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Found 12 results

  1. DLO 1917. A great looking and shooting gun. Will efile to your FFL on Form3. Sales includes only what you see in the pics below. $18K delivered. No hurry to sell, so I will ignore any requests for a price lower than $18K delivered. email steve at adcofirearmsdotcom
  2. <h4>COLT IS THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER......UNFIRED and unassembled DLO AN-M2 belt fed machinegun. This is a prize as it has never been assembled. May or may not be missing small parts but DLO did send all he had.. Since 1996 this has been stored properly and most parts are still cosmoline covered. --- NO RUST. This has been a ONE OWNER gun and it is now first time offered for sale.. Shipping additional 150.00.. I will pay first 200.00 tax to owner upon good funds.. I am a retired C-2 dealer selling off old inventory and have 200 references if needed. YOU may inspect gun at our local PD if needed. This AN-M2 is the best of DLO's guns. I have another that has fired 15K rounds without a hitch at all. This has a 30-06 barrel as supplied by DLO and a 8MM barrel made from a MG34 barrel .. Invest in a good gun. . </h4>
  3. This listing is for a DLO built AN/M2 .30 (30-06) aircraft gun. This is a lightweight version of the 1919 with Spade grips. This is an absolutely beautiful gun and clean as a pin. The rate of fire is around 1300 rounds per minute! There are a couple of videos on Youtube with a similar gun firing. The feed can be changed from left to right as desired. This gun will come with a newer manufacture but identical to GI tripod and T&E for ground use. The added stability makes it a great base to shoot from. Also included is an extra barrel and several other spare parts. This gun will go out on a tax paid form 4 in Kentucky. Shipping will be actual cost. The gun itself will ship in a Pelican case. These arent seen too often so dont miss this opportunity to add one to your collection. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or specific pictures. Priced to sell at $16,499 plus shipping. rext269@aol.com or 859-361-9444. Thank you for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  4. I am offering an MP5K with 4 position burst pack with a DLO trigger frame, rolling sear, and all new factory internals. If you are looking for the most sought after and highly collectible HK, look no further. The NFA registered machine gun is the DLO trigger frame, and there are very few of these available. The trigger frame allows for the drop in of all new and updated factory internals, so no retimed hammer and flawless performance of 900 rpm. This gun is a safe queen and the most sought after HK NFA item. The trigger frame can be utilized for any of the three calibers offered for HK machine guns (.223, 9mm, .308). $50,000.00 o/b/o
  5. Hey guys, What rear sight did DLO use on his MG-40. Mine has been misplaced over the last few decades..need a replacement. Yes it was a shame he drilled and tapped through the COLT logo but the gun runs like a rattlesnake.
  6. DLO ANM2 (MG-40) Colt Machine Gun. Fully transferable on form 4 in Indiana. Refinished in Manganese parkerizing. No rear sight. Gun and 8mm and 30/06 barrel only . 19,500.00 plus taxes and shipping.. no trades.. priced to sell. This gun uses both metallic and cloth belts. NRA(noSPAM)rifletraining@gmail.com for questions. Yes, you may come and visit as it is quite a investment.
  7. DLO Browning 1919A4 email contact: cbparts@comcast.net Model: 1919A4 Caliber: .308 Manufacturer: DLO Price: $18,500 Form 4 in PA Includes: 1917 Tripod, Can Holder & Pintle Spade Grips Tools Belt Loader 5000+ Links The gun has been in the safe for last 5 years. Tested in March. Ran a 200 round belt of New NATO 7.62x51 without any issues. Includes shipping and first transfer tax. References available. Contact me by email for phone number. Thanks for looking, Chris email contact: cbparts@comcast.net
  8. DLO hk trigger box for sale. includes SEF lower and .223 ejector. $36k OBO on a form 4 in South Dakota. email if interested terryleebarberREMOVETHIS@yahoo.com
  9. Up for sale or trade is a Sterling MK7 SMG. This Sterling MK7 was assembled by KGB Armament (Andy Blaschik) on a new DLO tube purchased directly from DLO in Florida. Andy is well known in the Sterling community, particularly in converting MK4s to MK5s. Most parts to complete the build came from a MK4 kit, others from P.S. Arms in Pennsylvania, and a couple were custom built. The fit and finish and welds are excellent. This has the proper Sterling (not STEN) sized cocking slot. The magazine housing was re-marked with MK7 nomenclature and also has the DLO tube serial number on it, a nice touch. The cocking block and bolt have been lightened so the gun will run well on S&B 115 grain ammo. I will include an unmodified MK4 bolt and cocking block as well. It’s a great gun, and the only reason I am selling is to fund another NFA purchase. It is on a form 4. This gun has only had about a mag through it for testing. Comes with custom Burris Fast Fire optics mount. Price is $13,500. If you have an excellent condition S&W 76 (non tool room), I would be interested in a trade of some sort. Come out to the monthly subgun matches at the Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club in Palm Bay, Fla., and you can inspect the gun. I am happy to answer any questions you like. Ships to valid CIII upon transfer. All funds up front. --Will in Martin County, Fla. will.greenlee@yahoo.com CLICK LINKS BELOW FOR PICS: http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk701.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk702.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk703.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk704.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk705.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk706.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk707.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk708.jpg http://www.hunt101.com/uploads/14620/mk709.jpg
  10. I wish to purchase a title II NFA transferable class III HK (Heckler & Koch) trigger pack manufactured and registered by Tim LaFrance of LS (LaFrance Specialties). Thanks for your consideration. You can email me directly with pics of your pack & your form 3 or 4 to: shawn at neo-geo dot com or call 901.292.0880 *Offering $300 finder's fee for a lead that results in a deal closing. My references: My eBay feedback, member since 1998. My HKpro feedback, joined 2-21-2010. and my Gunbroker feedback. Other ads for this hunt: subguns ad HKpro ad
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