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  1. Good condition open bolt Mini Uzi parts kit. This has all the matching torched cut receiver sections minus rear section. I removed most of the slag without taking away material and gave everything a cleaning. The rear section that is with the kit is one that I made from a full size Uzi repair section. The rear slot and leftover gussets were welded up. The right side ear has the sight spring leaf hole milled out already along with 2 rear sight bases (1 surplus one not pictured) The rear sight base would still need the holes drilled out to size which is marked on it. Left side hole needs opened up with a 7/32 bit and right side needs drilled with a #26. No tapping is needed for Type B rear sights. The hinged back plate is tightly fitted to the stock. See pics for the front trunnion. The rear portion is already out but the front portion needs some persuasion to get out. You could either reweld the original trunnion or put a new one in, regardless it has to come out. This kit does not come with a barrel but a Mini UZI barrel can be had by cutting down a full size Uzi barrel 1.750 inches and rechambering, this is what I've done on my Mini build. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'm brand new here but you can check my feedback on GunBroker as M16A1_GUY and eBay as momo_1076 $1450 shipped https://photos.app.goo.gl/qtdwVgNX4qKv2C5f7
  2. For Sale: Transferable S&W 76 9mm SMG. 8" barrel. This belonged to the New York Department of Civil Service (DCS) and the inventory sticker they placed on it is still in place. There are (5) 36 round magazines included. My customer for whom I'm selling it purchased it in 2007 and never fired it. The first time it was fired since then was when I test fired it last week (video in the link below). It runs great and is in excellent condition. S/N is U5008. This SMG is on a form 4 and in my possession in my Arkansas shop. It will transfer to your dealer on an electronic form 3. Link to full resolution photos and video $17,000 + $200 insured shipping.
  3. SOLD - Transferable S.W.D. M-11 9mm SMG. Great condition and runs great -- see video in link below. My customer for whom I'm selling this purchased it in June of 1989 and fired it on one occasion. It was a safe queen ever since. S/N 86-0005110. Fake suppressor / barrel shroud (7) Zytel 30rd mags (2) Steel 30rd mags (new) Owner's manual Mag loader & cleaning rod This item is in my possession at my shop in Little Rock, AR on form 3. It will transfer to your dealer on a form 3 via ATF e-file. $14,000 + $200 insured shipping. Link to full resolution photos and video Email or call with questions: brennan@firearms4less.com 501-680-4867
  4. WTS: Transferrable Stemple SW 76 9mm (accepts unmodified suomi mags) Includes: 2 - 36 rd unmodified suomi mags 1 - stock adapter $10,000.00 (shipped)Inv. 245
  5. Traded: STEN MK II pre-sample 9mm Seco stamped on magwell Includes: 7 - 30 rd stick mags 1 - extra after market wooden stock 1 - extra bolt & spare parts $8500.00 (shipped) Inv 273
  6. Stemple Suomi STG76W 9mm Full auto transferrable machine gun Excellent condition, very clean, low round count Includes: 2 - 72 rd suomi drums 4 - 36 rd stick mags 1 - take down tool 1 - leather strap (new) 1 - savior rifle case (green) $15,000.00 (shipping included)
  7. All original, "HT", fully transferable, Colt Sub-machine gun. Caliber is 9mm. Model is M16A2. Excellent condition. Runs flawlessly. Shoots sub-sonic loads no problem. Full auto rate of fire is 670 RPM. These are scarce, and don't come up for sale that often. This one is perfect based on my experience with it. I have been running it with a patented fire control group that protects against trigger slap and unwanted stress and strain on the trigger and hammer pins. This issue is sometimes present with M16 9mm guns in full auto. However, this unit never demonstrated any problem whatsoever in its original configuration. But at the request of the buyer I will include this customized FCG (hammer, trigger, disconnector). I recommend it for any select fire M16 9mm. $41,800. Check or wire transfer. On a form 4 in Arizona. Price includes one transfer and shipping. Please email me at nfa@aznuge.com to purchase or to ask questions. Pictures are here. They include some ROF analysis with various upper configurations. But no additional uppers are included. Included are the original SMG with one magazine, and the custom FCG if requested.
