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  1. Prices listed are per box/ can/ crate/ bandoleer/ round. Shipping is combined when possible. The following are available: SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball 250rd Belt - Headstamped "IK 30-06", I believe this is Igman. Bright and shiny, non-corrosive. $260.00 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball linked 250rd Belt X 3, Korean 2 are PS 81 headstamped, 1 is KA. - $225 shipped 30-06 Ball linked 250rd Belt X 2, British K headstamped (Kynoch) - $230 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball Greek HXP in Enbloc Clips 192rd can X 12 - $260.00 shipped. SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball Greek HXP Loose in 202rd can X 9, mixed headstamp, mostly 70's it looks like. - $270.00 shipped. 30-06 AP loose and in enbloc clips, various headstamps, ~400rds available (AYR,LC,DM,SL,...) $20/Enbloc, $2.00rd/loose + shipping SOLD-30-06 M2 Ball CMP boxes, 240rd can X 1, $300.00 shipped SOLD-30-06 M25 Tracer in 20rd boxes X 11, HXP 1971, $30.00/box + shipping SOLD-30-06 Tracer 200rds Loose, LOT 1 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $215.00 SOLD-30-06 Tracer 200rds Loose, LOT 2 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $215.00 SOLD-30-06 Tracer 150rds Loose, LOT 3 - FN Belgium, primer is sealed, bright and shiny. Headstamped "FN 67" $165.00 30-06 Ball Korean, 440rds Loose in can X 1 - KA Headstamped, mostly 70's, $400.00 shipped 30-06 Ball Korean, 250rds Loose in can X 4 - KA Headstamped, mostly 70's, $230.00 shipped SOLD-5.56 M196 Tracer 720rd Can, Winchester Military Surplus, A few available $640.00 shipped SOLD-5.56 M196 Tracer 840rd Can X 2, Twin Cities Arsenal, packed in 20rd boxes, checked 1 can, 1968 headstamp. $730.00 shipped 5.56 SAW Cans linked w/strarter, 800rd Can X 1, 4 and 1 ball/tracer (M855/M856) $700.00 + shipping 5.56 M193 Ball Centurion, Boxed Loose X 2, $400.00 Shipped 5.56 M855 LC on stripper clips, 420rd can X 1, $275.00 shipped 30 Carbine LC in 50rd boxes X 75 - late 60's early 70's. $45.00/box + shipping 7.62X51 Winchester 147gr FMJ, 20rd boxes X 20, $20.00/box + shipping 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 300rds in cartons to the can X 1, Australian origin, $280.00 shipped SOLD-7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 750rd Crate X 2, packed in 5rd stripper clips in bandoleers, British Aerospace Defense (Radway Green) $685.00 + shipping 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 125rd Bandoleers X 3, on 5rd clips, Radway Green, $140/each shipped. 7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, 4rd links, 160rd can X 1, Radway Green, $175.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 L2A2 Ball, German, 200rd sealed battle pack X 1. $220.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 M1A2 Ball, South African, 140rd sealed battle pack X 1. $155.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, Loose in 500rd Can X 2 - German DAG $450.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, 10rd plastic packs, 420rds in a can X 1, made in India $325.00 shipped SOLD-7.62X51 Ball, 250rds linked X 1, Portuguese. $230.00 shipped. SOLD-7.62X51 Ball, 250rds linked X 1, Pakistani $200.00 shipped. 7.62X51 Ball, Turkish MKE in 20rd boxes X 100 - $20.00/box + shipping 45 ACP Ball, Winchester 230gr 100rd boxes X 5, $50.00/ + shipping Local pick-up between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC can be arranged. Shipping will be calculated on heavy/bulky items based on destination. More ammo to be listed ...
  2. SPF 1919A4 Semi Auto Beltfed Machine-gun in 308. Gun has a fresh park finish and has only been test fired after build. Price does not include shipping. Extras available with additional purchase
  3. Wts: mg3 tripod adapted for Browning 1919 with custom ammo can holder. No pins, recoil mech or optics. Ammo can not included. Face to face delivery in San Antonio, Tx. only. Too heavy and bulky to ship. $500.00 Marty Seidler
  4. Looking for the following transferables, very good to excellent condition preferred: Tippmann Arms 1919 22LR belt fed & would consider a Tippmann M2 22 Mag as well Reising M50 M11 .380 and the following Pre-May dealer samples, very good to excellent condition preferred: MP5K, strong preference for a PDW with threaded barrel & 3-lug Beretta Model 12 Mini Uzi (and possibly a full size) If you have one to sell, please DM me with details. Thank you!
