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Found 17 results

  1. If anyone has one of these kits (full or partial) for the BMG 1919a4 lying around, that they no longer need / use...send me a pm, I'd be interested
  2. Beautiful DLO MFG. 1919A4 in 308 Test Fired only Comes with mount. on a form 4 in MS,but will transfer to your dealer of choice on form 3. Buyer to pay tax stamps I tried to take some decent pictures if there is anything else you want to see or have any questions please feel free to call or text 769-234-0037 $24,000.00 +shipping via ups insured
  3. Two transferrable 1919s for sale in Texas. Owner has owned them since 1974. The Form 3s to him from Tommy St Charles Jr. dated 1974 list the manufacturer for the A4 as "WESTINGHOUSE U.S.A." and model as "1919 A4" and as "ROCK ISLAND U.S.A." and "1919 A6" for the A6. They were originally purchased as intact complete guns by the owner in 1974 when he was a FFL/SOT. At some time they were disassembled by someone who was working for the owner and the parts were taken. Here are the photos of the left and right sideplate pairs as the owner had them when I first met him. The guides, cartridge stops, and pintle pads were left on the receivers but the trunnions, top and bottom plates, rear sight bases, and pawls were removed. They sat this way as sideplate pairs for over 30 years until I helped the owner get the parts together to reassemble them in 2017.
  4. Five (5) NOS green 1917/1919 Browning machine gun 100 round cloth ammunition belts. These have large brass rivets tabs on both ends. Five (5) NOS 100 round belts $140 shipped. E-mail : SMGDave@yahoo.com
  5. Gentlemen ; I am offering up for sale a 1919A4 / A6 combo . The firearm was built on a Catco side plate and was completely rebuilt and refinished by Brian ( aka 30calmachinegunner over on the 1919A4 forum ) a few years ago . Because of the hot Arizona sun , the gun comes with two sets of M1917A1 backplates , one for the A4 and one dedicated to the A6 stock . It comes with an early WW2 bipod and the later styled one . It also comes with a WW2 carrying handle as well as the later type .The gun functions fine with cloth belts ( all I shoot ) in both configurations . It is on a form 4 in Arizona . Picture is below , others are available on request . I am asking $15,000 . https://imgur.com/NxIftT9 In answer to questions , the feed pawl and cartridge stop are USGI . Also here is a link to more pictures : https://www.1919a4.com/threads/wts-brian-rebuilt-catco-1919a4-a6-combo.101869/#post-681657 Thanks , Chris
  6. Cleaning out the remaining 1919 parts I have as I parted ways with my 1919 platforms. Preferable payment options are USPS MO’s, Personal/Company Checks (will hold to clear), and Discrete paypal gift. -(Quantity 2) NIW Marked 1005-613 1255 Breech Block and Accelerator Pin - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 1) New Pintle Pads - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) Barrel Shroud Screws - $2 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3) NOS Bolt Charging Handles - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) Trigger Pins - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) Trigger Pin Springs - $3 Shipped Each -(Quantity 1) Top Cover Shoulder Axis Bolt - $10 Shipped -Burnt Capital 1919 Side Pawl Holder Rivet Set - $15 Shipped -(Quantity 2) NOS Barrel Booster rear locking rings - $5 Shipped Each -NOS Front Barrel Bearing Lock Band - $5 Shipped Each -Misc Rivet set (better part of 2 complete rivet sets leftover) - $10 Shipped SPF
  7. Posting for a customer. 1919A4, Ramo side plate. Set up in 30-06. Built on USGI parts kit. Assembled & test fired by Ohio Ordnance. Only 240 rounds through gun. Includes M2 tripod, T&E. Excellent condition. Also Includes: Spare 30-06 barrel M8 cover Linker 1000 30 caliber links 1000 7.62 links Head space & timing guage Spare bolt Spare top cover Combination wrench Broken shell extractor 100 round cloth belt 150 round cloth belt Shell catching bage Basic field manual Drive rod spring 21 buffer discs Spare rivets Gun is on form 4 in Arizona. $19,900. Only partial trade he will consider is a registered receiver USGI M2 Carbine plus cash+. Shipping & Insurance extra.
  8. Exceptionally clean DLO 1919a4 in 308. Appears to have perhaps been tested fired only. I have not fired it during my ownership. I use another 1919 as my shooter as this one is too nice. Attached pics show the new or like-new condition. $16,950. Gun only. I will pay first stamp. You pay actual shipping costs of your choice when the time comes. Requires all funds up start to begin transfer. I accept most any method of payment. Not interested in any trades at this time. I'm happy to provide numerous personal references from the MG world and of course one is welcome to drop by to inspect it. Selling it only b/c I'm using funds for yet another MG. Shoot me a private message (or email me <my sturm user name> @gmail.com) if you are interested in buying it. The first "I'll take it" gets it. Houston Hardin
  9. WTB: Browning 1917a1 stripped topcover I don't need the sight leaf and rotating base and windage knob assembly and all that stuff, but if you have them let me know I might be interested. I'm really just looking for a topcover. Please let me know what you have and a price. Please Message me.