  8. Used (like-new) Styer AUG with multicaliber Fleming Sear, chambered in 5.56 and 9mm Grey chassis Comes with original "donut of death" telescopic sight, extra mags, and case $40,999.99
  9. WTS: SWD M11 9mm transferrable machine gun on form 4 (transfers to your dealer on Form 3) Includes: original box 7 - 30 rd mags Lage MAX-11 9mm MK2 upper EC Lage MAX-11/15 556 upper NIB (Fits both factory upper and Lage upper no adapters needed) Lage foregrip Lage collapsable stock Inventory # 287 Military Armament Corp M10 9mm suppressor. Totally rebuilt, test fired only. Fits both factory upper and Lage upper (no adapters needed) Inventory # 252 Entire package $16,250 shipped PM me with any questions
  10. WTS: Original factory HK MP5 9mm, 7 inch long barrel. Threaded. With front sight and eye bolt for sling attachment. RARE! $550 shipped by USPS priority mail. Payment by USPS money order only. Serial number on barrel is HK 9034163. NOS, new old stock.
  11. Stemple 76/45 STG U9 9mm Machine gun Select fire semi/full auto Used Like new Excellent Condition (Safe Queen) Includes: 2-71 rd drums 4-36 rd stick mags 9" barrel 16" barrel bipod, tools and hard case Shipping & Insurance included Inv. # 251 $13,800.00 Please PM me at 570-850-7492 or doubletapfirearmspa@gmail.com BEWARE OF FAKE EMAILS
  12. Stemple STG 34K 9mm under folder stock selectfire semi/full auto trigger machine gun Used Condition Includes: 2-36 rd stick mags 2-71 rd drums Form 3 quick e file Shipping & Insurance included Inv. # 257 $12,200.00 Please PM me at 570-850-7492 or doubletapfirearmspa@gmail.com BEWARE OF FAKE EMAILS
  13. Here is a pristine condition, perfectly functioning, transferable Swedish K, built by Marty Pearl. I had John Andrewski thoroughly refurbish and paint it after I bought it in 2014. And it was already “excellent”. It is a beautiful M45 version of the Swedish K. It runs like a sewing machine, with a slow, smooth, and controllable rate of fire. Whether collector or shooter you will be proud to add this to your stable of Class 3 weapons. It is on a Form 4 in Arizona. $23,500. This price includes one transfer and shipping. Please email me at nfa@aznuge.com to purchase or to ask questions. Pics are here PS: Someone asked about the origin of the parts on the gun. I see six locations where the Swedish crown appears - end cap (2), receiver (1), mag well (1), stock release (1), bottom of stock (1). I cannot find any Egyptian markings.
  14. For your consideration is a new in box and fully transferable S.W.D, M11/9mm. This gun is an unfired condition and includes all of the original accessories and advertisements that originally shipped with the gun as well as the numbers matching box! Minor storage marks are visible on the finish of the gun. All NFA RULES APPLY. This item is currently in our possession. Transfer paperwork to our license is currently pending and will have to clear before will be able to transfer the item to the buyer. We should have that paperwork approved within the next eight weeks. As a result 50% of the sales price will be due up front and the balance due when the item is ready to ship. Texas residents pay an additional 8.25% sales tax (no other state sales tax collected). Sales price does not include the $200 transfer tax or your local dealer’s transfer fee. No trades please. Credit cards add 3% Price: $14,000.00
  15. Brand new GSL Phoenix on a Form 3. $740 Shipped. $650 SHIPPED
  16. For your consideration is an unfired, fully transferable Sten MKII sub-machingun in 9mm. Built by York Arms on a registered receiver using a Canadian Long Branch parts kits. The gun also has additional markings in Chinese. This is a one owner gun originally purchased in 1984, copies of the original paperwork will be included. This machinegun is in unfired condition and still has the ring installed near the trigger guard where the original price tag was hung. Some storage marks are visible. All NFA RULES APPLY. This item is currently in our possession and is ready for IMMEDIATE FORM 3 transfer via EFORMS. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. Sales price does not include the $200 transfer tax or your local dealer’s transfer fee. $10,000
  17. Up for sale is a Fully Transferable Group Industries Uzi HR4332 chambered in 9mm. This machine gun is in excellent condition with box and one mag! This Uzi is in our vault and ready for immediate Form 3 transfer to a dealer of your choice. ALL NFA RULES APPLY. Please feel free to reach out if you would like more details. Thank you! $21.5K
  18. Very clean fired very little Sig 226. Comes with case, 3 magazines. I might have a holster for it somewhere too. $800
  19. Smith & Wesson M&P9 - 9mm semi-auto pistol - used but excellent condition. Has threaded barrel (1/2 x 28), custom trigger (believe it is Apex Tactical), Streamlight TLR-1, 6 (six) 17 round S&W mags, holster (will fit with TLR), carry bag. Price is $700 shipped. must ship to FFL. I can add a new in box GSL Trinity SS suppressor (Form 3) for an additional $575. https://gsltechnology.com/product/trinity-ss/ This is an awesome nightstand/truck or go-bag firearm! unitedsurplusarms(at)gmail.com call/text: 937-two three two-0066 thanks for looking!