  5. WTS: Israeli 1919 .308 Barrels Price(s): As Noted Payment: Paypal gift / friends & family or Venmo Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM) **Additional photos available upon request** Cross Posted Israeli 1919 .308 Barrels I have two lots of 3 barrels each available for these. They are all surplus Israeli barrels and show signs of light use. There is some external staining / wear to each barrel but nothing ugly. The bores on each individual barrel are nice and shiny with a few still containing traces of the original packing grease. The threads on all of them are in great shape and are drop in ready. Each barrel bears Israeli markings along with the 7.62 designator. The manufacture dates range but are all 1970s production. Price: $300 Lot #1:
  6. Two transferrable 1919s for sale in Texas. Owner has owned them since 1974. The Form 3s to him from Tommy St Charles Jr. dated 1974 list the manufacturer for the A4 as "WESTINGHOUSE U.S.A." and model as "1919 A4" and as "ROCK ISLAND U.S.A." and "1919 A6" for the A6. They were originally purchased as intact complete guns by the owner in 1974 when he was a FFL/SOT. At some time they were disassembled by someone who was working for the owner and the parts were taken. Here are the photos of the left and right sideplate pairs as the owner had them when I first met him. The guides, cartridge stops, and pintle pads were left on the receivers but the trunnions, top and bottom plates, rear sight bases, and pawls were removed. They sat this way as sideplate pairs for over 30 years until I helped the owner get the parts together to reassemble them in 2017.
  7. Thinning the heard. I have a izzy kit I bought a while ago. Has what you see plus the bucking bars. 1400+ shipping. venmo, zelle, bank transfer or CC+3% I have other pictures, just wont upload on this site
  8. The 1919 Pivot (swivel) Mount is still available. I have no idea what they were used for but I am not a big fan of the big guns and I have little knowledge of their mounts. The only other one I have see was on the maintenance bench at Black River Militaria. The price is $500.00 plus shipping. For questions please send an email to joelcramer@aol.com
  9. Five (5) NOS green 1917/1919 Browning machine gun 100 round cloth ammunition belts. These have large brass rivets tabs on both ends. Five (5) NOS 100 round belts $140 shipped. E-mail : SMGDave@yahoo.com
  10. This is an original SACO-LOWELL M37 presample LMG for sale. These were made between 1955-1957. U.S. PROPERTY marked. This is a super nice gun and runs flawlessly. It is in my inventory in Kentucky and will efile to you on a form 3. It is in original condition in the original .30 caliber configuration. Comes as pictured. It does not have the rear cocking bar included but could be added for a few hundred dollars if desired. It is originally drilled and tapped for such. If you have any questions please call or email. 859-361-9444 or rext269@aol.com $14,000 plus shipping. You couldnt ask for a better example and this is the one to keep. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  11. Group Industries built Browning 1919A4, registered on Form 4, in Texas, with extensive package of supporting gear and parts. Gun has been moved to another site (GB) where I have a long standing reputation, due to low interest received here. Thanks. Contact: hogteamsix@gmail.com
  12. Gentlemen ; I am offering up for sale a 1919A4 / A6 combo . The firearm was built on a Catco side plate and was completely rebuilt and refinished by Brian ( aka 30calmachinegunner over on the 1919A4 forum ) a few years ago . Because of the hot Arizona sun , the gun comes with two sets of M1917A1 backplates , one for the A4 and one dedicated to the A6 stock . It comes with an early WW2 bipod and the later styled one . It also comes with a WW2 carrying handle as well as the later type .The gun functions fine with cloth belts ( all I shoot ) in both configurations . It is on a form 4 in Arizona . Picture is below , others are available on request . I am asking $15,000 . https://imgur.com/NxIftT9 In answer to questions , the feed pawl and cartridge stop are USGI . Also here is a link to more pictures : https://www.1919a4.com/threads/wts-brian-rebuilt-catco-1919a4-a6-combo.101869/#post-681657 Thanks , Chris
  13. Howdy All I am in the market for a 1919A4, trying to get my feet wet in the world of machine guns. I am interested in one that is already built, please no kit offers. I dont have the experience or tools to assemble on one my own, figured that isnt too safe for a first go. I did post this on a different forum on this site, but then I realized I needed to pay for a subscription to post here, so I do apologize for the double post. Looking forward to being a part of this community!