  10. DLO Browning 1919A4 email contact: cbparts@comcast.net Model: 1919A4 Caliber: .308 Manufacturer: DLO Price: $18,500 Form 4 in PA Includes: 1917 Tripod, Can Holder & Pintle Spade Grips Tools Belt Loader 5000+ Links The gun has been in the safe for last 5 years. Tested in March. Ran a 200 round belt of New NATO 7.62x51 without any issues. Includes shipping and first transfer tax. References available. Contact me by email for phone number. Thanks for looking, Chris email contact: cbparts@comcast.net
  11. 1919a4 7.62N , Package deal ----------- $2400+ shipping Made on our plate's with a faithfully reproduced copy of MA&T's original semi auto design , trigger and sear. 100% BATFE Approved since 1995 !!!!!!! ( Same as Allied Armament Gun's All 1900 of them ) Test fired and ready to go with 200 rounds linked 308 in USGI Ammo can. Thanks Nathan JnC Manufacturing 503-556-5080 jncmanufacturing@yahoo.com *********** As always JnC Manufacturing lifetime warranty ****************
  12. The gun is on a form 3 and was built by DLO using a like new parts set and one of their registered side plates. Presently set up in .308, it includes a clip on SS trunion shield so both cloth belts and steel linked ammo with no wear to the trunion. The gun was purchased new from DLO in 1999 and has never been fired. The Vickers tripod dated 1942, was made in England for a MK IV. is for display only but is for sale separately. As priced, it comes with a new unissued M2 ground mount in like new condition. Showing it has never had a gun attached, just handling marks. Included with the gun is a cloth belt loader unissued marked Browning belt loading machine. Also included is a fully loaded 250 round cloth belt and a ammo can of metal linked ammo with tracers. Asking $20 k for everything. Please call/text four three four 825-1406 for email contact info. Thanks for looking
  13. Allied Armament 1919A4. Gun runs great and is in excellent condition. Gun is setup in 30-06. $3000 shipped. 1919A4 dual feed. Gun runs great and is in excellent condition. Gun is setup in 30-06. $4000 shipped 1942 Dated Izzy modified M2 tripod. Non-original pintle & T&E. $600 shipped, $500 bundled with an above gun.
  14. Allied Armament 1919A4 semi auto. Gun is in 30-06 and will come with 100 links. Gun has had 40rds through it since built by Allied Armament. This 1919 is in excellent condition and will bring years of enjoyment. $3050 shipped to your dealer. Rogue Island Arsenal 1919A4 dual feed. Very limited production gun, #12 in the run. $3600 shipped to your dealer. " Before now, it was necessary to space the guns far apart in order to allow room for feeding the right hand gun in between, still from the left side. The 1919A4 Dual Feed utilizes the M37’s famous capability inside, while retaining the normal A4 exterior lines. In outward appearance, the subtle differences from a standard 1919 are hardly noticeable. This is precisely what we sought to achieve. For the discriminating shooter who takes pride in having the uncommon firearm among his or her collection, the Dual Feed guns will be made with a number of available options to suit the owner’s taste. Jacket style and barrel length are among the choices. Each gun is built carefully by hand at Rogue Island Arsenal’s facility in Eugene, OR. The development of 1919A4 Dual Feed is the work of Browning enthusiast Rollin Lofdahl. Having set an industry standard with their fine line of Browning side plates, Halo Mfg was the choice to provide their established quality in combination with Rollin’s innovative hybrid concept and experience. The result is a unique product offering for the Browning belt fed enthusiast, and a new standard of excellence known as Rogue Island Arsenal. " 1919A4 M2 WWI tripod. Tripod is dated 1942. Included new production pintle, t&e. $1100
  15. SOLD!!! Ohio Ordnance 1919A4 'New' $3500 plus shipping of two boxes to your location. http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e30/icearmory/DSC05095_zps4xbypkfv.jpg http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e30/icearmory/DSC05082_zpskassd6lh.jpg http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e30/icearmory/DSC05077_zpsghh3dtue.jpg http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e30/icearmory/DSC05092_zpsnqxfzj3f.jpg http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e30/icearmory/DSC05094_zps0htlkxoc.jpg
  16. Please read first SOLD SOLD SOLD WTS: 1919a4 # 2 kit good points,,, NOS RIA Bolt, NOS top cover, slide and other small parts with 3 extra 30-06 belt holding pawls, the lock frame is marked BA.. barrel bore 7.62 nice and shiney. alot of other parts look either new with storage wear or very slight wear. Bad points,,, no top plate, top cover feed pawl & lever pin and extractor , and the bottom plate can be used but needs work soooo hence the price of $ 900 plus $20 for shipping. Please contact me direct at ajmdreammg42 (at) yahoo (dot) com http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg288/ajmdreammg42/20160201_202743_zpsznzvvuou.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg288/ajmdreammg42/20160201_202759_zpsqhpwug36.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg288/ajmdreammg42/20160201_202810_zpscmlfjkhl.jpg
  17. SOLD SOLD SOLD READ Description first please WTS: 1919a4 # 1 kit good points,,,(have 2 kits total to sell) NOS RIA Bolt, NOS top cover, slide and other small parts with 3 extra 30-06 belt holding pawls, the lock frame is marked W for westinghouse. and the breech block cam is a Remington marked but corroded. barrel bore 7.62 nice and shiny. alot of other parts look either new with storage wear or very slight wear. Bad points,,, no top plate, top cover feed pawl & lever pin and extractor , and the bottom plate can be used but needs work soooo hence the price of $ 900 plus $20 for shipping. The missing parts are readily available from gun parts suppliers. Please contact me at ajmdreammg42 (at) yahoo (dot) com http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg288/ajmdreammg42/20160201_202700_zpsyi1kb2cf.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg288/ajmdreammg42/20160201_202711_zpsgrpi02hb.jpg http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg288/ajmdreammg42/20160127_163250_zpsmbujlom6.jpg
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