200) ALL TYPES, buffer, extractor spring insert, blue 20* (80) ALL TYPES, pin, front pivot 9* (90) ALL TYPES, plunger, front pivot pin 10* (50) ALL TYPES, spring, trigger return 30* (300) ALL TYPES, ejector blade 14 (420) ALL TYPES, pin, extractor axle, new 30* (240) ALL TYPES, plunger, bolt catch, 25* (125) ALL TYPES, roll pin, gas piston or buffer retainer 5 (25) ALL TYPES. Spring, rear sight windage wheel plunger 5* (25) ALL TYPES. Roll pin, TINY, for windage wheel 10* (30) ALL TYPES, plunger, windage wheel 4* (20) ALL TYPES, trigger guard assy, used takeoffs 12 (240) ALL TYPES, spring, hammer, new 23* (100) ALL TYPES, disconnector, used 5 (125) ALL TYPES, hammer, used, reparked 3 (75) ALL TYPES, trigger, used, some reparked 16 (400) ALL TYPES, washer, split, handguard screw, new, Korean 7 (35) ALL TYPES, pin, tapered, front sight block, new, Korean 5* (25) -----ZERO pre-89 imported DI guns have these parts, however our NEW Korean recoil sets have them. Very early Gas piston guns do not have the “flip lock” on the recoil set either--- ALL TYPES, recoil spring flip lock lever, used, 1 (10) ALL TYPES, recoil spring flip lock lever plunger, used 1 (10) (4850) Parts for Gas tube DI guns only, K1, AR100c, Max I Gas TUBE type, bolt, stripped, new Korean 12 (2800) Gas tube type, rear sight, takeoff, parkerized 1 (25) Gas tube type, firing pin, CNC Warrior, Sts, New, 3 (120) Gas tube type, firing pin, Korean, chromed, new 11 (440) Gas tube type, pin, camming, new Korean, 6 (210) Gas tube type, lever, bolt catch, reparked 3 (120) Gas tube type, spring, front sight adjusting 4* (20) Gas tube type, plunger, front sight adjusting 4* (20) Gas tube type, front sight post, 3 (15) Gas tube type, rear sight windage screw, 3 (30) Gas tube type, McFarland 1 piece gas ring, new 8 (80) Gas tube type, std gas rings, 24* (75) Gas tube type, barrel, used, stripped, no extension 1 (100) Gas tube types, recoil spring set, w/lock, new Korean 25 (4375) Gas tube type, handguards, new pair w/screw 1 (65) Gas tube type, upper receiver, stripped, new, Korean 1 (250) Gas tube type, sliding buttstock, new, Korean, 4 (700) Gas tube type, extractors. New, US, 5* (100) (9445) Parts for Gas piston guns only. Gas piston types, charging handle, new, Korean, 5 (260) Gas piston type, spring, recoil, new, Korean 44 (1980) Gas piston types, gas piston op rod, new, Korean 9 (450) Gas piston types, gasplug, custom gunsmith made, 1 (n/a) Gas piston types, Piston, Korean, chromed, takeoffs 4 (200) Gas piston types. Nut, jam type, for flash hider, new, parkerized 11 (110) Gas piston type, firing pin, takeoff, chromed 1 (40) Gas piston type, pin, camming, new, Korean 8 (315) Gas piston type, pin, camming, used, Korean 9 (225) Gas piston type, EARLY, pin, camming, relief cut, used 1 (50) Gas piston type, handguards, new, pair w/screw 1 (65) Gas piston type, handguards, used, pair 3 (180) Gas piston type, gas tube, new, Korean 4 (200) Gas piston type, bolt catch lever, used 9 (225) Gas piston type, rear sight blade, used, 7 (175) Gas piston type (DR200 marked) knob, elevation, used, 5 (125) Gas piston type, windage wheel, used, 9 (175) Gas piston type, ring, gas tube spacer, new 11 (110) Gas piston type, windage screw, used, 11 (220) Gas piston type, elevation castle bolt, used, 11 (220) Gas piston type, rear sight W spring, used, 11 (220) Gas piston type, rear sight elevation screw, used 10 (100) Gas piston type, pin, barrel fixing, new, Korean 8 (120) Gas piston type, screw, scope mount filler, used, 3 (30) Gas piston type, clip, gas plug release plunger, replacement 20 (100) Gas piston type, washer, windage wheel spacer, used 5 (25) (5920) Custom parts Gas piston type, long optics rail, AZEX mfg. New, 2 (140) Gas piston types, Piston, New, CNC Warrior, Sts, SHORT for Contractor 12” upper conversions 28 (1400) Gas piston types. DRP, 3d printed oversized charging handles, Shapeways mfg. 922r compliant, 12 (1020) K3 belt-fed machinegun, optics rail, bolt on, custom, new, AZEX mfg. 3 (300) Gas piston types, gas plug, extended, new, CNC Warrior mfg. 18 (1530) Gas piston types, gas plug, standard replacement, CNC Warrior mfg. 2 (130) Gas piston types, flash hider, New, parkerized, 922r compliant, CNC Warrior mfg. with jam nut. 1 (65) ALL types, 90 degree throw reversible safety lever. Aluminum, Stormwerkz mfg. 1 (65)
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