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Found 7 results

  1. We are the only ones in the country with this lower receiver design. This auction is ONLY for the RECEIVER, not the upper. Shown pictures is a demonstration of fit with BINARY from a customer CLASS 2 Type 7 with SOT shop. Forged by CERRO & Machined by Cryostructure / Black Widow Arms, this is a FULL 100% machined lower Fits M249/MK 46 - 100, 150 & 200 round feed bags (NO MAGAZINE FEED) Black Cerakote, FDE Tan, OD green or Raw aluminum Super hard 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum Alloy SP1 Modern FIRE CONTROL POCKET (fits most RDIAS - Registered Drop-In Auto Sears) FREE CERAKOTE ANY COLOR YOU WANT, JUST ASK and Mention "STURMGEWEHR" PDQ Ambi Bolt Catch compatible for operations on both side of the receiver 100% Purpose built for the belt fed uppers on the market The goal of this lower was to reduce the size of distance between the receiver and the 100,150,200 round M249/MK46 “NUTSACK”. With a tighter rifle build by pulling up the ammo pouch tighter up to the barrel and allows a much better way of with the prone position with a bipod. Made from 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminum with CERRO forging. Slab side cuts make it a thin as possible profile and with an ambidextrous bolt release for perfect use with the MCR® DUAL-FEED™ UPPER M-LOK® COMPACT (MCR-556-DFRMS) or ARES SHRIKE belt-fed uppers. Can't ship where dis-allowed, please e-mail if you believe you might have issues. $200.00 with $8.95 Shipping: https://www.cryostructure.com/product/bfar-mod1-dias-compatible-purpose-built-ar-15-belt-fed-100-lower-receiver/ RETURNS: 30 Days from receipt, 100% refund for any reason with FREE RETURN SHIPPING, we have a lifetime warranty on everything we sell for replacements
  2. WTT/WTS High Standard C&R M2 with mounts, 2x barrels, ammo, links, spares and accessories as shown. Reduced to $65k (or offer?) for the entire package, or make offer for individual items you want. Also interested in combination of $ & trade for transferable 1919 (gun or RHSP) or maybe HK21? Or transferable M16 lower, lightning link, DIAS, or 9mm MACs possible as well. Package includes - High Standard receiver SN 1065xxx in M2HB config. Reweld/weld repair RHSP. - 2x barrels, one might be stellite - M3 tripod, pintle, T&E - M31-style pedestal mount with M23 equilabrator cradle w/ extra pin, ammo can tray and canvas cover. - 200 rounds linked APIT - M7 linker/delinker & bucket of links - Headspace & timing gages - Spares: 2x extractors, 1x stripped bolt, 1x driving spring rod assy - Misc accessories: heat resistant mit, ruptured case extractor, cleaning rods & brushes. This is not an all-original gun, but it is a great shooter! Condition of all items is as pictured. Buyer pays transfer(s) (for the M2HB) and actual shipping/transportation costs from SW FL. All terms and conditions subject to agreement by both buyer and seller. All NFA, federal, state, local or other applicable laws, rules, regulations, etc. apply. I have a C&R FFL and can transfer to C&R licensees. Thanks Thanks!
  3. Beautiful, transferable H&K Model 21 belt-fed machine gun from Fleming Firearms, properly converted by Terry Dyer from original H&K G3, in .308 cal. The gun is registered as a Registered Receiver and is stamped “HK21”. The gun has a nice green finish and is fitted with green furniture. It is currently on a FORM 4 in Ohio and will transfer directly to your dealer, unless you are an Ohio resident. Fully functional and appears to be in immaculate condition. Sale of the gun includes a spare barrel and belts, as pictured. The gun is being sold by the Administer of an estate so will require 100% payment to initiate the application. Shipping, insurance and NFA tax will be paid by the Seller. First legitimate offer to commit in writing (text or email) gets it. Payment must be made by Cashiers Check and received within 5 days of the commitment to buy or the sale goes to alternate buyer. You can reach me by text 614-537-3539 or by email guns@eley.us. Due to the increasing amount of fraud being committed by outsider scammers on this site, buyer must demonstrate that either they or their dealer has a Sturmgewehr user ID. (Pix are on the way.)
