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  1. Ok, so we decide to buy a high end commercial blasting cabinet. we go on e-bay and search. I find a company called Bad Boy Blasters in Canton, Ohio. He's advertising MADE IN THE USA blasters . Made in the USA is plastered all over his product. HMMM OK...US made, must be good stuff. I watch there promotional video, the product appears to be very good. I call this place, get a guy named Mark(VP) on the phone and then the sales pitch begins. I send him an email after the conversation and ask SPECIFICALLY are the blasters made in the USA with US components or China? He says , well we USED to have them made in China, but now they are US made with US components. Didn't sound right but I pop for the $4K for a "premium unit" Model 1050, and almost immediately I realize I made a HUGE mistake dealing with these assclowns. They have the wrong freight co pick the machine up for delivery to me, so now it's on a loading dock of the wrong shipping co. They in the mean time continue to tell me the unit has been shipped and is in transit, while it's still in a warehouse being stored, since the trucking co was not working on the Dec.23rd. I call Clear Lane Freight, and they tell me it's on their dock, but it was sent by accident, Pitt Ohio is actually who it should have gone to. FUCK! Now the unit is waiting to be picked up on 12/23/2016, no way to get it before the holidays. So it gets stuck over the holidays in a warehouse, all this time nothing from Bad Boy, I'm doing all the calling and inquiry and getting PISSED, WTF? I finally get a call from Pitt Ohio to confirm a delivery date and time. Mark calls and says , just a small problem. The wheel kit will not be with the machine, he'll ship them in a couple of days. A week goes by , nothing. I call and his wife says they are shipped. Another week goes by, no wheels. I call and he's yelling in the phone "his stupid fucking wife did" blah, blah, blah. Seems she sent 2 correct wheels, and 2 incorrect wheels. FUCK! Send us back the wrong wheels and we;ll send you the correct ones. Another week, nothing. Not even the wrong wheels. I call and he says they are to be shipped as of last Friday per UPS. I know this is bullshit now because we are set up with UPS Choice. I get notices 2 days before any delivery. Of course Friday came and went, no wheels. THAT"S f-ing it, I hit the roof, called my CC company, cancelled the deal, got my $4K back and now this piece of shit is blocking the garage side of my shop. If it's not picked up in 30 days it's going to the scrap yard. Moral is never believe all that you hear and only 50% of what you see. Bad Boy Blasters are a joke. They source their parts from Harbor Freight, seriously. Stay away from these people, bad news!! FWIW, R.L.
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