  20. I have for sale as shown in Pics 10 Factory Beretta Mags. These Mags have the Nice Polymer Base Plate. Mags are New and fit the Beretta M91,M92 and the M9. $9.00 Each Plus Postage, I'll get you Actual Postage (8 Mags can go in a U S Postal Service Priority Mail Envelope for $8.95 SOLD First I'll take it gets it with a PM to me with your Name and Shipping Address I'll accept as Payment , U S Postal Money Order or PayPal Discreet as a Gift, Friends and Family Any Questions or Comments, PM Me Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  21. **Off Market** Selling my transferable large mag well SWD M11-A1 with the following: All original M11-A1 parts including upper, stock, bolt assembly, sear, and so on Lage Max-31k Upper Receiver Lage Max-11A1/9 mk2 Upper Receiver Lage K-Folding Stock Lage K-Grip Lage Magazine Release Lage Molded Grip Lage Internal Safety Slide Lage Extended Safety Lage Hardened Sear Spare Lage Ejector Rod for Max-31k Upper Reciever Two tri/3 lug adapters, one for each upper 30 round Shockwave ZMAG magazine for each upper This represents a well cared for reliable shooter, with the Max-31k upper clocking in around 650-700 RPM and the Max11A1/9 mk2 closer to 850 RPM. Running a suppressor will speed up either upper. The gun is in excellent working order and has lived in a humidity and climate controlled vault with the rest of my collection. I am currently on the waiting list for the MAX-11A1/15 .223/5.56 upper and would be happy to pass my position onto whoever buys this gun. Gun is currently on a Form 4 in Pennsylvania.
  22. Have an unfired Shadow Systems DR920 Elite. Threaded barrel Optic Cut TiCN Coated Barrel Front Night Sight Comes with all paperwork, mags, lock, ect. NEW IN BAG, BAG IN BOX $975 $935.00 Buyer pays shipping. Gun is way cheaper than anywhere on GB or anywhere else. Find one NIB just like this cheaper and I'll match the price. Gun is listed on GB as well, Have a MR920L ELT 9MM that I will sell also. FFL Dealer / SOT L3 Enterprise ATLONG@g.clemson.edu
  23. Wanted: Up to 4 S&W 76 mags and up to 3 Reising H&R 20-round mags. Prefer sale through a broker or 'smith or a military vehicle guy I trust or through a third party gunsmith here in Albuquerque with a huge presence to protect us both...(or if your a gunshop I can verify); already bought one 'fairy tail' this year and can't afford to buy many more 'deals' like that!!!!! Condition pics needed - can be by phone or email. MV guy in NM
  24. SOLD, HK, H&K, Heckler & Koch, SP5, NOS, New, Priced to Sell $3,350.00 OBO, (close to Asking). Out of My Vast HK Collection is a Brand New, Heckler & Koch SP5. The item was opened for picture taking purposes only. This Includes the Factory Box, HK Carry Bag, 2 Magazines, Instruction Manual, Sling & Lock Features: tri-lug threaded barrel, paddle magazine release, and fluted chamber. This is the civilian semi-auto version of the full auto MP5. Will ALSO Consider partial Trade for HK 93, or PISTOLS: P7, P7M10, Listed Trades Only, WITH CASH ON My Side/Your Side..., Private Party Will Ship to your FFL, 50.00 Maximum Via UPS 2ND Day, or Next Day And Or Insurance, Shipping Cost Rounded to the nearest Dollar, No California, Washington State or Hawaii, More Pictures upon request
  25. Up for sale is “10” Micro Uzi Open Bolt Recoil rod assemblies with the Red buffer. These are for open bolt assemblies. Not closed bolt. $300 shipped. Will not split! Thank you
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