  4. Extremely fine MG08 Maxim machine gun manufactured by D.W.M. in Berlin in 1917. This is an all-original C&R Maxim and appears to have all matching serial numbers except the feed block, lock and barrel. This is an exceptional example of WWI German Maxim machine gun craftsmanship, and is in readily available 8mm Mauser caliber. Mounted on a very clean example of a German WWI sled mount, dated 1918, which includes all the sled-mounted supplementary parts and tools: an extra barrel, two extra Maxim locks, broken shell extractor, cartridge retrieval tongs and chamber cleaning tool. The Sled Mount has the inner armor shield. This MG08 Maxim grouping is a complete set, an outstanding example to be proud of and to enjoy shooting. Yes, it is over one hundred years old. But if it is well cared for, it will still be shooting in another hundred years. Comes with steam hose, 1916 Water Chest with spout, three Turkish aluminum linked belts and a complete WWI Gurtfuller 16 belt-filling machine with its tools, modified by the Turks to also load the aluminum ammunition belts, all fitting in an expertly-made reproduction Kasten wooden chest for the belt-filling machine. Gurtfuller 16s are extremely rare. Also includes a combination hammer/spanner and a muzzle gland that allows slower rate of fire than the Muzzle gland/booster assembly with flash hider, also included. This Maxim comes with an original ZF 12 optical scope in its case. Its optics are excellent but the reticle knob is stuck in mid-range position (a useful position for shooting). With this grouping of parts and accessories, this MG08 Maxim is an exceptional set any collector would be proud to display and to shoot. C&R and Fully Transferable. $32,000. sales@fullautoclassics.com or (575) 405-0911. Thank you. If you’re considering purchasing a Maxim machine gun, make certain you buy Dolf Goldsmith’s remarkable book, The Devil’s Paintbrush - Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gun. After reading through this masterful study of the Maxim machinegun, and enjoying its many historic photographs, you will be proud to own a WWI German Maxim machine gun. There are many reasons for people to be interested in machine guns. But if the guns, themselves, just fascinate you, find an opportunity to shoot some of the World War I machine guns. They are utterly intriguing and have so much more personality than modern machineguns, many of which were derived from these century-old designs. The Communist PKM belt-fed machinegun operates on the same design as the 1908 Maxim machine gun and the Vickers. And, contrary to what everybody believes about the World War I French Chauchat machine gun, its bolt is of the same basic design as the M-16! “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Investigate World War I machine guns. You will be fascinated with them, as you learn more about how they function, and have more opportunity to interact with them. The thrill is in shooting a machine gun that is one hundred years old. You don’t just stick in a magazine, cock it and pull the trigger, like it’s an M11-9. You have to know how it works. You have to have studied it, taken it apart and put it back together, read about it. You have to understand that machine gun that has lasted a century,… waiting for you.
  5. For sale - Belgian manufacture FN Minimi squad automatic weapon like we used in Desert Storm, for $11,000 - OBO This was imported from Israel by Ohio Ordnance and sold to me in unused condition by them in the early 2000's, with 2 new straight handle FN mfg. barrels, plus 3 U.S. M249 spare barrels and other accessories included. I have fired a few thousand rounds out of it, but am no longer a class III dealer. This fun shooting, military, law enforcement machine gun is in very good condition, fully functional and comes with 3 interchangeable spare U.S. type M249 folding handle barrels, 4- 30 round magazines and numerous 5.56x45mm U.S. links and plastic ammo boxes, original to the gun. Links and spare barrels will NOT be sold separately. This FN Minimi is a POST 86 DEALER SAMPLE machine gun that requires a buyer to possess a current class 3 dealer's license with a law enforcement agency demonstration letter, or class II manufacturer's license. This FN Minimi Squad Automatic Weapon as pictured is available for viewing and purchase by appointment at HAMILTON & SONS FIREARMS in Cottonwood, Arizona, to whom it is registered. For information, please call IDAN GREENBERG at 602-327-2863, or Dan Hamilton at 923-300-4561. THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  6. One TNW-built MG34 Semi Auto. This is an Israeli-issued MG-34 kit mated to a TNW receiver. I bought the receiver as a build kit, quickly realized it was out of my league, and sent it to TNW to build for me. They blued the receiver, but the rest of the kit is "original" (e.g. probably Israeli refurbed). The kit itself has all markings intact (e.g. not peened). The rifle runs well. Two bolts are included, both converted to semi. One works well, the other doesn't. I've had that bolt back to TNW once without luck, but I passed on sending the complete rifle in for repair given that I had a spare on hand. The rifle will ship with several 50 round belts (mostly post-war MG3 belts), one basket drum, the carry handle (Israeli designed/issued, not German), and a repro sling made with original (perhaps Yugoslav) hardware. I have a AAA tripod and the BRP adapter for it at extra cost. I also have two extra barrels at extra cost. No longer available, moved to auction
  7. FOR SALE: Transferable Model 1910 Russian Maxim. There are not many of these in the registry and they don't come up for sale often. The Russian Maxim is arguably the pinnacle of water-cooled simplicity and reliability. Parts, ammo, and accessories are still plentiful for this model to include barrels, locks, belts, belt-loaders and 7.62x54r ammo. This particular 1910 was put together by the "Russian Maxim Master," Bob Naess of Black River Militaria. Bob built this 1910 utilizing a C&R MG08 side plate and pre-war (1938) Tula arsenal numbers-matching parts kit . This 1910 package consists of everything pictured (except ammo) to include a freshly redone Sokolov wheeled mount**, extra lock, steam fitting with hose, regular booster + "2-speed booster" (pictured) and wooden shipping crate. ** please note the 1910's versatility to fit other mounts / tripods to include the Vickers tripod and pretty much all of the Browning medium machine gun mounts to include the 1917a1 and M2 tripods. This 1910 Maxim is on Form 4 in TN. Price is SPF (funds up front) to include both 1st stamp and shipping PM if you're interested...references and proof of life happily provided.
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