  14. Cleaning out the remaining 1919 parts I have as I parted ways with my 1919 platforms. Preferable payment options are USPS MO’s, Personal/Company Checks (will hold to clear), and Discrete paypal gift. -(Quantity 2) NIW Marked 1005-613 1255 Breech Block and Accelerator Pin - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 1) New Pintle Pads - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) Barrel Shroud Screws - $2 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3) NOS Bolt Charging Handles - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) Trigger Pins - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) Trigger Pin Springs - $3 Shipped Each -(Quantity 1) Top Cover Shoulder Axis Bolt - $10 Shipped -Burnt Capital 1919 Side Pawl Holder Rivet Set - $15 Shipped -(Quantity 2) NOS Barrel Booster rear locking rings - $5 Shipped Each -NOS Front Barrel Bearing Lock Band - $5 Shipped Each -Misc Rivet set (better part of 2 complete rivet sets leftover) - $10 Shipped SPF
  15. A lot to list here..... 16ea M-2 accelerator pins 4ea M-2 top cover feed slide 5ea M-2 top cover feed pawl 22ea M-2 top cover feed pawl arm 2ea M-2 feed pawl bracket pin 1ea M-2 belt feed lever 2ea M-2 sear 1ea M-2 buffer guide 4ea M-2 cartridge stop, rear 2ea M-2 link stripper 1ea M-2 backplate latch 1ea M-2 topcover latch, just the latch itself, not the assembly 3ea M-2 cartridge stop, front 10ea M-2 extractor switch, 2 appear lightly used 6ea M-2 RSG frame screw, small 1ea M-2 retracting slide lever spring 1ea M-3 trunnion shim #C-7 1ea M-2 RSG frame screw, large 1ea M-2 Trigger bar pin 1ea M-2 breech lock cam spring 1ea FN-30 top cover assembly 1ea M-37 front sight assembly, I think 1ea 1919 backplate T&E clip w/screw and washer 1ea M-2 watercooled rear sight assy, missing the 2 small screws that hold the elevation slide halves together 1ea M-2 buffer and housing assembly, missing the lock spring, otherwise complete, appears new. 1ea M-2 starlight scope mount, arm to the side, missing one lock screw 1ea M-2 barrel bearing, steel 1ea M-3 aircraft bronze muzzle bearing 3ea M-2 firing pins 3ea M-2 rear sight screws 1ea 50 cal cleaning rod, sectioned, in the box 2ea M-2 bolt switch 23ea M-2 buffer disc 2ea M-2 grip tubes, w/screws, screws are rusted Round cover and chain for top of M-1 50cal anti-aircraft tripod, used, rusted, would refinish OK 1ea M-2 RSG mount stud and nut 1ea M-2 top cover pawl detent, early type 5ea various mount locking pins 1ea M-2 bolt latch assembly tool, not arsenal, but nice. 1ea 30cal,(1919)T&E locking lever, screw& spring 2ea M-2 rear sight ladders, and other small rear sight parts, knobs, detents, etc. 7ea 1919 barrel lock springs 3ea M-2 30 cal, tripod sleeve latch 1ea M-2 barrel carry handle, used 9ea M-60 barrel locking shaft,old type A majority of the small parts are new, some show light use, all are serviceable. A small handful of unidentified trinkets go with this as well. Looking for 1500.00 plus shipping. Should fit in a large FRB, except the 1919 barrel, insurance is at the buyers discretion. Priced below Numrich, and substantially below BMG parts. PM if interested
  16. Posting for a customer. 1919A4, Ramo side plate. Set up in 30-06. Built on USGI parts kit. Assembled & test fired by Ohio Ordnance. Only 240 rounds through gun. Includes M2 tripod, T&E. Excellent condition. Also Includes: Spare 30-06 barrel M8 cover Linker 1000 30 caliber links 1000 7.62 links Head space & timing guage Spare bolt Spare top cover Combination wrench Broken shell extractor 100 round cloth belt 150 round cloth belt Shell catching bage Basic field manual Drive rod spring 21 buffer discs Spare rivets Gun is on form 4 in Arizona. $19,900. Only partial trade he will consider is a registered receiver USGI M2 Carbine plus cash+. Shipping & Insurance extra.
  17. 1919 parts kit with left side plate still attached, see pic of all the parts, what you see is what you get . $1100 plus shipping thanks
  18. Post86 dealer sample for FFL/SOT with law letter. 1919 side plate. $300 shipped. Call me( 207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern. Or email me ivan@machinegundealer.com
  19. Semi auto. 2400 with the tripod t&e and pintle. 3k with the armor shield. Text me 502-541-3919
  20. Exceptionally clean DLO 1919a4 in 308. Appears to have perhaps been tested fired only. I have not fired it during my ownership. I use another 1919 as my shooter as this one is too nice. Attached pics show the new or like-new condition. $16,950. Gun only. I will pay first stamp. You pay actual shipping costs of your choice when the time comes. Requires all funds up start to begin transfer. I accept most any method of payment. Not interested in any trades at this time. I'm happy to provide numerous personal references from the MG world and of course one is welcome to drop by to inspect it. Selling it only b/c I'm using funds for yet another MG. Shoot me a private message (or email me <my sturm user name> @gmail.com) if you are interested in buying it. The first "I'll take it" gets it. Houston Hardin
  21. WTB: Browning 1917a1 stripped topcover I don't need the sight leaf and rotating base and windage knob assembly and all that stuff, but if you have them let me know I might be interested. I'm really just looking for a topcover. Please let me know what you have and a price. Please Message me.
  22. Here is a 1919 Post-86 Dealer Sample Side Plate. New. Ready to mate with your parts kit to make a legal 1919 machinegun. Law letter required for transfer. In stock and ready for transfer only to FFL/SOT with law We do eforms, so paperwork time is short. Price $350 shipped CONUS. I’m Listed on SUBGUNS RECOMMENDED DEALERS LIST for 17 years Call me (207) 476-0000 daily 9AM-9PM Eastern or email ivan@machinegundealer.com
  23. Browning belt filling machine model of 1918. Come with box and chute, lots of brass. Made in 1943. Asking 1000. Text me 502-541-3919
  25. This is a DLO m37 with a 1917 receiver in 3006. feeds from both left and right side. i have a Standard charging handle that will go with the gun, the one shown was a homemade extended handle. Buyer responsible for all fees. shipping and ins not included, needs a form 3 to your dealer. Payment in full begins the paperwork. Cost $15,500.00 any questions or other photos, feel free to call 626.201.9471 Aaron
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