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Found 15 results

  1. Looking to sell 10 crates of Romanian 8mm, 760 rounds per crate, $500 plus shipping, $250 for a single spam can of 380 rounds plus shipping
  2. For sale is 300 rounds of 1938 German WWII Era 8mm Mauser Ball Ammo. In original, unopened cardboard sleeve. Excellent condition for being over 80 years old. $250. Shipping and insurance extra. Only shipped to state where legal. lakesideazguns@gmail.com
  3. for sale: Yugo 8mm Mauser ammo loose in 250 rd. cans for $.60 per rd. loose or belted on 1919 links in a 250 rd. can for $.70 per rd. plus shipping and insurance. 45 cans available. E-mail directly to FNFAL5042@gmail.com or call or text to 208-810-3315. Thanks, Larry
  4. I have for sale as shown in pic a Czech 98/22 Mauser, ZBROJOVKA BRNO,8mm Rifle. The Rifle is mismatched but the Parts do have the Correct Czech Markings. No Turk Marks that I can see. Still has Cosomoline on the Bolt and in the Chamber. Includes Cleaning Rod, and Sling. This will make someone a Great Shooter. $275.00 + Shipping ( I will get you Actual Shipping) SOLD I will accept as Payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) ** THIS IS CROSS POSTED ** First "Ill take it" in this Thread Gets it, FOLLOWED BY A PM TO ME WITH YOUR NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. ( I NEED YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS TO GET YOU SHIPPING) Caveats Don't Count. Please any Questions or Comments PM me. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  5. This MG42 was Form 4'ed in NM in 1981 and the owner shot it years ago but not in recent history. Stored in gun safe with barrel in separate location. Barrel has two rust spots on outside; bore appears fine. German marked in very good condition. One crate of 8mm Mauser ammo goes with the gun at purchase (1000+ rounds); no belts but two post-War German ammunition cans included. Subject to prior sale at local tactical shop. Reasonable offer will get attention; low balls will not. Email gets you about a dozen hi resolution pics; phone number for discussion.
  6. Up for sale is a Erfurt made K98a Mauser rifle chambered in 8mm. The K98a is the predecessor of the famed K98k. The "a" models were used in WWI as a carbine version of the Gewehr 98. This particular rifle was re-arsenaled in 1920 and approved for redistribution amongst the military in the interim period in Germany between WWI and WW2. The receiver, floor plate, butt plate, barrel and stock are all matching, but the bolt is not. The only missing part is the rear sight ladder slide locking mech. The bore and rifling are both in good condition. This rifle will make a fine shooter and addition to any collection! Make me an offer, I love to haggle. Not interested in trading for ARs or Shotguns unless its a trench gun. If you got any milsurps to trade, lemme know. Pics
  7. I have about 3000 rds of 8mm for sale, Turk, Yugo, German, pickup only in Columbus Ohio area. .35 a rd NO SHIP.
  8. WTS: Nambu Type 94 Rig - 2 Matching Mags - Perfect I have one late war Nambu Type 94 available for sale. The pistol is in excellent, nearly un-upgradable, condition and includes an almost perfect holster as well as two matching magazines. Every number that I have been able to find is matching. The finish is a conservative 98% condition with only the slightest signs of wear from handling. Additional photos are available upon request. I also have original WW2 production 8mm Nambu ammunition available for sale for those that are interested. **Please be sure that your FFL will accept from an individual** -Price: $1000.00 -Shipping: Actual price -Payment: Paypal plus the fee or USPS MO -Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove “NOSPAM”) Cross Posted
  9. for sale: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo 2013 Non-corrosive on new NON-disintegrating 50 rd. MG-42/M53 8mm belts for $.49 per rd. on 50 rd. belt to ship via SOLD UPS or FedEx plus shipping. (50 lb. limit per box) (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) . Email directly to: FNFAL5042@gmail.com or call for questions or more pics. Thanks, FNFAL5042 208-810-3315
  10. WTS: Four (4) crates of surplus Yugo 8mm Mauser ammo. Sealed in leaded cans in original wood crates. 900 rounds per tin/crate. Price is $1440 for all 4 crates (3600 rounds). Selling for a friend.
  11. Started reloading my own 8mm so I'm selling all the surplus I have left. All is clean and dry, functioned fine for me in my MG42 and Maxim. Lot of surplus 8mm Mauser ammo, Yugo/Romanian/Turkish. Description and quantities written on boxes in first picture (I may have mislabeled some of the Yugo/Rom but the only Turkish are the bandoliers). There are two sealed tins of 900 rounds each, I assume they are '53 headstamps as well just like the single box shown in the picture (the single box is an example what came out of the same can lot). All the open boxed ammo was "uncanned" in the last six months. The Turkish was purchased in the bandoliers. Total quantity of 3,775 rounds. Price is $SOLD delivered to Knob Creek next month.
  12. FOUND: Vickers 8mm kit (Feedblock, barrel, extractor) I am looking for an 8mm conversion kit for the Vickers MK1 machinegun. The kit consists of: -Feedblock -Barrel -Extractor (or complete lock) If you have all, or any of these parts to sell please let me know.
  13. I have a Nazi Marked Mauser 98 marked BYF 43 the rifle is in good condition for its age but the stock is cracked in half and the front sight hood and cleaning rod are missing. Under the wood, the barrel looks super clean. Everything is matching numbers EXCEPT for the Floor Plate is totally different number and the bolt assembly is yet numbered all components the same but with a different number than the rifle and the floor plate. It is a shame, but the broken stock is numbered to the rifle. It would have been great if the only different components were the floor plate and the bolt assembly! Maybe there is someone out there that can do miracles with the stock and somehow epoxy or glue it back together to make it all matched up to that point. I have seen spectacular work done on wood furniture, where you could not tell there was ever any damage done... I was going to try to find someone locally to work on the wood, but I have too many projects going on as it is. So I will leave the restoration to the next owner and if it does not sell the way it is then I will purchase any old stock from 1943 BYF and sell it as a complete miss-matched rifle. From what I understand, the late dated rifles are not that great of a collectors rarity, and are not worth as much as the earlier ones. All BATF rules apply, I can do a FTF in northern IL. Suburbs, with valid FOID card, or Your FFL must accept shipment from private party, and send me a copy of his/her FFL. I will add pictures and more info tonite. Asking $500 + Shipping You can contact me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. Darek
  14. Nice condition (I never even unwrapped it) Maxim aluminum 250 round belt for MG08, MG08/15, etc. $SPF, shipped CONUS. Direct email only, please: nick.gorgenNOSPAM@gmail.com Remove NOSPAM from email.
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